So I've been busy....

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Okay, so I have been busy, like crazily busy! I am currently joggling law school, an administrative job, my favorite roles -motherhood and of course "wifehood". So, I have not been able to update this blog (lame excuse?LOL)

But I bought a new laptap! Yay! so I can now blog more often at home like when my studies keep me restless and sleepy at the same time like now, haha! Above was this school's law school acquaintance party OOTD post on IG.

Hmmmm, due to desperation I cut that long hair weeks ago. Haha, no time to even comb my hair decently slash my mom caught my attention about looking extra thin already. So, the obedient child in me obliged. I'll let you see the result soon, promise haha.

I don't think I am making sense so pause I will and study again. Catch you later!



So our day started with attending the Holy Mass and breakfast in the city.


I ate "Longganisa" while he ate "Beef Tapa". Of course he drank coffee while I enjoyed my pineapple juice.

We had our fill of shopping! Mostly veggies, promise because we made a bet as to who will lose more weight come December!

Tonight we had dinner at his brother's house.


and we had fun pretending to be kids!


~yay I've just started documenting memories here instead of ze social media! more posts here from now on promise!


Blessed Sunday


Sundays, I love Sundays. The hubby and I have been good the past weeks. He has managed to make me get out of bed at 4 in the morning to prepare for early Sunday mass. And as always he takes the lead in buying our week's supply of veggies, meat, fish and poultry. I'll share our fresh purchases in another post. Believe me I am enjoying the simple quiet life. The best!


Wedding Inspiration: Getting Picture Perfect For The Big Day Where Image Is Everything

Following the initial euphoria of saying a massive “YES!” to the proposal, the realisation of planning a wedding will hit you like a truck. Of course, it is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do as a happy couple, but there’s no doubt that the pressure to get it right is huge. Considering the amount of photos that will be taken, appearances are easily one of the biggest concerns.
Every element pays a huge factor on your big day, which is why it’s never too early to start planning. Focus on this checklist below, and you’ll be sure to create that image of perfection.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Children

Have you ever considered having children? If you have, then you aren’t alone. There are a lot of people in the world that dream of having children, watching them grow old and having a reliable and loving partner to raise them with. Unfortunately, far too many people rush into this decision and, as a result, they end up regretting it in the future. They’re either unprepared financially or mentally, or they end up disliking their partner for various reasons.

As a result, there are many decisions to make in life before you should even consider having children. Raising a family isn’t a joke and you should be thinking about it carefully by preparing yourself for what’s to come. To give you a hand, we’ve created a list of things that you need to sort out before telling your partner that you want children.

Are you financially stable?

The first major worry is money. If you don’t have a well-paying job, then forget about ever trying to raise children. Sure, you might get some benefits and extra money for raising a child, but it’s hardly enough to pay for you and your kids. If you want to raise children, then you’d better have a well-paying job that can cover your livelihood, buy you a new home and also pay for your child’s needs. You’ll also need to worry about job security because the last thing you want is to raise a child then suddenly lose your only source of income. To remedy this, have multiple sources of income, ensure your job is safe and you won’t lose it, or consider starting a business of your own.

3 Signs Your Marriage is Worth Fighting For


If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage or relationship it is common to start feeling negative and focusing on the signs that say that it is heading towards the end. However, it is also really important to focus on the positives and explore the signs that indicate that you are still in a relationship that could have a future. In order to really give your marriage a chance read the following areas that you should be considering to truly understand if it can be saved and if there is still hope.

You Know You Are Not Perfect

We are not talking about putting yourself down, focusing on your weaknesses and feeling terrible about yourself. We are talking about how shifting your perspective can completely change the way we view certain situations. When things feel like they are falling apart it is natural to blame our partners. However even if your partner's behaviour is not ideal it is worth looking how their mood, behaviour and choices may be affected and impacted by your mood, behaviour and choices. If you can think of times where you have criticised him or hurt him through judgemental or negative behaviour then you are recognising how your own behaviour and energy can work as a catalyst for negative feelings between the two of you.
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