Managing Traffic Stress

Urghhhh would yah believe I got into a traffic altercation this morning? On a Monday morning! Geez, I had a fault but the male driver of the other red car should have been cool haha! I hate it that he glared at me. He could have aired his disgust in a professional manner. Oh well, maybe he isn't professional at all. Sigh, well, lesson learned is that I will wake up earlier henceforth so I don't get caught up in traffic rush dropping the kiddo to school. I still will drive haha! Great thing I'm no bitch. I am a cry baby though, I cried speaking over the phone with ze hubby about the incident. Breathe in breathe out, that is what I am doing now to forget and move on hahaha. More of my driving drama next time! Work for now shhhhh...

Never Learnt How To Ride A Bike? Here's How Adults Are Taught

Believe it or not, not everyone knows how to ride a bike due to lack of interest as a child, old fashioned parents that felt respectable girls shouldn’t, or because their family couldn't afford more than one set of shiny, but expensive wheels. So, for those of you that never got to grips with bicycle bells, gear changes, tyre pressures, and road signals how difficult is it to learn as a grown adult? Not very as you’ve got far more hand, eye coordination and ability to balance.

Learning as an adult involves the same procedures as what children are taught except because you’re a grown up, you should grasp certain concepts much quicker than if you were a kid. Discovered a latent love of cycling? It may be worth you taking a bike ability course that’ll teach you road safety, bicycle control and maintenance, which bike to use on what terrain and how to communicate with other cyclists. There are usually three levels to the certificate, beginners, intermediate, and advanced with each level teaching students more in-depth cycling techniques such as approaching road junctions, using hand signals and also what to do in an emergency.

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How Do You Hate Someone You Love?

~A Guest Post~

I do not know the answer. That is why I am asking. How do you not love someone you love? Love is patient and kind, it is written in the Bible. Yet how does one endure the pain of betrayal of one's beloved? How does one live with doubt? How does one get away from trust issues? Sigh, I wish I knew the answer now.

I have written an article here on "What To Do When The One You Love Finds Someone Else" years ago. Now I do not know how to deal with it LOL. Experience really is the best teacher but it is the most dangerous. Sometimes I just want to get away from love- to go running and never turn my back and say goodbye for real.

What happened? I discovered my reality was not that good. I always thought FOREVER exists, somewhere. Until I saw for myself how he flirted with other women. Yes, women, plural. It killed me. He killed me. I don't know when I will heal. I am still bleeding to date. I still can't wake up in the morning and feel truly alive. I am hurting.

It feels great though having said it. Having admitted that yes, I am struggling with my marriage. Yes, I am at the crossroads. I keep praying everyday. Praying that he will change. Praying that I can keep my promise to protect the marriage. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. Though we didn't get married in church. It was a civil ceremony yet binding of course.

What saddens me is that I have lost my spark. I no longer shine. I have become ugly. I feel ugly. I feel unloved no matter how many times he claims he loves me. I no longer believe in ever after.

Until then....


Home's Where The Heart Is: Create Spaces You Love

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Ever heard the expression 'it's a house, not a home?' Chances are your mom said it after looking at the neighbors fancy new living room, while drinking a cup of coffee in the familiar lemon colored kitchen of your childhood. It doesn't matter whether you've lived somewhere for only a few months or have been in a property for years. Sometimes, whether it's down to building delays, constant repairs or ugly decor you just can't seem to embrace it.

If you feel like your house isn't quite what you'd hoped for, or that it lacks warmth then get busy and create memory boxes, personalized photo frames or feature walls that express your hobbies, interests and family life. Why not create a travel themed photo collage? Love cooking? Have a built in bookcase on your kitchen island for recipe books. Adore gaming? Design a bespoke entertainment system or convert your basement into a fully fledged home cinema.

Let It Go

Ok, so you've had a hell of a time getting the kitchen refitted due to a dodgy building firm, delays on sparkly worktops and a hole under the washing machine that needed filling in. If you've had many decorating issues, or delays that meant having to live in an house that's less than perfect for months on end it can be hard to let that bitterness go. Try to forget how long you've had the design sketched out for, or how hard it was to get your money back after being ripped off. Now's the time to take a deep breath and just accept what's happened. You have to trust that eventually you'll have the home of your dreams, but the more you fight it, the slower progress will seem so go with the flow and you'll feel much better.

Why Your Home Feels Like A Freezer All Year Round

As much as you might blame the cold conditions of your home on the weather, it’s not always the case. In fact, your home might be freezing down to factors you might not even have considered. And there might actually be an easy solution that you can implement to warm up your home. Therefore, here are some reasons why your home feels like a freezer all year round, and what to do about it.

Your windows need replacing

You might be surprised to know that even windows have a time limit. In general, they tend to last around 15 years. But this can depend on the materials used and the original installation. After all, if they haven’t been fitted properly, they aren’t going to last so long in your humble abode. And it can also depend on where the windows are situated. After all, if they tend to get the full blown impact of the harsh weather, they won’t last as long. Therefore, if you are struggling to get your home above freezing level, it could be down to your old windows. After all, if they do need replacing, they are probably causing heat loss in the home. And as you will know, to keep the house warm, you need good solid windows. Therefore, it’s time to contact a window company to come out and give you a quote for some new windows. They will check which ones need replacing first, so you can ensure your home is warm in the future. It’s also worth considering getting double glazed windows. After all, these are properly insulated to ensure heat remains in your home!

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Don't Stress To Impress

If you want want to make an impression on someone, whether that is a new group of friends because you are travelling or have moved somewhere new, new employees, or you simply want to go out and look good, it can be a difficult task. A lot of people tend to when trying to make a good impression, because they might be meeting a person for the first time, are socially awkward in new situations, or simply because they feel as if they aren’t being themselves.

Do not use dishonesty to make an impression. For example, acting as if you’re rich by offering to buy expensive drinks constantly will give the wrong impression. You might get attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons, and sooner or later you will be found out.


Do not try to be funny just because you think your new friends will appreciate it. Be comfortable with how you are first, and then get to know the atmosphere. Test out for common grounds and elaborate on them so that you have something meaningful to talk about. Laughter can come naturally.

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