Shop 'til You Drop: What Influences Our Shopping Habits?

We all spend a lot of our time shopping for various things. Some of the things we buy are necessities, like food and clothes. Others are luxuries, from technology to gifts we give to other people. When you're shopping, it's a good idea to be aware of the things that influence your decisions and why you form certain habits. Knowing what can influence you can make you a smarter shopper. Learn about what could be affecting your decisions so you can make better ones.


It's not secret that advertising can affect the way you shop, even if you like to pretend it doesn't. You remember adverts that stand out, whether it's because you like them or you think they're annoying. But it's important not to let an advert be the deciding factor in a purchase.

Friends and Family

The people we know also affect the way we shop. We listen to our friends and family when they recommend products and share their experiences. It can be a good way to make decisions because you're taking advice from someone you trust.

Wants and Needs

What we want and need influences the choices we make when we're shopping. However, sometimes it's important to ensure your needs come before your wants. You should look for how a product is going to meet a need you want first, then consider other things.

Sales and Special Offers

Sales can have a huge influence on buying habits, especially during the holidays. The important thing to remember is to ensure that you really are getting a good deal. Sometimes it's not as good as it looks.

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Are You Making The Most Of Your Home? Amazing Improvements To Consider

Investing in your home is always a smart move. Not only do you get to live in it and enjoy any improvements, but spending money on it will also boost its value too. However there’s no doubt that home improvements can be costly, and unless you have a significant amount of savings, then a loan might be the way to go.


Home equity loans for example will allow you to unlock some of the value from your property in order to make improvements. The good thing about this is whatever you spend you’re likely to get back plus more in the long run, as it improvements to your home will increase its value. Sites like Lending Tree have a variety of different loans; shopping around will give you the best deal possible. Here are some of the ways you can improve your home to make the most of it.

Garden Room
Having a garden is the best thing in the world in the summer. You have your own little outdoor sanctuary where you can relax, eat, sunbathe and spend time with loved ones. But for the rest of the year, the garden can be a bit of a nothing area. When it’s too cold or rainy to spend time outside and none of the plants are in bloom the garden can end up as neglected space. Therefore utilizing some of this to have a garden room built could be an excellent way to go. This could become an office, great if you’re a freelancer or run your own business as you have your own little space that’s on your property but separate from the house. This can help to maintain a good work/life balance since when you’re finished for the day you can physically step out of your office. It could be a hobby room, a music room, a guest bedroom or a hideout for teenagers. Either way, a contained room in the garden can give you some much needed space. These are fully insulated so can be used all year around. Get an electrician to hook everything up (and a plumber if you want to add a bathroom or sink) and you’re good to go.

Be Bone Healthy Now To Boost Your Body Forever

How healthy are your bones? If you’re interested in keeping yourself fit and well, healthy bones are vital. If you’re unlucky enough to break an arm or a leg, which happens to many of us over a lifetime, you want to be strong enough to heal as quickly as possible. For women, the onset of the menopause in later life can kick-start a thinning process in the bones, which can lead to debilitating conditions like osteoporosis. The good news is, you can take steps to make sure that your bones are in tip-top shape both now and in the future.

Stop smoking
You know it stinks and can give you cancer, but did you know that those crafty cigs can also have a big impact on the health of your bones? Research has shown that smoking can cause the bones to lose density, which means that you are much more likely to break them, and to take longer to recover from fractures. Keep up the smokes, and you’ll probably be facing osteoporosis as well as a whole host of other problems. So, kick that nasty habit now, your body will thank you for it. If you need any help on quitting, there is lots of support available.

Take calcium supplements
Calcium supplements are a great way to look after your bones. There is a lot of evidence that suggests they can provide a significant boost to your health. There’s a common perception that only kids need to get lots of calcium for their growing needs. However, if you don’t eat a lot of dairy products and you like to pound away on the treadmill, you’ll probably need to take a supplement. Read AlgaeCal reviews to get the skinny on how these little beauties are your secret weapon in the healthy living stakes!

Looking For Some Peace And Quiet? You Need A Stylish She-Shed!

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Ever desired an exclusive, cozy and gorgeously decorated hideaway where you can curl up with a good book, enjoy sketching in solitude or a private room in which to invite friends over for a cup of coffee and a good natter? Forget the man cave it’s now all about the She-Shed, quiet, comfortable spaces where women can go to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, host a gathering without any children interrupting or their husbands coming in with questions.

What Are They?

She-Sheds are ideal environments for women who need some extra space for their sewing, art or dance projects. They can also  provide a relaxed, laid back atmosphere for painters, writers, and even cake bakers if you install the right equipment first. Ladies who have become fed up with their partner’s or husband’s insistence on having his own space or simply crave somewhere to reflect on the day’s events are turning, in their droves, to She-Sheds. Either constructing their own DIY shed from scratch or purchasing a large, multipurpose shed from companies and swearing by my outdoor storage shed from superior sheds due to their expansive designs, elegantly stained wood and durable finish.

She-Sheds come in all shapes and sizes; some even have little porches, verandas, and stairs attached while others have been converted into craft rooms, mini conservatories, and 50’s style American diners! Ladies who own a She-Shed have shown other women how they can transform their standard potting and garden sheds into beautiful, feminine secure spaces. There are even walkthroughs and tutorials available online on how to create your own in ten easy steps!

Forever In Love With Blue

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The photo above was taken around two months ago. It reminds me I have so many travel tales I have not yet talked about. No time- blah blah. I always remind myself to capture moments I'd like to relive and post them on social media so I could delete them from my phone saving memory, the literal one. It seems life has become truly more complicated these days. The word memory is no longer just for the brain. It also refers to those saved in gadgets. Arrgghhhh amazingly, surprisingly rather I seem to have been healed of my "itch to click". I no longer chase butterflies and bugs with my digi-cam or DSLR. I have completely lost time! Work has eaten most of my productive days. I am happy though because I am in a job that saves lives, literally and figuratively. Oh well, and yes I am still in law school. In fact tomorrow I have a class so it is no Thank God It Is Friday for me. Rejoicing for the weekend will be at twelve noon tomorrow after my class. Having said that I will park this note and say though I have ceased chasing blues and sunsets, everything is hidden in a very special place here inside my heart.


My Home Outfit

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Gee, for the past months I have been enjoying fitting in body hugging clothes! Sorry for posing in short, shorts. I am not really a skin displaying queen but finding my waist trim down and my shoulders shrinking makes me comfy in those home sweet home garb. I get to clean the house, wash clothes and cook with ease moving around. Becoming thinner I think my body has become easier to maneuver LOL. So apart from being more energetic, I have also become industrious LOL. Hmmm will let you in on more secrets to losing weight soon! I am now an expert haha!

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