Smooth Moves: Ensure Your Family Feel Positively Towards Their New Abode

If you and your family are moving, or relocating to a new area, however near or far it may be; it can be a challenging and difficult time for you and your loved ones. Often, there are an array of things to consider, and you may have to get used to a new lifestyle and learn to love a change in what you normally do.

Fear not, change can also be a positive part of life; it helps you to evolve and grow together with those you love, so it’s time to stop dreading the big move. It’s time to begin thinking about the many positives about the situation already; you may be relocating due to a new job or promotion, or perhaps you want to improve your family’s quality of life. Make sure that you allow all the great aspects of the move to block out your worries and fears, so you can relocate in a relaxed fashion and enjoy looking forward to your future there. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice for those who are about to move into a new family abode, and who don’t want it to be a negative experience, by keeping it positive.

A Fresh Start And A New Home

One of the major parts of you settling into a new house and area, will be you feeling you have a home to unwind and be comfortable in, and somewhere that you and your family can feel safe and secure. Perhaps it might be worth checking out new homes for sale in your preferred area as soon as possible and snapping up a property you like the look of when you’re able; when you’ve bought or rented your ideal house, you can begin filling it with personal belongings, so it doesn’t feel too far removed from where you came from.

Make sure you’ve booked with a reputable removalist like so that you can be rest assured that your loved possessions aren’t going to be damaged, and will arrive where and when you want them to. You can ship your larger items of furniture in advance so that they’re there when you arrive and you can snuggle up on the sofa straight away. There’s also the option to look into storage facilities and pick things up when you’re in town. When you’ve got the sofa set up, the T.V on, and the coffee on the go; invite a neighbor or two over and get your new life off to the best start.

Feeling Part Of Your New Community

Hop online as soon as you know where you’ll be moving to, as the internet allows you to connect and build relationships with people from anywhere in the world. You have the perfect way to reach out to your new community and let them know you’re on the way to live there or nearby. You’re likely to know where your new place of work will be, and if you have kids; where they’ll be going to school. This means that you can find fellow colleagues and the parents of students online, and reach out to say hey.

It’s worth explaining your situation and start a conversation with those who will be able to help you settle in. Try to arrange a coffee date or lunch, or invite them over once you’ve arrived. The quicker you form relationships and build on friendships, the easier the transition to a new location will be, for yourself, and the rest of your family.

One Afternoon at Sagat Crust Food House

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So I finally got to eat at Sagat Crust! I've been reading about the place all over social media for months but never got the chance to indulge! Talk about being crazily busy at work LOL.

I am a fan of anything that has history in it! And indeed at Sagat Crust you'll find many items on display which hold a story. The old house itself is a marvel.

The miniature jeepney steals the show. It was literally after noon and we were there for dessert. Or I guess I was there more for the sight!

Three Fears You Could Conquer at Tangadan Falls

So I finally reached my first waterfall. True or false? (Pun intended) True! Truly it was one amazing experience! Forgive me for my delight, I sort of ceased being adventurous until recently. As the title implies this is all about the fears I conquered at Tangadan Falls.

Want to hear about it? Read on and I hope I get to lure you to visit one of the best places in my province La Union. Proud to have been there and to have ditched the following fears:

Summer Feels

Oh just because it was summer, I wore my latest favorite design- off shoulder it is highlighting my only assets LOL....

Anyways, I have lost weight for good hurray!!! My lifestyle change finally paid off and I am presenting to you, the new me!

More OOTD posts to come! No promises! 

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Considerations When Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

Is there anything more lavish than adding a swimming pool to your home? Imagine being able to take a swim whenever you feel like it. Sounds like sheer bliss, right? Well, if you are thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home, you need to plan everything to perfection to ensure your luxury addition does not become a nightmare. With that in mind, read on to discover the various elements you need to consider when thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home.

Shape and size – Firstly, you need to consider the purpose of the swimming pool when thinking about the design of it. For example, if you have children and you are looking to have a family pool in your home, you will probably want to go for one that has a sloped floor so that it is swallow at one side and deeper at the other end. However, if you are looking for a swimming pool to be added to your home for the purpose of incorporating this into your daily exercise routine, you may find that a narrow lap pool is the best option.

Nature Lovers Should Add These Locations to Their Travel Bucket List ASAP

If you have a travel bucket list that you’re passionate about fulfilling before that bucket is finally kicked, it’s worth making sure that it’s full of the right kinds of places. Sure, everyone wants to go to Rome and Paris and New York City, but what about the world’s stunning natural locations? Those are the places that often get left off bucket lists, but you shouldn't fall into that trap. If you're a lover of nature, here are the locations that should be added to your bucket list ASAP.


Iceland is a relatively small island way up above the rest of Europe, but you can get there pretty affordably these days. You can explore the mountains and landscapes at your own pleasure, or you can take a tour alongside a local who know what they’re doing.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is not just a place for parents to take their kids when they want to visit Santa Claus. It’s also one of the most captivating winter landscapes on the face of the Earth. There’s something incredibly enchanting and appealing about the way in which everything seems so quiet and untouched when you’re in Lapland. If you’ve never been to Finland, this is the best place to start.

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