Wedding Inspiration: Getting Picture Perfect For The Big Day Where Image Is Everything

Following the initial euphoria of saying a massive “YES!” to the proposal, the realisation of planning a wedding will hit you like a truck. Of course, it is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do as a happy couple, but there’s no doubt that the pressure to get it right is huge. Considering the amount of photos that will be taken, appearances are easily one of the biggest concerns.
Every element pays a huge factor on your big day, which is why it’s never too early to start planning. Focus on this checklist below, and you’ll be sure to create that image of perfection.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Children

Have you ever considered having children? If you have, then you aren’t alone. There are a lot of people in the world that dream of having children, watching them grow old and having a reliable and loving partner to raise them with. Unfortunately, far too many people rush into this decision and, as a result, they end up regretting it in the future. They’re either unprepared financially or mentally, or they end up disliking their partner for various reasons.

As a result, there are many decisions to make in life before you should even consider having children. Raising a family isn’t a joke and you should be thinking about it carefully by preparing yourself for what’s to come. To give you a hand, we’ve created a list of things that you need to sort out before telling your partner that you want children.

Are you financially stable?

The first major worry is money. If you don’t have a well-paying job, then forget about ever trying to raise children. Sure, you might get some benefits and extra money for raising a child, but it’s hardly enough to pay for you and your kids. If you want to raise children, then you’d better have a well-paying job that can cover your livelihood, buy you a new home and also pay for your child’s needs. You’ll also need to worry about job security because the last thing you want is to raise a child then suddenly lose your only source of income. To remedy this, have multiple sources of income, ensure your job is safe and you won’t lose it, or consider starting a business of your own.

3 Signs Your Marriage is Worth Fighting For


If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage or relationship it is common to start feeling negative and focusing on the signs that say that it is heading towards the end. However, it is also really important to focus on the positives and explore the signs that indicate that you are still in a relationship that could have a future. In order to really give your marriage a chance read the following areas that you should be considering to truly understand if it can be saved and if there is still hope.

You Know You Are Not Perfect

We are not talking about putting yourself down, focusing on your weaknesses and feeling terrible about yourself. We are talking about how shifting your perspective can completely change the way we view certain situations. When things feel like they are falling apart it is natural to blame our partners. However even if your partner's behaviour is not ideal it is worth looking how their mood, behaviour and choices may be affected and impacted by your mood, behaviour and choices. If you can think of times where you have criticised him or hurt him through judgemental or negative behaviour then you are recognising how your own behaviour and energy can work as a catalyst for negative feelings between the two of you.

Feel Better Today: Open Up About Your Feelings

Every single person in the world has days where they don’t feel 100%. Some people have weeks of it. In some cases, this is depression, and it can be quite serious. After all, you can’t just flip a switch and feel better. You can watch as many fluffy puppy videos on Facebook as you want; that feeling of hopelessness still stays, because it’s about an imbalance of chemicals in your brain.

You should never feel ashamed if you feel depressed, or if you’re simply having a low couple of days. Sometimes, this is a good opportunity to take a mental health day off work, to spend some time looking after yourself, even for just wrapping yourself up like a sushi roll and binging on Netflix. However, if you want to feel better, opening up about your feelings is a good idea. Whether you think it’s going to help or not in the long run doesn’t matter right now; simply trying it and letting somebody know what’s going on with you is important.

worried-girl-413690_960_720 (1).jpg

People Want To Help You
The first thing you need to realize is that people want to help you. Your friends and family care more about you than you know, even though it may seem like they don’t. Feeling low can distort things and make you see the world differently, but always try to remember that the people close to you would be happy to help you if you asked for it. Why not message a friend and ask if they are free to talk? Open up a dialogue with a partner or parent? Letting somebody know that you don’t feel OK is more than OK.

Budget Bathroom Facelift in 4 Simple Steps


For those of you wanting to decorate your bathroom but are worried about the cost then fear not there are lots of fantastic ways to give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. You no longer need lots of cash to transform your bathroom into a peaceful and stylish space as there are plenty of tricks on how to renovate and redesign this room on a budget. Read on for our top tips on remodeling your bathroom without having to spend heaps of cash.


Yes, this can be an expensive job but not if done in thriftily. Tiling gets expensive, especially when you hire a professional to do it. However you can actually take on the tiling yourself as when done carefully it is a pretty straightforward DIY job. Buying new tiles can cost money however there is a cheap way to do it. If you go for a small selection of expensive tiles to create a feature border and then fill the rest of the space with cheaper and more plain tiles then this will have a really attractive look but will cost a fraction of the price. So have a look into the more expensive tiles that you think would make a stylish border and then go for a plain tile that compliments the colour of the border tile that you have chosen.

Preparing Your Home for a Future With Your Children

When you purchase your first home, you usually feel an overwhelming sense of joy and relief. It’s one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life. It’s a huge investment, yet it’s also a necessary one especially if you plan to have children in the near future. However, as important as it is, the real work has only just begun. If you plan to have your home around for when your children take the mantle, then it’s never a bad idea to start performing renovations and improving the home in order to give it a nice boost both in value and function. To help you out, we’ve created a short list of four different things that you can improve in your home to prepare it for a future with your children.

Building a future with your garden

Your garden serves many different purposes. In fact, it’s such a varied place in your home that many people move houses just to get a larger one. For the kids, it serves as a safe haven to play and try out new things. They can practice sports, they can roam around and exercise, or they can even carry out any school projects that they’ve been given. It doesn’t take much work to improve a garden to make it a multifunctional area for both you and the children, and you can even invest in things such as a greenhouse or a small backyard farm to teach your children about sustainable living.
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