Dressing Up To Look Young

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Ah oh, okay, I turned forty last year. In a few days I will be forty one! Wow, sigh, I think and I hope at the age of forty my looks will have been preserved so all I have to do is maintain it. I have learned in the past months that it is best to keep one's weight in the normal level. Not for any other reason but simply for health reasons. Having lost weight had made my mood gay. I no longer have to struggle to find my size in stores! My skin needs to be pampered though. I have not ever tried to go for a facial in this lifetime haha! Maybe one of these days I finally will. I do the following though to keep looking fresh like I think I do in the IG photo above :)

1. I Choose Trendy Clothes 

Those that make me look sane and not trying hard though. I don't reveal a lot of skin because as I have said above my skin is awful LOL besides the hubby won't approve of my cleavage being publicly exposed haha.

Healthy- Is The Way To Go!

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I am a tomato lover! I am soon to call myself tomato woman LOL. There are so many health benefits one could gain from munching those orange pulpy goodies! They are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and Cancer-fighting powers. They also make one's skin glow! I also love onions! The violet ones are my favorite! I love the spicy, breezy feel on my mouth when they crunch as I bite. Oh carrots! carrots are a joy to eat too! They are slightly sweet and just the thought of swallowing them with that ultra rich orange color imbibes positive vibes. Hmmm I am not much of a jalapeno fan but I do love them once in a while when they are not too evil LOL.

Yep, I cooked yesterday. I mixed those in a pan lined with good cholesterol (lie LOL) and added beef. Yum!

How To Deal With Annoying People

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I have a sweet, understanding side but I also have an evil side. I think everyone does. Id, Ego, Super-ego- they fight inside of us ALL THE TIME. Today I am faced with a situation wherein I could either insult a person or answer her in the most divine way possible. I am choosing to rant about it and perhaps I would make the best decision after.

It is difficult to change people.

That's a sad fact of life. One's personality is formed starting from the womb. Then as the person moves out into the huge world, so many factors come into play. Experiences, relationships, goals and frustrations not to mention health issues could all play a part. So, once a person is mean, and I mean really mean, it could take a lifetime to change 'em.

There's a chance, they could be changed.

Okay, the good news is, it could be DONE! Nothing is impossible with God, I do believe. And yes, people can change for the BETTER. One just needs, patience, love and compassion. In the end, when they remain the same, it would be enough that one did his or her BEST.

Keep Smiling.

No matter how arrogant, how truly disgusting a person's character is, SMILE at them. They could just be going through some really ROUGH time. Spread the GOOD VIBES

Haha, there you go. I have unburdened my negative feelings. Whew, blogging really does the trick eh? 

Do I look annoying in the photo above? That's my not so angelic side.

Garden Looking Dark And Dreary? Give It Some New Life!

I love gardening, and when the sun is shining, I’m always out, seeing what I can do to improve my yard. Most of the time, it’s little things such as pulling up the weeds from between the paving. Or, planting some new flowers in the soil around the edge of my front lawn. Every so often though I do like to take on a big project and work to completely reinvent my yard. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. If your garden is looking dark and dreary, make some changes, and you’ll love spending time out there again.

Start Small

You should start small when tackling a new look for your garden. I think we should begin by cutting the grass because that’s going to make it look grander. I’m sure that’s something that you want. A garden that gives the impression your home has a lot of space. Cut your grass as short as possible, and it will also look neat, tidy and well maintained.

Next, we need to take a look at any patio areas in your garden. If you’ve never cleaned your patio, it’s going to be looking worse for wear. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are easy ways to fix that. I suggest you start by renting a power washer if you don’t have one. A power washer is the easiest tool to use for cleaning your patio. It will blast the marks, dirt and grime away, making it look brand new. It can even get rid of the weeds that are growing between the cracks. Let it dry out and then take a look at the effect. The grass is short; the patio is clean, and essentially, you have a blank canvas. Now you can style your garden however you want.

Eager To Spread Those Wings? How To Make Traveling More Affordable

Wanderlust is an increasingly common affliction. If you spend your days dreaming about tropical beaches or pristine snow-covered slopes, you’re not alone. The world is more accessible than ever before, but traveling can be expensive. As much we’d love to take time off to spread our wings, sometimes, multiple vacations aren’t viable. If you’re saving up for your next trip, here are some hints and tricks to make traveling more affordable.

When to go
When you’re planning your next vacation, think about when you could go. If you’re able to travel outside of peak times, you could save a huge amount of money. If you don't have children, for example, taking a vacation in term-time is likely to be much cheaper. Likewise, prices are much lower out of season. If you’re going skiing, for example, prices will be lower at the end of January than at Christmas and New Year. If you’re planning a festive trip to New York, look at flights at the beginning of December rather than dates closer to Christmas Day. Sometimes, even altering your dates by a couple of days can make a massive difference.

American RV Parks Jam Packed With Family Adventure

Picture from: Commons.Wikimedia.Org
There’s nothing quite as liberating as taking to the open road in your RV and seeing where the wind takes you. There are plenty of captivating journeys that take you through new England, the southeastern states and Route 66. But today we’re going to focus on RV parks that are great for easy American family adventures . Do you love spectacular scenery, outdoor adventure, cycling, watersports, fishing and hiking trails? If so, then get ready to start planning a jam-packed 2017 escapade that all the family will love. So get the tank fueled, open up that map, start driving and get back to nature the home-away-from-home way.
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