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     Yesterday I dragged my lazy feet to Thunderbird Resorts to witness this year's SILLAG Poro Point Festival of Lights. I was feeling a bit tired in the morning but I couldn't miss the fun, the lights and the union of people from all walks of life to celebrate the culmination of La Union's 163rd Foundation Anniversary. 

     Sillag is an Ilocano word which means "moonbeam" or "lunar illumination".The event which was started last year is apparently meant to promote tourism in the North, a part of Bases Conversion and Development Authority's efforts to change the landscape of North and Central Luzon.  For last year's revelries you may click here

    At the entrance of Thunderbird Resorts which I reached after being stuck in traffic I was greeted by the sight of plants and native artworks. People were all over the place capturing memories. 
A mini-garden by Halo-Halo De Iloko Balay which I have previously featured in this blog. 

"Looking up"
Acrylic 4 ft x 6ft by
Ian N. Gomez
AGLaUN artist

People came in merrily chatting groups on foot...

while some had the privilege of riding the free shuttle services provided 

I loved the sight of  families walking together. 

I was a tad late for the airshow! The planes were on their way back to the port by the time I got there! I was glad to have taken these shot though. 

Thunderbird Resort's driveway

the stage all set for the evening concert 

 I was just in time for the kiddie shows. The clowns entertained the crowd with tricks and laughter. 

can you see that precious smile on the little girl's face?

Having arrived alone it was a comfort to see pretty, familiar faces! Hi there sis Madonna :)

my good friend Eufeliz of "Cafe Iluminada" co-owner of the resto I have also previously featured here...
 The military exhibition started soon as I got to the parade grounds.
 The military band playing with pride and honor.

A PMA cadet standing as straight as a bamboo. 

a kid marveling at the graceful movement of the cadets

music filled the air with gaiety
      I left the parade ground and found my way to the beach side and was in awe at the beauty of the sea slowly being filled by decorated boats ready for the fluvial parade.

my favorite bag, a gift from Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life and my blue slip-on comfortable for these non-stop walking and shooting :)

I was looking for my cousins when I caught a glimpse of another familiar pretty face,
Chinky a med-school friend with whom I previously shared moments too in this blog 

..walking on, another lovely friend I haven't seen for sometime! Precious! :) 
 I turned to the sea after and saw what always mesmerizes me each time I visit this place...
the clear waters and the sand...

and yes SUNSET like no other...

It was a bit gloomy yet the sunset looked and felt special....maybe because there were so many of us
who captured it that moment....

the other side of the resort 

moving on I was so delighted to see the Lorma Medical Center Emergency team! miss yah guys! :) thank you for taking this photo doc Jerome :)

...two lovely ladies I stayed with for several minutes, thank you for the sandwich and the company  ma'am Juvy

I had a blast looking at fellow photo enthusiasts, professional and hobbyists alike doing
what they love doing most! It made me feel normal being the photo addict that I admit I am haha, 
 The street dancing competition came next! Braving the crowd for the love of shooting I found my way by accident in front of the performers but gave up my awesome location because the area became too crowded to even move and breathe! The claustrophobic side of me gave up and walked away but not after capturing the following images...

the energy of these young dancers was infectious! I enjoyed their performance so much...
when I left the street dancing competition site I had a blast looking at the other performers' props!

a painting of a typical bahay-kubo

fruits in season replica that looked quite real! 
illuminated fish figures 
young musicians waiting for their turn to perform...

the Sillag 2013 crowd

walking along I found my most photogenic nephew!- John -Jake  
As the night grew darker the sky became brighter with lights hovering all around the place.

Then the "hope" lanterns were simultaneously lighted and allowed to fly up with prayers and wishes for a better world.

families and friends gathered to light the vividly colored lanterns

my photowalk buddy for two years in a row Junaz of Escaping might wanna check out his
mesmerizing photos...
 I was surprised to see the fireworks right after the lantern ceremony. Super glad though I did not get to miss it this time around. 

The fluvial parade made me smile as I saw the familiar light designs from the Electric Light Parade I wrote here.  

 Needless to say I had an awesome time and I am so looking forward to next year's festivities! 

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  1. what a beautiful post. i enjoyed all the photos, beautiful shots. it shows you really had a great time with family and friends you met there. the sunset is simply beautiful.

  2. what a joyous event! I loved all the pictures!

  3. Great event you have witnessed . also, nice photos specially that of a boy who is immensely looking at those PMA'ers doing their rounds.

  4. All your photos are beautiful. We're the same I am a camera addict and I take thousand of photos every time we're on vacation. Thank for sharing this beautiful event.

  5. You seem to have captured every wonderful moment of this event in pictures. Very nice indeed.

  6. oh, that must be really fun...thanks for sharing these photos...looks like you had a fabulous time....:)

  7. I love the photos! The festival seemed so much fun! :)

  8. hi there, superwoman :) love your shirt, looks very good on you knowing that is is you :) love the pictures here too, i love most the sunset photos, but i can't choose a fave since all the pics are woven together to give us the picture of how wonderful your Saturday was :) so happy for you Zen that you had another wonderful camera festivity day

  9. where is this place? great pictures! It shows you had a great time! :)

  10. so it turned out you had a great time with your supahfwends. ganda ganda ng sunset shots, and the "environmental shots" made me feel i was there with you. baka next year sasama na yung mag-aama mo if you show them the photos. hehehehe! yabyah! missing naman yung isang photowalk buddy niyo ni Junaz. hehehe

  11. I love that mini garden, very colorful and beautifully designed. Thanks for letting us see the SILLAG event Doc Zen.

  12. Looking at your photos and reading your posts makes me want to watch the festival myself. Aside from the amazing display of lights and the wonderful beach and sunset, what I love most about the event is your instant reunion with family and friends who are also enjoying the festivities.

  13. me too, i enjoyed all your photos, particularly those at the thunderbird and the sunset. all picture perfect!!!

  14. I love all the photos in this post, Dokie. You were able to capture everything candidly but beautifully. I love to see the portrait of families coming in together to witness the event.

    The bag and your footwear were very well coordinated :-)

    Bringing us to this event through these lovely captures is just amazing! I actually felt I was there. Thanks for the beautiful share, Doc Zen :-)

  15. That's a a nice resort. Looking at your pictures made me feel that I was there with you. Lovely shots. It's good to know that other provinces highlight their festivals to promote the country as well. Hope other provinces will do the same.

  16. Just looking at the pictures takes me to the place and feels like I was there also. I haven't been to the NOrthern part of the Phils since I am from the South. I hope I could come visit Ilocos one day and it looks like the festival can surely attracts tourism.

  17. Wow..what a great event, and just so fun to see even through your fantastic photos! They are all beautiful!

  18. Missing home so much sis...thank you for taking back home over and over again...

  19. What a wonderful time you had! There was so much to see and so much to do there! Loved all the photographs especially those of you with the sea in the background!
    The fireworks and the dancers in colorful costumes are a pleasant sight.
    Have a lovely weekend Zen :)


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