Where To Eat In La Union: El Navi Restaurant

Today the hubby and I dropped by one of his favorite restaurants in the northern side of the province. He quipped he kinda misses the "clubhouse sandwich" of El Navi Restaurant in the heart of the town of Balaoan, La Union.


A Love Affair With Churros

Churros Con Chocolate on my IG
Yiiiii!!!!!! My heart skipped a beat after my first bite! That crunchy, munchy, butter-filled perfectly looped and tastefully crafted piece of goody blending with such inviting, just right sweetness of real chocolate melting in my mouth! Heaven! I FELL INLOVE! Right then, right there, just like that. I was in Spain and I felt beauty within.

Haha, ssshhhhh I haven't eaten churros for a long while so please excuse all the childish delight in this post. My "Dulcinea" Churros con Chocolate bridge was a doctor. An adventurous truly beautiful woman I'd say....

Dra. Gretchen at Dulcinea

The Churros was her treat yay! The instant she learned the workshop we'll be attending was to be held at The Chalet (hotel review to follow), she couldn't stop saying the word "Churros". I was so curious what it was about Churros that made her smile oh so sweetly like Monalisa.

kissing ze Churros

Posing with my new found love was oh so fun! Special thanks doc Gretch! 😜


Churros con Earloop

Ze pose above was Dra Gretch inspired 😜 Have I mentioned she's my "selfienspiration" when we're too troubled at work? How we manage stress deserves a whole blog post. Watch out for that hehe.

So I brought home the happiness! Mmmmm half of it actually because I consumed the rest during the workshop break LOL.
Curious enough?- Go check out the best Churros in the city of Baguio- Dulcinea's at the Lobby of Chalet Baguio, Upper Military Cut Off Road.
~not a sponsored post just another happy customer's honest opinion~


Paladin Hotel

The hubby and I spent a night in the Summer Capital of the country Tuesday of this week. He did the searching (translated- his online skills has greatly improved LOL) and processed the reservation.

And since he did the hunting I just waited for him with the room key. The hotel has a lot of stairs as you can see and the reception with the friendly staff is up there.
Well, truly "There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." That reminder posted on your way up sets up your mood for healthy moves and giving up the elevator.
Our room was beside the road which the hubby loved because he could watch the city go by. There was a fan and no air-conditioning because Baguio is normally a cool place.
The room is quite small (would not have chosen a more pricey accomodation that is LOL); Basic amenities are provided though and the staff are all friendly and accomodating. Have I mentioned it is conveniently located at the heart of the city- walking distance from restaurants and tourist spots?
We paid for breakfast at P120 PHP. We ordered "tocino" with rice and coffee. A slice of fruit and vegetable salad came with the plate. It was enough to energize us. Afterall, a breakfast buffet which I usually long for could make our blood sugar levels soar high. I'm a healthy living advocate now remember? 😜
Ah oh, sorry for the mess. I failed to take a photo of the neatly made bed the night before.
'er goes the hotel room mirror and as you can see we had a memorable night in the City of Pines.
Sans my most recent fave photo of us.
~not a sponsored post, just another contented customer's opinion~
Paladin hotel is located at 136 Abanao Extension Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
You may check out their website here. www.paladinhotelbaguio

Me, Squarepants

Make Your Home An Eco-Friendly Home

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past few years, you’ll know that it’s up to all of us to reduce our energy consumption. While that might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually much easier than you might think - and it can have other benefits besides protecting the earth, too, as you’ll see when you check your bank balance and you’re feeling fitter than ever. Here are five ways to start walking toward a carbon neutral household.

Source: Pexels.com

In the Garden

It’s much easier to start growing your own food that you might realise. If you have some space in your garden, then get your hands dirty and you’ll soon have access to completely fresh fruit and veg, which will cost you nothing and be tastier than anything you could buy in the supermarket. If you have a little more space, add a chicken coop and there’ll be fresh eggs every morning. Perfect!

Reducing Your Energy Usage

When it comes to your home’s energy, the main problem is usually the house itself. Most households use far too much energy, even though it’s completely avoidable. If you’re not sure how to reduce your home’s energy usage, speak to the energy efficiency experts - they’ll be able to offer solutions like solar panels, installing better windows, adding insulation, and so on. A lot of maintaining an eco-friendly home is all about preventative measures, so get your home in line and you’ll be set up well to limit your carbon footprint.

Spring Cleaning To Do List

Spring cleaning. Some of us love it, as it breathes a new life into your home. For others, however, it’s a mammoth task that is viewed with dread. Where should we start with it? When everything needs cleaning, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here is a short guide to give you an idea of where to start, and it may help your task feel a little more doable.
The best place to start is to get rid of any clutter that you have lying about. Clutter makes rooms look messy, and once you’ve moved all the unnecessary items, it can often feel like half of the work is done for you. So, clear away any washing up, move all your nick-nacks, and pick up all those old clothes. While you’re doing this, why not take the time to purge your belonging, especially if you find things that you haven’t worn since last year. Donating a few things will clear up some space and make the rest of the cleaning much easier, not just now, but in the future.
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