Wear And Tear: Areas Of Your Home That Need A Little More TLC

There are certain areas of our home that are more prone to wear and tear. Having to go through and replace (or at least refresh) these areas every few years can be a disconcerting experience, especially if you have other projects you would rather spend the time and money on. Rather than repeating the same home improvement steps over and over again, is there anything you can do to make certain items and areas last longer?
Problem Area: Cupboards and Drawers
Why Do They Wear Out So Fast? The problem here is one of use. When we overuse a particular joint in our bodies, we have a tendency to develop RSI. As cupboards and drawers are so frequently used, they soon sustain the furniture version of RSI - damage caused by repeated use.

Futuristic Pieces Of Technology That Will Transform Your Home!

What did you think your home would be like in 2016? It was only a few years ago that most of us had a pretty warped idea of what the future had to hold for us all. Pre-millennium, most people seemed to think that it would only be a matter of years before humans had emigrated to Mars, and that we would all be driving flying cars! Obviously, the reality is pretty different to that. But, the advances we have seen in technology are very impressive nonetheless (even without any flying cars). In fact, most of us wonder how we would now survive without all the technology that surrounds of - and this is even more true for the younger generation.

However, did you ever stop to think that you might not be using modern technology to its full advantage? Tech is a complex and confusing world, and this is what puts a lot of people off investing in things that they are not already familiar with. But give it a chance - modern technology is actually a lot more simple than you think and can seamlessly integrate into your life. In fact, it can even enhance it in ways you didn't know were possible. If you are considering upping your tech game but don't really know where to begin, it's advisable to start in your own home. Most of us working moms don't have a great deal of time on our hands, so running the home efficiently can become a bit of a chore. Take a look at these amazing pieces of technology which can make your life at home a lot easier!

Healthcare Issues You Need To Consider

There are many things around you that can cause you bad health, some you have control over, others, unfortunately, you don’t. But we should do all we can to keep us and our families in better health, here are some common things you may or may not know about, but nevertheless need to look out for.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The vast majority of people have smoke alarms, but not many use carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon monoxide is deadly, it has no scent, and can creep up on us when we’re asleep. There are around forty deaths a year in the UK caused by CM poisoning. It comes from the burning of fossil fuels, so ensure you have an alarm in each room that burns fossil fuels and maintain it accordingly, you may have problems sleeping, but this is far worse and requires your immediate attention.


The Asbestos epidemic is primarily curbed, but there are still thousands of properties across the globe full of asbestos. The spores are extremely harmful and can contribute to cancer in later years. If you suspect any asbestos in your home you need it removed by quality professionals such as PROAS.

6 DIY Wedding Ideas


If you've got a wedding coming up and are short on cash, or you're just feeling creative, here are some of the 6 best DIY wedding ideas.

Mason jar cocktails

These are so simple to make!
*First, decide on what cocktail you want to go for.
*Get your mason jars, you can either use ones that you've kept from things like jam. Or you can buy them online.
*Then make a big batch of whatever cocktail you have decided on and store it in the fridge.
*Bring it out whenever you need to and fill the jars up.
You can even decorate the jars if you're feeling extra creative. Or even try making the cocktail the same colour that matches your wedding theme!

Why You Have Sleeping Problems

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, then it’s not only going to be very frustrating for you, but
also extremely damaging to your health. Sleep deprivation is a serious medical problem, and yet many people try to soldier on through their sleeping problems, seeing sleep as a luxury rather than a necessity. If you can’t remember the last time you slept like a baby, here are some of the reasons you may not be getting enough sleep.
You Take Lie-Ins

Slept In Dagupan Village Hotel

Psssttt I have so many late posts- you know, hotels I stayed in I haven't shared on this blog. This is one of them, obviously. December last year we stayed in a hotel at the heart of Pangasinan. What I love about the place, I captured. Pardon the grainy shots with my phone cam. 
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