Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chicken Soup

I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose and so does the hubby. So for lunch we rushed to Shakey's for our favorite soup!

I love its creamy goodness and the bits of ham and of course chicken strips and fried potato bits as I scooped it to the last sip!

And yep as always it relieved our aches. Chicken soup indeed is the best! (Unless of course you are allergic to chicken ☺).

Happy weekend eating one and all!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday "Fam-date"

The week is never complete without us spending quality time with our kiddos. Last Sunday the hubby and I split up at the mall. I viewed a horror movie with our older son while he and our younger son did the grocery shopping. The earlier plan was for the four of us to watch the movie but it was rated 16 so our twelve year old was obviously restricted. The movie had an interesting plot but the acting was not to my liking. I enjoyed the date though, you know sitting beside our grown up boy inside the movie house and having that peaceful feeling that we are raising him to be a God-fearing individual.
Then came dinner! We met up at our fave resto and indulged in our personal favorites.

one of those rare occasssions when the hubby could strike a pose LOL

Travelling to an Islamic Country? Here's How to Dress

If you love to travel to different places, an Islamic country or two might be on your list. However, you must be cautious when visiting these places; dressing as you would back home might get you unwanted attention, and even cause offence. They are very different to the Western culture that most of us live by on a daily basis. To help you work out the acceptable way to dress, take a look through this post:

You probably can’t wear what you would normally wear when travelling, even if you feel it is fairly modest. What you consider modest, might be the equivalent to walking around in your underwear to people in the country you’re travelling to. You wouldn’t want to be looked at that way, would you? It will only stop you from having a wonderful time!

Loose clothing is always best in Islamic countries, and your arms and legs should be fully covered. Covering your hair with a scarf, called a ‘hijab’, is recommended too, as this will stop you from getting unwanted attention from men. It’s up to you whether you cover your hair at all times though, or whether you would prefer to do it when visiting mosques. Here’s some of the Islamic clothing that is commonly worn:

  • Kamiz - a loose tunic and trouser combo.
  • Chador - a long robe that covers the body and head, usually with a veil across the face.


6 Ways You Could Save Your Marriage: Our Journey to Forever

1.Act Your Age!

I meant the opposite- go act the way you used to when you met a long time ago. Tease each other, be each other's best critic at the same time be generous with praise. Don't overdo the latter though because for sure you can read each other's sincerity very well. 

Romantic and Unique Valentines Day Gifts For 2015

January has gone by in the blink of an eye! You know what that means. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you want to show your beloved that you love them, now is the time. It’s a great day to celebrate love and all things romantic. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show someone you care. But, putting in a little thought can go a long way.

Here are five of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give this year.

1.    A Night Away For Two

Having a night away in a hotel can be a great way of reconnecting with your partner. When it comes to life, it often has a bad habit of getting in the way. Making sure that you make time for each other is a great way of rekindling the romance. A hotel, away from the stresses and strains of home life, is one of the best ways to show each that your love and passion is still alive. You don’t have to splash out on a fancy hotel. But, getting away for the night is a great way to boost the romance.

2.    A Night In With a Home Cooked Dinner

If money is tight, a home cooked dinner for just the two of you is the perfect gift to give. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show each other that you care. Create a menu using a word processor. Make it special and add your favourite foods. You don’t have to have oysters and champagne. Light some candles. You can buy Scentsy online to fill the home with romance and gorgeous scents. Set the table and have some romantic music playing in the background. It’s a chance to eat, talk and enjoy each other’s company.

3.    Jewellery (Well, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend)

If you are looking at gifts and you want to make an impact, jewellery is the ultimate gift to give this year. Whether you like gold, silver, platinum or diamonds, a gorgeous piece of jewellery is the ultimate gift to bestow. A simple pair of earrings can be a beautiful present to receive. A necklace or an eternity ring is often simple sentimental pieces that you can love forever.

What To Do When Your Child Has Diarrhea

You're child suddenly has bouts of vomiting and passes out po-poo that's watery. Each time you feed him he throws up. He points to his abdomen and cries incessantly- a very stressing scenario for moms like me. What do you do? I didn't know to do too when I was not yet medically trained. And yep even when I was already knowledgeable such episodes in this drama called motherhood made me panic. Now that the kids are all grown up a bit I must say I have mastered the art of curing them.

