Friday, December 19, 2014

Officially Four-Eyed, First Nerdy OOTD

After weeks of ignoring bouts of headache and squinting eye muscles I finally gave in. I had my eye checked. Yep I am a healer but when it comes to my own health I confess I usually deny symptoms until doing so takes its toll. Not a good example, definitely so I resolve to listen to my body more intently from now on. 

So instead of torturing my eyes just to do away with looking like a geek I am now officially four-eyed. Things look clearer and my eyes are now relaxed and I haven't had a migraine attack for days. 

Having eye problems? Go ahead and schedule an appoinment with an eye specialist. It will make a lot of difference.

Click HERE for important tips on taking care of the windows to our soul.

Tops- by BLUTAB
Eyewear- iCandy
Necklace-gift from doc MJ
Bracelet- gift from Kulas

Gifts for Someone Kooky This Christmas

If you know somebody who could be considered ‘kooky’, you’re probably worrying about what to buy them for Christmas this year. You can’t just buy them something normal - surely they’d frown upon it? Here are some kooky ideas to suit all budgets!

A Design Your Own Perfume Set

Instead of splashing out a fortune on some expensive perfume, buy a ‘design your own perfume’ set. This way, the receiver will be able to way a scent totally tailored to them in every way. It’s a lot of fun to do too!

Music Pillow

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Do You Know You Are With The Right Person?

Let's face it, when we love, we get hurt. We get hurt not because we do not love enough but because there's that innate feeling of wanting to be "all that our beloved wants" and to be with the person every second of the day. In reality that can not happen. 

Fitness Promises To Make Yourself in 2015

As you will see, my husband and I went for our first run as a couple this week and I really hope it is something that we continue to do.

The start of a new year is a great time to make promises to yourself and to look at what you would like to change for the next year. Even if you have has a fantastic 2014 (and I hope you have!) there is probably something that you would like to change for 2015. Even if it is something small, now is the time to change it and make positive changes going into the new year.

Our Latest Garden Project

It's been quite awhile since I had the time to plant something around the yard. I even have lost time to do my favorite chore which is hand-washing our clothes. Work and continuing education is eating most of my weekdays as well as Saturdays and Sundays. So I thought of assigning the task of finally setting up our garden at the far end of our yard to one of my brothers in law who is into gardening. I posted quite a challenge to him because it's an area that's steep and too grassy during rainy season. Am impressed with his idea though!

Three Ideas For Your Garden Makeover

Have you begun to think about improvements you want to make to your home next year? It is important to remember to include your garden in your plans. Often when the weather is cold, wet and gloomy we forget about the potential our gardens have to look beautiful in spring and summer. At the very least, your garden will require a little TLC to bring it back to life after the winter. But besides seasonal maintenance, you may feel that your garden is in need of a little makeover. Even small changes can make a huge difference to the look of your green space. Here are three makeover ideas for your garden that we hope you find useful.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is The Pierced Bellybutton Making A Comeback?


Remember when it was quite the trend in the 90’s to have your bellybutton pierced? Everyone seemed to be showing off their latest piercing! I’m sure there wasn’t a magazine cover that didn’t feature a female model with a bare midriff, sporting a sparkling belly button accessory.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How To Choose Clothes For Your Teener

I often have the urge to purchase shirts for my boys when I am in the mall without them. Problem is most of the time my choice does not suit their taste. Lately though I seem to be hitting the jackpot!

How To Plan Your Wedding Without The Stress

If you speak to people who are already married you'll get two different stories from them. Some of them will tell you they loved planning their wedding and others will tell you it was stressful and they didn't enjoy it at all. A big part of this is down to how they booked their big day and how organised they were. If you leave things too late then it will be stressful trying to get everything arranged in time. Instead, you need to get organised and plan things in advance. Not only will this make it easier for you to get things booked in, but it makes it much easier to budget too.

Budgeting Your Wedding