Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Owning Your Own Swimming Pool Will Benefit Your Children


Most of us feel guilty when we watch the television programs that are about perfect parenting. We think that we don’t meet the standard required of us. My solution to that is to change the channel. I am tired of those ‘holier than thou’ experts telling me what I should and shouldn’t do for my kids.

Monday, July 28, 2014

✿Foodie/Travel Letters: Time For Some Tea

Okay, so I finally got to check out the latest craze in town. Yeah I know a bit late but always better late than never eh? I learned that Moonleaf started out as a quaint shop around four years ago offering tea drinks in different concoctions in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. 

Revamp Your Kitchen To Ensure Your Kids Eat Healthily: Here's How


It sounds an odd title doesn’t it? Of course, the kitchen is not responsible for the diet of our children; it is the use to which we put it. A new kitchen will encourage you to feed your children with wholesome home cooked meals. It is the junk that we buy in packets or from takeaways that could have an adverse impact on them in later years. Yes, a new kitchen screams “use me!”

Sunday, July 27, 2014

✿Inspirational Letters: 3 Unforgettable Songs From My Childhood

1. Of course it has got to be the ALPHABET SONG.
I remember singing it while taking a bath, walking, sitting, standing and hearing my old folks clap non stop when I didn't miss a letter! Oh boy what a superstar I was! Makes me wish I could head to a guitar center for that string instrument dad used to dream I could perfectly play. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

⊱✿Home and Family Letters: Our New Farm Pets.

Our house upon a hill is buzzing on weekends. What with the kiddos home and new pet babies roaming around. We'd love you all to meet.....

"Baby Goatie," who has been bottle-fed for several weeks to supplement his nutrition. My son Roel loves playing with Goatie saying "meeehhh...meeehhhh...meeeeh" even in his sleep.

✿⊱Foodie Letters: My Fave Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs
Warm Rice
Paksiw na "Galunggong" Fish
A cup of warm choco and a glass of cold water...

THAT'S IT... I'm ready to face the day! 

✿Fashion Letters: Trying Out The Blush On✿

I honestly do not know how to put on make up. I usually just dab a bit of powder and paint my lips pinkish. Yesterday I experimented using a pressed powder and BLUSH ON I recently purchased. The powder turned out having a color a lot lighter than my skin's. The hubby says I looked like a ghost LOL.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

✿Thurs Shopping: Penshoppe, A Fave Brand Teams Up With Lazada

23 July 2014, MANILA PHILIPPINES - The Philippines’ most admired lifestyle mega brand Penshoppe continues to push the envelope further as it embarks on online retail with the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.com.ph.


He sat there
Probably thinking,
or so I thought
Of the next heavy load to hurdle
A thing he carried in the past
Will carry again in the next unfading hours