How To Give Your House Some Character

It’s easy to buy a house that looks glitzy and shiny on the surface but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to have character. It’s important for your home to look clean and aesthetically-pleasing, but you might always feel that something’s missing if the minimalistic design of your home is a little too minimal. If your household feels lifeless and devoid of any characteristics that would remind you and your family that this is your home then it’s time to do something about it. Here are some pieces of advice on giving your house some character.

Improve your home’s lighting.
You may not realize this, but the lighting used in your home has a huge effect on your mood and general perception of your home. If you feel that the vibe of your house is all wrong then you might need to improve the lighting to give your interior some character. Think about where you need warmth, first of all. The bedroom should feel cozy and inviting in the evening; harsh lighting is not right for this environment. You want to be settling down so that you’re ready for bed. You could get some new lamps with softer lighting (an orange hue is soothing) or simply get some candles. As for harsher lighting, this belongs in the kitchen and the bathroom; you need bright light to see what you’re doing, whether that’s cooking a meal or plucking your eyebrows.

The Cheating Partner Challenge: How To Get Over The Broken Illusion

So, you found out he was cheating on you. What do you do?

Heck, that is one tough question. You don't get to answer that in a day, not in a week, a month or a year or two. Probably you never will. But it pays to give it a try.....


Do You Care Enough To Save The Relationship?

First tough question, DO YOU CARE? Do you love him or her enough to fight the tide? Is he worth fighting for? Are there kids involved? Has he shown remorse? Has he promised to change and is there concrete proof that indeed he has reformed?

Obviously if you no longer feel even a tinge of hope that he will change or even try to; when you no longer give a damn whether he comes home or not and the kids are matured enough to understand, you can leave...or can you?

They say LOVE is patient and kind. So for how long will you forgive? Seventy times seven? Maybe more?

So, there- pour in all the love in the world you can! Kill him or her with kindness, sincerity and patience. Give it all you've got!

Then answer the next query.

Do You Love Yourself?

Most of the time we get trapped in the illusion that what actually completes us are the people we care for. Oftentimes we fail to hear the inner voice inside of us waiting to be heard. That tiny whisper in our hearts saying "you cannot give what you do not have". As the song says, "learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all".

So, How Do You Begin Truly Loving Yourself?

As with anything crucial in life, start slowly but surely. Start with your health. How long has it been since you had a good night's sleep? Go ahead, grab that pillow and dream! Sleep all you can until your body feels fully recharged. And yes, you should eat! But not the kind of eating that gets you to the Emergency Room. Always eat a well balanced meal. Exercise! Brisk walking is a good start. You get to enjoy the sights and burn calories. Not long after you would have achieved your ideal body weight and get to fit in your pre-relationship clothes. Go to the salon, get a new 'do; buy yourself new clothes and splash on new scents to welcome the new you.

Praying helps, always.

What do you pray for? 

Pray for inner peace. Pray for those who hurt you. Pray for guidance. Time heals all wounds. One morning you will wake up and all the pain is gone and what is left is YOU, and your new wings.

What if he or she leaves?

You've done everything there is to make the person stay. You've laid down all your cards. What is there to grieve for? Celebrate!

Celebrate life, celebrate love in all its glory! After all, when a person truly loves you, he or she will STAY....

The Surprising Bad Habits Affecting Your Looks

If you want to look your best, it is likely you will need to look further afield than you think. The truth is that many aspects of your life affect the way you look, and it is often going to be essential to pay attention to as many of them as you can in order to bring about the results you really want to see. There are likely to be a number of bad habits which are affecting your beauty in surprising ways, and that is what we are going to look at here. Take a look at the following and see if there is anything you should be doing to help keep yourself looking your best.

Getting To Bed Late

If you are often struggling to get to sleep, this will almost certainly be affecting the way you look in the long run too. When you routinely don’t get enough sleep, it makes the skin look dull and can even affect the whiteness of the eyes. However, with enough sleep under your belt, you are much more likely to look full of life - and feel it, too. If you have been struggling to get to sleep recently, you might need to approach the issue from a variety of angles. Try replacing your mattress with a Hypnos mattress for better sleep, or maybe you could work on reducing the noise in your home. Cutting out screen use at nighttime will also help hugely, and is well worth the effort. Whatever you need to do to get more sleep, make sure you get on top of it.

Which Asian Countries Offer The Best Vacation Experiences?

Lots of people who live in the West choose to visit Asian countries alone or with their families every single year. That is often because those people want to spend some time learning about different cultures, and the difference between East and West is vast. If you’ve never ventured to that part of the world in the past, you’ll want to pay attention to some of the advice and tips on this page. There are some excellent locations mentioned in this article that will point you in the right direction and ensure you leave no stone unturned. Of course, you should visit all of these places if you get the opportunity during your lifetime. However, nothing is wrong with selecting the best ones if you don’t get to travel that much.


China is arguably the world’s largest superpower at the moment, and the country is home to the highest concentration of people in the world. The best estimates suggest around 1.37 billion people are living in that country at the moment. Most visitors tend to visit the capital city and other thriving locations. However, if you want to have the best experience in China, you need to venture off the beaten track. There are lots of small towns and villages where it’s possible to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and spend time with local people. There are also some fantastic train routes you can take if you fancy travelling around the country. Some people say that’s the best way to see the sights and learn what it’s like for the residents to live in the country. The best spectacles include:

  • The Forbidden City
  • The Summer Palace
  • The Potala Palace

So I've been busy....

A post shared by thelettersinnovember (@zenskulasa) on

Okay, so I have been busy, like crazily busy! I am currently joggling law school, an administrative job, my favorite roles -motherhood and of course "wifehood". So, I have not been able to update this blog (lame excuse?LOL)

But I bought a new laptap! Yay! so I can now blog more often at home like when my studies keep me restless and sleepy at the same time like now, haha! Above was this school's law school acquaintance party OOTD post on IG.

Hmmmm, due to desperation I cut that long hair weeks ago. Haha, no time to even comb my hair decently slash my mom caught my attention about looking extra thin already. So, the obedient child in me obliged. I'll let you see the result soon, promise haha.

I don't think I am making sense so pause I will and study again. Catch you later!



So our day started with attending the Holy Mass and breakfast in the city.


I ate "Longganisa" while he ate "Beef Tapa". Of course he drank coffee while I enjoyed my pineapple juice.

We had our fill of shopping! Mostly veggies, promise because we made a bet as to who will lose more weight come December!

Tonight we had dinner at his brother's house.


and we had fun pretending to be kids!


~yay I've just started documenting memories here instead of ze social media! more posts here from now on promise!


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