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Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant


 After my twenty four hour duty today, the hubby  fetched me and we sent forth for another foodie adventure. I've never really been the adventurous type when it comes to food not until I discovered the wonderful world of blogging. As planned we visited the Vietnamese Restaurant a co-worker Dr. Rey shared to me weeks ago. Thank you for the info dokie! 

the frontage of Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant at
744 Mabini Street, Catbangen, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
     The hubby and I were intrigued by their authentic Vietnamese cuisine and were craving for the healthy dishes we saw on the menu. The first page of the lists of specialties featured the historical background of Vietnamese culinary tradition, the French as well as the Chinese influences created a variation of mildly spiced food in the North to the simpler yet spicier cuisine of the tropical south Vietnam and the country's center where the attention is made on food presentation. The combination of the three made our eyes bulge with delight unable to decide which to order. 

my partner in eatery engrossed with the menu 

the courteous Pho Saigon Resto staff who helped us make up our minds what to try 
 We decided to have a taste of their 
Pho Bo 
Beef Pho

 gỏi cuốn 
Vietnamese Spring Roll

one of the Beef entries,

While waiting for our orders to be served as always I spent time taking photos of every corner of the place. 

the blue walls of the resto made me smile because it happens to be my favorite color
it kept the ambiance calm and cool 
 Conical Asian timelessly crafted hat adorned the walls, nón lá makes one think of rice paddies and the sweet smile of poetic Vietnamese.   
One of the simple yet elegant corners of Pho Saigon Restaurant-
a jar in which sturdy straight bamboo symbol of Vietnam  as a country  of lush
rice lands and fertile populous regions are artistically placed....
I particularly love the red ceramic painted with a figure of a Vietnamese beautiful lady wearing a hat

and the handiwork of this clay vessel

hanging on the counter wall this painting depicts the grandiose innate beauty of Vietnam, its peace-loving, hard-working and hospitable people

      Waiting time wasn't that long. In around fifteen minutes our table was set. 

Beef Pho
a nourishing soup made with flat rice noodles
the noodle beef soup had just the right natural flavors which you could enhance
with chili flavor served with it, the hubby is a fan of spicy items and
immensely enjoyed this one 
especially so that it came with his favorite garnishing Mungbin sprouts, basil leaves and lemon 

a taste of their Vietnamese Spring Roll gỏi cuốn which was as delectable as it looked!
dipping the roll into the sauce and munching it the hubby described as
seeing magic in the air
..what I love about it all is its being green and outright healthy dish..

the beef stew with one of my favorite veggies, carrots! the beef was tender enough to be savored
bit by bit
we failed to order this time one of their specialties,
Ca Tre Nuong Sai
Spicy Thai Mango Cat Fish
The Vietnamese Sinigang intrigued me too as well as the
mixed seafood rice/ com thập cẩm 
there are so many sumptuous not to mention healthy items on their menu we should go back to

one of their smoothie power drinks
one could choose from either
`coconut dream`
`mango tango`
`papaya pleasure`
`protein power lover`
`chocolate lover`
`watermelon waistline`
`stressfree strawberry`
`vitamin  C attack`

that was me offering the spring rolls to the hubby

the lovely owner of the place approached us and asked us whether we loved the food
"terribly enjoyed," we chorused 

is located at 744 Mabini Street, Catbangen, City of San Fernando, La Union
(The resto is housed at Salanga Building adjacent to the post office and the gas station)
"Eat Healthy, Eat Right"
visit Pho Saigon Resto...

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday at 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.
They offer promo price which is 20% OFF on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
They also cater for birthdays, weddings anniversaries and other special occasions.
You could contact them for reservations and inquiries at (072) 607 3963 or 
e-mail the sweet smiling owner at 

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  1. glad you finally tried Vietnamese cuisine, yes, their spring rolls are always filled with fresh greens, i learned to make it too and what i bring to school :) an easy snack for me. and their pho, have these crunchy veggies since you add them fresh to the soup.

    you're one very good reviewer Zen, am getting hungry here :)

  2. The food looks delicious and healthy !!!

  3. The place looks very simple yet elegant. The ambience as you mentioned is cool! Glad that you enjoyed the food, there is so much variety on offer!
    Your smiling face tells a story, have a lovely weekend Zen :)

  4. You couldn't be a bigger teaser, Zen...I am drooling and so hungry! I just made gỏi cuốn the other day, but mine has a piece of boiled pork slice in them.

    And what's the idea with just the two of you? Where are the boys? :-)

  5. the paintings caught my eyes. and yes, the foodies looked yummy. i'm drooling over that veggie roll :)

  6. I think I haven't tried Vietnamese food yet but I'm thinking I should because of this post.

  7. My husband love Vietnamese food and I think he would love to try this place. I love the spring rolls, nakakatakam hehehe..

  8. Ang galang naman ng mga Vietnamese, always silang may Pho.. I'm quite accustomed to Vietnamese dishes, thanks to a Vietnamese friend. Almost all ng dish nila is spicy. But their Lumpiang hipon , gosh so yummy. About the place, oks ang interior specially those wall decors. Hope, I can dine in sa Resto na ito , one of these days.

  9. here again Zen, forgot to add last time, you should try their catfish dish, i so love their "catfish in caramel fish sauce", it is one of my all time favorite fish dishes :) though I did not see it in the menu, but maybe you could ask, or I could make you one next time. haha! Oh, I love their pho, especially the spicy sea food soup. your pictures make me want to not cook dinner tonight and go to Vietnamese nearby, since though I know how to prepare a lot of Vietnamese dishes, but sadly, I could not copy their pho, have not perfected the taste that I always wish I could have just gotten some at the resto and did not work so hard in making the soup, haha.

  10. living in Phnom Penh for 3 years move us closer to land of pho, hehehe, i love them...just perfect how they always do it. :) their fresh spring rolls and the dip that comes with it is always lovely to have. :) your post makes me miss our fave Vietnamese Restaurant in Penh, although lucky that Bkk have its own yummy noddles too! :)

  11. looks like you had a great time and enjoying their food...It's been awhile since I had Vietnamese foodies!

  12. First things first, I love your now blog lay out, Doc. It's fresh and soothing to the eyes :-)

    The restaurant looks so cozy and the food looks very inviting. The beautiful photographs would make one more convinced to try it out for themselves. It must be one dining experience like no other :-)

  13. Wow, looking at the pics , I suddenly miss Ho Chi Minh... I wanna have Vietnamese noodle soup right now :)

  14. What a delightful day you have at the restaurant. I have tried several vietnamese cuisines when I visited Palawan but I still want to get to know more of their interesting food.

    I am sure you had a good rest afer that 24-hour duty sis. Your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful to have fetch from work and spend a good time together in this resto.

  15. I haven't tried a Vietnamese cuisine yet, ever! There's a restaurant here in town, I should try them soon! The foods, based on your photos, look so filling! :)

  16. great food and resto reviewer indeed. did i just here myself saying the second sentence? hahahaha! twinzies talaga. drooling here. loveyew!

  17. wow! parang simple lang sya pero nice ng ambiance...the food? oh well sabi mo good...di good :P

  18. I am not into Viatnamese restaurants.. Pero there are times when I really look for 'em. This place looks simple yet classy :)

  19. I like the spring roll..
    those has lots of vegetables..

  20. Nagcrave ako bigla sa spring rolls at sa iba pang Vietnamese food. It looks really healthy. :)

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  22. Saved as a favorite, I really like your web site!

  23. looks really cozy+yummy/fresh! yumyum....I should go to a Vietnamese place I saw earlier close by too:-)


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