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Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights

      The following shots were taken during the first ever SILLAG festival of lights held at Thunderbird Resorts Boardwalk, Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union on April 28, 2012. Sillag is an Ilocano word which means "moonbeam" or "lunar illumination".The event was apparently meant to promote tourism in the North, a part of Bases Conversion and Development Authority's efforts to change the landscape of North and Central Luzon.  


     Kids and kids at heart had a fabulous time watching flying objects in the sky. Paragliding and airshow exhibition entertained the crowd. I had a hard time trying to get good shots with my digi-cam then as I could not make up my mind whether to just watch or document the event. 

I just couldn't get enough of these flying machines. Like a kid my heart lurched each time one passed overhead. 

wish I were a bird, wish I could experience paragliding there this weekend

     Hot air balloon, ultralight show, UFO formation have been added to this year's program of activities. I bet my kiddos will have a blast!

     There'll be children's show I heard as there were clown performances and the like last year. 

...and street dancing! This weekend it's gonna be a street dancing competition with light emitting costumes, how cool is that!


     I am looking forward to the lantern/fluvial parade which was awesome then except for the fact that my ancient digi-cam couldn't capture images that well in the dark. I loved watching families from all walks of life spending time to relax and bond. 

one of those floating "fish" shaped decorated boats that serenaded us with music in the air

photographers, professional as well as mere hobbyist and amateurs like me where everywhere! the fun was all in the chasing and groping in the dark! 

so many "hope" lanterns were sent up with prayers and wishes 

One can join the crowd in the revelry or simply spend time at the grand hotel and bask in its awesome facilities...The first SILLAG golf cup will be held on March 9 at the Cliffs (Thunderbird) at 6 AM to 11 AM. Last year I missed the fireworks display but had time to listen to popular bands perform as well as that of the marching bands. A silent drill by the Phil. Military Academy at the open grounds is a must see too! The garden show and food fair sounds inviting enough!  I'm looking forward to a taste of the finest in La Union at the food booths and hoping to see my friend, Eufeliz from Cafe Iluminada there once more.

or simply enjoy the sunset the place is famous for! my favorite first sunset shots of mine were taken at the boardwalk of Thunderbird resorts...there's going to be a fun run on the 9th at around sunset! (sunset run for hope) from Thunderbird amphitheater to tomb of unknown soldier and back...sounds fun huh...shall we join?

a shot of sunset on one of our photo-walking days at the the photo is my walking buddy Junaz of Escaping Reality

Aaaahhhh for the sight of a sunset like this I could go to Thunderbird resorts everyday given the luxury of time....

     For details on this year's SILLAG Festival you could visit Thunderbird Resorts Facebook page here. Oh and yes, entrance is FREE. 

How to get to La Union: It's an approximately six (6) hour drive from Manila via the NLEX or you could simply ride buses bound for San Fernando City, La Union or those headed for Laoag, Abra or Narvacan. There are tricycles, jeepneys and van-for-hire which could take you to your destination within the province. 

`one of those awesome sunsets spent at Thunderbird Resorts with former
work-mates...only two of us are left  in the country now..
miss yah guys!`
(Paul-KSA, DJ-BDH, Precious-KSA, Dahlia-SG, James-Canada, Sabel-KSA and Me-BDH)

Come  visit or re-visit La Union! Buzz me I could tour you around!

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  1. wish to visit your place someday Zen, and enjoy beautiful photowalks in your side of the Philippines. I really super love the framing in your sunset photo. The festival seemed to be such a fun celebration, hopefully, you can attend again this year, and am sure you will wow us with your vivid and dramatic light pictures again.

  2. Thunderbird! wished we could afford a room package there :) we're planning a tour there this summer and right now, we're trying to look for a much affordable place. can you suggest one? been to bauang before. we'd love to stay in san fdo. and hoping to catch a friend at bacnotan who promised to let us try wakeboarding :)

  3. Your photos totally describe how great and fun, this event is. Perhaps, I can join in this festival this year.

  4. Wow I learned one Ilocano word from you today sis. You know we have a term "Silag" in bicol which means transparent naman hehehe.

  5. I love all your photos and thank you for sharing all the great fun you had in the festival.

  6. That's a very nice and colorful festival, i really hope we could visit La Union somebody, i think we have some ilocano roots there :) Lovely photos sis esp. the paragliding, nicely captured!

  7. Wow!!! Fun event that was! Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I would want to visit that white and blue building you've showed. Super inviting tingnan! :)

  8. You were able to beautifully capture the hype and fun of the event, Dokie. I have always loved gazing at the lighted candles up in the air. I can't help but marvel at all your lovely photos. To me, you're no amateur :-)

  9. I've always wanted to fly and paragliding is the closest thing to being "physically" flying. Oh how I wish I could also try doing it!

  10. What a fun festival to attend, and gorgeous photos to see!


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