No Rice! My Low Carb Diet Journey

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So, I've been on and off healthy eating. Something a follower would know. Is there anyone out there left reading this blog? haha, well somehow I'd love for this page to be read by only me. That is not the purpose of blogging at all.

Anyway, I have been busy. Hmmm to say I have been busy is in fact an understatement.

I have been engrossed in daily life grinds! Like work, family, studies. Name it! I still find time to sleep though, a talent I guess I will have until the end wehehehe.

Well, one thing that changed since I hit forty was my weight! I became really more conscious of my health. I finally bid goodbye to sweets!
No more dessert for me! - the complicated, intricately designed sweets have been ditched from my vocabulary- AT LAST.

So, what changed? My blood sugar level did! I had signs and symptoms of diabetes, something that is in the family genes, so lo and behold, I was afraid like really afraid for the first time in many years of existence.

So, I am now on a low carbohydrate diet. I broke up with beloved rice, and pastries and ice cream and everything that is fancy and sweet yeah even milk chocolates. Hmmm yep I do indulge in darck chocolates once in awhile. It keeps me sane, believe me!

So today, I also chose not to be stressed with law school haha. I have enrolled in five subjects. Now I am planning to quit this semester. Gee, bad decision eh? but I am just too tired. It does not make me happy these days! I need a rest! I need my sanity back! I want to be happy! I am aging hahahaha.........

They say you can never really have everything. So, I am accepting that. I am not quitting. I am simply taking a break!

So ask me how to lose weight? Simple, have a motivation, a strong one, like good health and being able to live a long life with thy loved ones. What better reason is there?

That is all for now, sleep beckons wehehehe :)

One Sunset with Beth at MA-CHO TEMPLE...

Ma-cho temple
      One of the tourists attractions in my province is MA-CHO TEMPLE. The place is dear to my heart as it was built the same year I was born- 1975. No wonder it has been there for as long as I can remember. It was built by the Chinese community in San Fernando City under the leadership of Jose D. Aspiras and Mr. Dy Keh Hio. I remember passing by this welcome arch all the days of my childhood life as we lived just nearby and being curious just what was up there. It took me years before I finally got to see the place and I have been re-visiting ever since because of the inner peace I feel each time I am there.

The Cheating Partner Challenge: How To Get Over The Broken Illusion

So, you found out he was cheating on you. What do you do?

Heck, that is one tough question. You don't get to answer that in a day, not in a week, a month or a year or two. Probably you never will. But it pays to give it a try.....


Do You Care Enough To Save The Relationship?

First tough question, DO YOU CARE? Do you love him or her enough to fight the tide? Is he worth fighting for? Are there kids involved? Has he shown remorse? Has he promised to change and is there concrete proof that indeed he has reformed?

Obviously if you no longer feel even a tinge of hope that he will change or even try to; when you no longer give a damn whether he comes home or not and the kids are matured enough to understand, you can leave...or can you?

Back On Track

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So, I just recovered my site. Using my Google Profile on blogger has rendered my account inaccessible until I figured out through blogger forum what to do. All thanks to one user who had the same issue I managed to log in after several frustrated attempts.

Okay, so how have I been? I've been busy with work, school and of course I have been prioritizing my family all these years. So, writing quite took a backseat. The farthest seat to say the least 😙.

Come Visit the "La Union Agri-Tourism Village"!

Five Reasons...I'll give you five good reasons you should head to the La Union Provincial Capitol on its 169th Foundation Anniversary.

1. For "good health"

See my forehead above? It's glistening from sweating on my way up the road that has been beautifully lighted, theatrically I'd say. Perfect for dramatic, moody shots. My mood was festive! For indeed there is a celebration happening in the province now. I had dessert for dinner and I was so glad to have burned up the extra calories. Plus, I was kinda testing my endurance for long walks and it turned out I had more saved up energy than the hubby who is one of my designated photographers for the evening, the other being our seventeen year old.

I encourage you to go in your most comfy clothing and shoes for the uphill invigorating evening stroll. You'll feel young seeing a lot of kids and hearing them giggle over simple things.

Smooth Moves: Ensure Your Family Feel Positively Towards Their New Abode

If you and your family are moving, or relocating to a new area, however near or far it may be; it can be a challenging and difficult time for you and your loved ones. Often, there are an array of things to consider, and you may have to get used to a new lifestyle and learn to love a change in what you normally do.

Fear not, change can also be a positive part of life; it helps you to evolve and grow together with those you love, so it’s time to stop dreading the big move. It’s time to begin thinking about the many positives about the situation already; you may be relocating due to a new job or promotion, or perhaps you want to improve your family’s quality of life. Make sure that you allow all the great aspects of the move to block out your worries and fears, so you can relocate in a relaxed fashion and enjoy looking forward to your future there. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice for those who are about to move into a new family abode, and who don’t want it to be a negative experience, by keeping it positive.

A Fresh Start And A New Home

One of the major parts of you settling into a new house and area, will be you feeling you have a home to unwind and be comfortable in, and somewhere that you and your family can feel safe and secure. Perhaps it might be worth checking out new homes for sale in your preferred area as soon as possible and snapping up a property you like the look of when you’re able; when you’ve bought or rented your ideal house, you can begin filling it with personal belongings, so it doesn’t feel too far removed from where you came from.

Make sure you’ve booked with a reputable removalist like so that you can be rest assured that your loved possessions aren’t going to be damaged, and will arrive where and when you want them to. You can ship your larger items of furniture in advance so that they’re there when you arrive and you can snuggle up on the sofa straight away. There’s also the option to look into storage facilities and pick things up when you’re in town. When you’ve got the sofa set up, the T.V on, and the coffee on the go; invite a neighbor or two over and get your new life off to the best start.

Feeling Part Of Your New Community

Hop online as soon as you know where you’ll be moving to, as the internet allows you to connect and build relationships with people from anywhere in the world. You have the perfect way to reach out to your new community and let them know you’re on the way to live there or nearby. You’re likely to know where your new place of work will be, and if you have kids; where they’ll be going to school. This means that you can find fellow colleagues and the parents of students online, and reach out to say hey.

It’s worth explaining your situation and start a conversation with those who will be able to help you settle in. Try to arrange a coffee date or lunch, or invite them over once you’ve arrived. The quicker you form relationships and build on friendships, the easier the transition to a new location will be, for yourself, and the rest of your family.

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