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The Gift of Love and Titanium Rings

Roses, chocolates and titanium rings are symbols of love and adoration that could melt every woman's heart. A titanium ring with an engraved name and a hearty message would definitely make this woman's life complete. Technology has made it easier to order online and to make ring specifications like whether to have stones on the ring or to use gold, diamond, silver or tungsten. Items on sale are hard to resists too! Not that I ain't happy as happy can be as of this writing but somehow I would love to one sweet day march down the aisle and say "I do," for the second time to the man I married in a civil ceremony more than ten years ago and slip a Titanium Ring on his finger witnessed by the significant people in our lives. 

On Valentine's Day this year we joined lovers from all over the world in celebrating love! We didn't have a definite plan where to dine just the excitement of spending an exclusive time together reliving our younger dating dates. We ended up in a grill by the bay where tables for two were set at the most romantic of corners. 

by the pool...

overlooking the ocean
     A little too early for sunset watching and too warm to stay at the rooftop yet, we chose the table at a corner beside the sea.

the sea breeze made the corner cool despite sunlight spreading through the room

I loved the way my hair flew with the wind each time. I was wearing red with matching red necklace and red nails too. Besides I just came from a meeting and a family day at work which required us to wear something red. I seldom dress up believe me but that day I just wanted to look great for my date haha. The trick must have worked because for the first time in years he agreed to take my photo without complaining! We were handed the "Heart's Day" menu first but were later informed the promo won't start not until 6pm that day. It was around past two in the afternoon  so we settled for snacks instead haha. Anyway the "you had me at hello" V-day menu of the resto offered... 

Bacon Cheesy Croquets for appettizer
Minestrone Soup
for the main course:  Potato Salad and Ripe Mango Salsa with a choice of either-
Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Rosemary Chicken 
Baked Tuna Steak
Dessert: Banana Caramel Ala Mode
Cocktail: The Bay Cherry Kiss

All for PHP 600

While waiting for our orders to be served I roamed around as always and breathed in and out with joy (terms borrowed from my wonderful friend Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life and Breath In Breathe Out whose love for nature has touched and influenced me more than words can say) and all the while I was giving my twinzy Cher of Sweetmemoirs sneak previews of the date and thinking too of my sweet FBF friends who always leave the sweetest of comments.

I wanted to take off my high-heeled shoes and just walk along the beach letting my feet caress the sand and water!

         Then came the food, I went back to my date, ate and shared laughter reminiscing our early years together. Ours is not a perfect marriage but one nurtured with patience, kindness and forgiveness.
sandwich to give us energy :)

pasta, creamy and with bits of Vigan Longganisa (a native ground meat delicacy)
refreshing, healthy in season fruits on ice perfect for the sunny atmosphere
want some oranges? can you see my nails? haha, I rarely have them colored but that day I just had to have them designed for love! It's a girly thing :)
I was also wearing the lovely bracelet gift from one of my Salitype Society sisters, Chay. Thanks again Sunshine :)

and another cold food...Banana Split! something we both love, one of the few that we both like actually haha, 
It has been said that LOVE is a many splendored thing...I would love to add that it is something that stays with you...
long after the "ice cream" has melted...
and ice has turned into water...

hmmmm I bet you would all love to see my shy date haha,
later hehe....
photos were taken Heart's Day 2012 at theBay grill and cafe,
Sea and sky Hotel, San Fernando City La Union

~meet Kulas, wearing red too in all its glory hahaha
 the one who keeps me a hopeless romantic and the one who will have to buy me a 
Titanium Ring~ *wink*
P.S. Don't tell him I wrote this post much more uploaded his photo or you might not see me
for a long time in blogosphere because he loves to keep our awesome life private hahahaha
JOKE! :)

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  1. oh, super love your V-date pictures, most especially those pictures of you, knowing that your date agreed without complaining to take your pic, hahaha, after all, it is Valentine, hahaha! love yah Zen, love the nail art, the girly you ( you should dress more girly often, looks good on you), and laughing here, since if you have your nails red at V, I had mine blue, hahaha, because at school, we had to wear blue, coz our school's color is blue! love love your pictures, very romantic, and glad you took a walk by the beach.

  2. Nakakainggit naman! What a romantic place. I did not celebrate Vday this year because beau was out of the country. You still look so in love even after 10 years!

  3. weeeeeee, and vongga lang nung pic with hair flown by the wind. loved seeing you so girly. agree with Beth and i think i told you before na din to dress up more often. and the fooooooood!!! buti na lang kakakain ko lang, hehehe! hi again papa Ors! :D

  4. So glad you had this special time with the one you love, Zen! The food dishes looked wonderful, and the setting was really romantic too!

  5. Wow! The "You had me at hello" menu was so sulit! All of those sumptuous dishes for only P600? Super sulit!

  6. Wow sis!you really had the most unforgettable date ever! But what caught me are those list in the menu! Id like to have a try if i ever have the opportunity. Plus the pictures! Great and oh so clear! Nice ang cam na ginamit.

  7. aw! this is the reason why i feel like falling in love each day. the simpleness yet the love speaks more than anything else.
    love the setting, sis, and love that you are both wearing reds. and yes, i remember our date before when we use to order banana split ! sweet!

  8. Napatawa naman ako sa KUlas sis hehehe. Such a sweet and very romantic date of you guys and I love your photo with your hair dancing in the wind parang sinsabi "I am so inlove!"

  9. Great V-date photos doc. You gave me a nice idea nga pala. since I and my exGF are planning a second wedding. I'll give her this Titanium Ring. Ah, the price pala range from $10 to $10000. I'll settle na lang for $10. The thought counts naman eh.

  10. so pretty you with your wind blown hair Zen, somehow I have these very romantic thoughts with wind blown hair, haha, and I know Kulas must have find it sexy :) so love the photos you took of the date, the tables are so arranged to enhance romance that were brewing in the air. :)

  11. Kulas and Kulasa, you must have some interesting relationship filled with humor and love. Like you, I have long been eyeing a titanium ring but a titanium clad relationship is good enough so it can withstand pressures.

  12. how nice! looks like you have a fabulouse Vday!

  13. Sweet V Day memories with your loved one! There's nothing better than have these romantic dates with the man you married to spark the passion back and just enjoy each other like no other. :)

  14. and that's one heck of a place to go on a vacation to... nice.. thanks for sharing... nasa list ko na eto for our anniversary. :)

    cheers pO! :)

  15. What a great way to celebrate the hearts day. With how you describe your marriage, I think with or without titanum rings it will surely be forever.

    I love the red-colored nails and the red motif of your date with with your dear Kulas. ;)

  16. Whatta sweet, wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day together, Dokie. I adore your photo where your hair was blown by the wind. Dinner Dates like these are important to intensify your love for each other.


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