Here's my not too pro advice when it comes to po-poo dilemma:

1. Breathe In Breathe Out, Find The Culprit

So as not to panic of course. Keep your cool and think of the last meals your child had before he had the symptoms. That could have triggered the attack. Discard any left overs waiting to be reheated if any.

2. Assess the Kiddo

Check for sunken eyeballs, presence or absence of tears when he cries. his skin and oral mucosa. Sunken eyeballs is a sign he could already be dehydrated as well as absence of tears and dryness of the lips. 

3. Feed and Hydrate

Remember you need to replace the kid's fluid loss with lots of fluid in the form of oral rehydration solutions which are readily available for purchase. You could also improvise at home but if you have the resources it is better to avail of the medically formulated ones. Keep feeding the child avoiding oily and hard to digest food. Bananas and apples are one of the bests for him.

4. Know When to Consult an Expert

Assessing the child and noticing the signs of dehydration and not being able to make him drink much more feed is a cue to stop managing him alone and to rush to the emergency room. Please do not wait until he is too dehydrated before you act. 

5. Prevent Future Diarrhea 

Keep your kid's food bacteria proof and his hands and eating utensils always clean.

Happy "Mommying" moms and mom's at heart!

Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

Everyone seems to be going crazy for dietary supplements. They are a great way of keeping your health and heart in check. People take them for a wide variety of different reasons. Some use them as an aid to topping up essential vitamins and minerals. Others use them to help with weight loss. Whatever your reasoning for taking them, it’s vital that you are in the know about how they can help you.

Choosing Your Supplements

Minerals, herbal remedies and botanicals. They all form part of the dietary supplement industry. They can come in powder, capsule or tablet form. They can help people with a broad range of things. Weight loss, improving mental and emotional health and reducing bone loss are all attributed to supplements. Of course, it is important that you eat a wide variety of different foods too. Supplements alone are not a substitute for a healthy diet. On the contrary, they are there to top you up if you have illnesses and ailments. Fish oil capsules are perfect for those that suffer from heart disease. It’s the perfect mix of science and nature. This

Are Supplements Safe?

In short, yes. Supplements are very safe. Dietary supplements can ensure that your body is fit and healthy. But, you do need to be aware of side effects when taken in conjunction with conventional medicine. Of course, your healthcare professional will be able to advise you further. But, if you are in a reasonably good bill of health and you don’t have to take any other medications, these can be a great way of giving your body the goodness that it craves.

Striving For Quality

When you embark on a new supplement regimen, you need to make sure that you are getting quality products. The online world is home to a number of different types of supplements. Make sure that your products are FDA approved and formulated by doctors. That way, you won’t get a ‘duff’ product.


It's just a shirt but it's more than just a shirt when you feel comfortable and look your best in it (be the judge LOL). Mom bought it so no further adjectives needed I think ☺.

I'm a bit stressed out these days so sigh I need sponsors- JOKING!

~just another happy wearer's honest opinion

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Must-read Reasons for Why Your Family Should Visit the Seaside

There are lots of types of beautiful terrain on our wonderful planet. The mountains or a bright green meadow are the preferred landscapes for some people and others like deserts or cityscapes. But people who live on the coast will tell you that you can't beat living by the ocean. There are a great deal of benefits to spending your life by the seaside, even if you don't live right on the beach. Cliffs, sand and the sea all open up many fun and unique activities that you can't do anywhere else. It's excellent for kids too, who can experience the fresh ocean breeze and the wonders of sea life, which many children might only ever see in an aquarium. Making your home by the sea might even be healthier for you than living elsewhere.

Fun in the Sun

There's no doubt that the ocean, beaches and seaside cliffs give you lots of things to do. Of course, there are people's favorite activities, like sunbathing and swimming. But you don't need to live somewhere hot and sunny to enjoy the coast. There are all kinds of sports and activities that kids and adults can get involved with. If you and your children are sporty, you might love to try out any number of pursuits, from surfing and sea kayaking to caving and hiking on the cliffs above the sea. Arty people will find plenty to inspire them too and can try their hand at sand sculptures or painting a seascape as they look out at the water.