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G.R. Nos. 158190-91 June 21, 2006 NISSAN MOTORS PHILIPPINES, INC., vs. SECRETARY OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT ------- ---------x



A 2000-2001 labor dispute between Nissan Motors and BANAL-NMPI-OLALIA-KMU ("Union" hereafter) triggered by a collective bargaining deadlock resulted in (1) the filing of four (4) notices of strike, the first filed on December 4, 2000 on account of the alleged suspension of about 140 employees following a disruption of company operations; and (2) the dismissal from the service of a number of company employees. 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Top Form Mfg. Co., Inc. v. NLRC

Top Form Mfg. Co., INC.
G.R. No. 65706
December 11, 1992


Respondent Malubay was a head supervisor at Top Form manufacturing Inc. (petitioner). On January 10, 1981, private respondent and her co-supervisors were called to a meeting by Dickinson John, production Manager. Dickinson declared that he was not satisfied with the production output, berating private respondent and the other supervisors, "You are bullshits". "You Filipinos, get out, you are all lazy, you are like pigs, all of you go home. I do not want to see your face again."

As a result, respondent told and instructed her co-supervisors. "Huwag pumasok sa lunes para matauhan si Dickinson." Thus on the next working day, they absented themselves from work. However, on January 13, she and her companions reported for work. 

On January 16, 1981, petitioner filed an application for a clearance to terminate the services of respondent on the ground of "loss of management confidence." Private respondent was placed under preventive suspension leading to her termination. 

Respondent filed a complaint for illegal dismissal against petitioner. The labor arbiter dismissed the complaint. The NLRC, reversed the arbiter. MR was denied, hence the instant petition. 

Ma. Socorro Mandapat vs. Add Force Personnel Services, Inc.

Ma. Socorro Mandapat
Add Force Personnel Services, Inc. 

G.R. NO. 180285
July 6, 2010


Petitioner was hired as sales and marketing manager for respondent. Respondent claims that during her stint as sales manager, petitioner failed to close a single deal or contract. She also issued several proposals to clients which were disadvantageous to respondent and sent out communications with erroneous data and computations, submitted fictitious reports and reimbursement slips; and consistently failed to submit her reports on time. 

These infractions were sent to petitioner in a show-cause order. Petitioner was also preventively suspended and was asked to turn over pending tasks and to leave the office premises. Accompanied by her letter in response to the show-cause memorandum, petitioner tendered her resignation.

Petitioner filed a complaint for constructive dismissal with the labor arbiter. The LA ruled in favor of petitioner. The NLRC affirmed with modification the labor arbiter's findings. The CA ruled that petitioner was not constructively dismissed but chose to resign from her job. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

How To Lift Your Mood In 6 Steps

Well, I can't claim to be an always "happy" person. Am not moody though as far as I know. But there are times too, several occasions actually when the usual optimistic ME feels a bit BLUE. It's easy to say JUST SMILE, in REALITY it is difficult to just snap from being sad to glad. We are no robots. Yet here is a LIST of my SPIRIT lifting TRICKS I hope could help you make that SMILE reach your eyes :)

my good friend Dr. Raiza Marie

My friend captioned her shared photo above- ...."can't afford to let anything or anyone steal my happiness"....

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Six Ways to Honor the Mother of Your Children

1.Act Your Age!

I meant the opposite- go act the way you used to when you met a long time ago. Tease each other, be each other's best critic at the same time be generous with praise. Don't overdo the latter though because for sure you can read each other's sincerity very well. 

Sunsets and Moonlights II

     Sand crept to the soles of her feet, between her toes and water caressed and tickled those parts. It was warm, the water felt warm as she bowed and cupped them with her palms. She let the liquid escape through gapes in her fingers and she giggled. She saw a tiny fish making its way inside a rock. She took a step towards the part of the shore where seaweeds were exposed by the low tide. She wiped her hands at the back of her shirt and grabbed the cam hanging on her neck. She looked into a tiny hole and snap she did as she tried to chase the water kissing the rocks. The sun was about to sink into the ocean and she could feel the warm glow of the sun magnified a hundred times over the waters.