Top 5 Video Games For Kids

Right now the video game industry is abuzz with hundreds of games for kids. And that should come as no surprise. Kid's games have essentially been what has driven the gaming industry, right from the outset.
But with the rise of modern adult games, the market has bifurcated. On the one hand, there are a slew of games that you would love your kids to play. On the other hand, many games just aren't suitable for young children. The result has been the rise of sites like, which help parents decide whether they should buy a game or not.
Here we review some of the best games for children right now. Let's get started.
Garfield Kart
Garfield Kart released last August and has been entertaining kids ever since. It's essentially Mario Kart in a Garfield skin. And as a result, it has all the fun and the depth of the original. But for a lot of kids, Mario just isn't their cup of tea. Garfield on the other hand, our lasagna-eating cat companion, usually is.

The Advantages Of Blinds Revealed!

When decorating your home, it can be hard to decide between curtains or blinds. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some advantages of blinds you need to know about.

They can keep the house cool

One of the best reasons to have blinds is they can help your house keep cool in the summer months. It can be hard to get the right heat during summer, and we don’t want to keep the windows open all the time down to safety reasons. As we talked about previously, keep them down during summer and they will reflect the heat. It’s good to go for a lighter color which will also help to maintain the room temperature. It can also help the room look lighter and fresher than long curtains.

The Real Reason Why You Didn't Get That Job!

It can be so frustrating when you go for a job interview and then find out afterward you didn’t get the role. It can be disappointing if you felt you prepared and was skilled enough for the position. Here are some reasons why you didn’t get the role.

You are under or overqualified for the role

A lot of people often apply for roles which they are underqualified for,and that’s why they don’t get the job. Of course, it’s always good to push yourself to go for something that will test you every day. But companies need someone who is guaranteed to do a good job and will not make mistakes. Therefore, they will likely choose someone with more experience who will do a better job. It can be worth going for something under the pay grade you are after, as you will build up experience and can move forward with that company. At the same time, you shouldn’t go for a position which you are overqualified for. A lot of people do this and won’t get the job because the company expects you will leave when you find something more suited to your skills.

Lack of confidence

Another reason why you might not have got the position is that you lacked confidence at the interview. Everyone gets nervous at interviews, and that’s normal. But if you don’t make them feel like you will be confident enough in the position they won’t hire you. It’s a good idea to sit down and figure out why you aren’t so confident in your life. You should have belief in yourself that you are a confident and strong person if you want others to believe it too. If your looks are causing you to lack in confidence, it might be time to change them. Cut your hair and wear makeup, if it makes you feel more confident. If you are unhappy with your body, eat healthier and exercise more to be happier with your weight. If it’s something less easy to change such as how your nose looks, you may want to contact companies such as Belcara Health. They can talk to you about procedures they can do to make you feel happier about yourself. Once you build your confidence up, you will soon feel stronger and impress at interviews.

It wasn’t right for you

You will be surprised to hear that despite how much you dwell on the fact you didn’t get it, the real answer could be it wasn’t right for you. The company wants someone there who will be happy in the role, and if they feel that’s not you, they aren’t going to waste both your time by hiring you. Otherwise, if they employ you, you might end up leaving after a couple of months as it’s not something you enjoy doing. That’s often why a company might ask what you are planning to do in five years or what your dream job is. They can see if you want to do the position and if you will be there in the long run.

A job which will be more suitable for you is out there so don’t give up!

Self-Help Techniques For Battling Addiction

An addiction is an unhealthy obsession with something. It’s something you can’t stop thinking about or doing, even though you know it’s not good for you. Most people think of drugs and alcohol when they hear the word addiction. But it is possible to be addicted to all kinds of things. Addictive behavior damages your body and mind. Usually, addictions give you a temporary high, followed by periods of profound sadness or despair. There are treatments out there to help, but there are also some effective self-help techniques you may wish to try.  

My Summer Breakfast Plate

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Hmmm, hydration is a priority this summer so am loading up on veggies and fruits! The more naturally colorful, the better!

Summer's Here, So Make Sure You're Enjoying It With The Best Food

The sun is finally out for most of us and it’s time to get out and enjoy it. Summer means looser clothes and lots of tanned people. It also means that it’s time to switch up how you eat. Summer means lighter foods and eating in beautiful weather. Do you want delicious healthy treats in the summer? Or just don’t want to ruin it by getting food that’ll leave you feeling all heavy. Either way, here are a few pointers. Make your summer all the more enjoyable with the kind of dining experiences that will have you looking forward to summer just a bit more each year.

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