Practical Habits To Reduce Financial Anxiety And Increase Your Bank Balance

A lot of us hate looking at our bank balance. While payday is always uplifting, there are certain times when we know the number isn’t going to be as high as we want it to be. Various things go into this, including poor spending habits, debts, and simply bad management over our finances.

The matter can even become severe for some people. Cambridge University researchers identified ‘financial phobia’. The term refers to the fear of coming face-to-face with your financial situation. Whether you feel like you have a fear of your finances, or you just don’t like seeing your balance, it’s time for a change.

On the Wings of Friendship

     Many times in our lives, we experience pain. There are moments when the sky seems to be so dark and nothing could compare to the anguish that we are suffering. On such occasions we are left thinking and talking to ourselves almost to the point of madness-"What have I done wrong?" "What have I done to have deserved this?" ...We go on and on blaming ourselves until we go weary of analyzing and probing our hearts and souls still unable to swallow our pride, unable to forgive or erase our guilt or vanish the hurt. For a time solitude becomes our refuge that we build walls around us that allows no one to enter not even the closest to us. And then we realize like magic, waking up one morning that the problems in our lives are nothing compared to that of many out there…that the fact that we woke up is a sign that we have to go on and help in changing the world into a better place. What better thought to wake up to than the realization that there are people around us who are just a thought away, who would run as fast as they could to get to our side the moment we call out their name. They would do anything just to cheer us up from willingly listening to our nonsense to taking the blame, to looking ridiculous, to taking the risk to taking the leap for us if only to show us that we are loved and cared for and that nothing in this world is too heavy to be carried by that thing called "genuine FRIENDSHIP".....

Friendship makes each grey sky sparkle
each dark cloud turn into glitters
each dreary feeling to glee
and gives us wings to fly
across the most beautiful skies

The Secrets To Being Party Ready At Any Time

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; there will always be an event to get ready for. Whether it’s a wedding, christening, or a glamorous party. It can be daunting knowing you haven’t got much time to prepare, especially when you want to look your best. You’ll want to know you can be ready for anything. So, whether your next event will be a relaxed get-together at a bar or a full-blown party, we’ve got it covered.


Top up your tan: You can start off by maintaining your lovely summer glow with regular exfoliation. This will help to keep your tan looking fresh and means your skin will be in excellent condition. It will also help if you need to apply any fake tan to extend that holiday feeling.

Wedding Planning: Proposal Traditions and Realities

You know when you get to a certain point in your relationship. You might start to talk about getting married and what life might hold for the two of you. When those conversations have been had, what is the next step? It would usually be the proposal and engagement. It is such a special occasion, though, which can require a little bit of planning. It is so important to make it a memorable occasion, for all of the right reasons! So here are just a few tips and bits of advice for planning a proposal.


First thing is first; you will most likely need a ring. Choosing a ring is one of the biggest steps to make the proposal happen. Some people get a ‘dummy’ ring to propose with, with the plan of picking one out together afterwards. So just getting a cheaper ring is all that you would need. You will just need to explain to your other half that you will be going to pick out a new one together. If you would prefer to propose with a ring, then you need to think about they style you should choose. Do you want it to be quite a traditional cut and diamond? Would you opt for a more unusual gem like a ruby or topaz? So think about your love and what they might like. Browsing online, somewhere like Verragio rings, is such a good idea to see what is out there. You can see what is available in your budget and go from there. Traditionally, an engagement ring should be worth three months of your salary. This isn’t a figure that many stick to these days, though.

3 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Vows

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Oh yeah, the hubby swears he LOVES me and that I am his PRECIOUS! (pronounced scarily LOL). He went on his knees begging for forgiveness weeks ago LOL. Yep, we have our share of drama-rama every now and then. Yet, we remain married because....


I can not claim to be a hundred percent goody goody wife! I have my shortcomings and he has his flaws. Yet, we look beyond those imperfections and choose to say okay, I FORGIVE YOU. 

Making Money While Being A Full-Time Mom: Unique Ideas You Need To See!

It’s a tough decision for moms when deciding whether they should return to work. As much as the income is essential to pay the bills, it can be more costly to have to pay for childcare for your kid! Also, your kid needs you when they are ill, and it’s hard to keep taking time off work! Therefore, a lot of moms are staying at home and finding flexible work to earn some money. Here are some unique ideas you need to see to make money while being a full-time mom.


Become a mystery shopper

One unique idea you need to see to make money while being a full-time mom is you could become a mystery shopper. You get to go into various shops and restaurants and report back on your experience. You will be posing as a shopper and will have to check out products and review the service you receive. You can often go along with your kids, and there is no strict schedule. Remember to keep your composure and act normal, so they don’t know you are a mystery shopper!

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