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What You Should do to Add Personality to Your Home

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If you wished your home said more about your personality, you’ve come to the right place. Although neutrally decorated homes never go out of style, that doesn’t make them much fun. If you want to live in a home you love the look of, you need to add personality. Read on to find out how:

Don’t Buy Something if You’re Not in Love With It

You want your home to reflect your personality, and it won’t do that if you buy things you don’t absolutely love. It’s easy to buy things you’re indifferent about just because you think they’ll match certain things or go with certain things, but you shouldn’t just focus on that. You should see the item in questions and fall in love instantly. When this happens, you’ll get the most use out of it and the novelty won’t wear off. Love at first sight really does happen when it comes to home furnishings and accessories.

Display Antique Objects

Antique objects and objects that have been passed down through your family will usually be very unique. Display these in your home. You can do this in a cabinet, on a shelf, or even on the fireplace. Just make sure they’re safe from pets, kids, and anything else that could damage them.

Show Off Family Photos

Show off your family photos. Take lots of photos of your family having fun together, display old photos, and even put up photos of friends. Making collages with them can be a really nice idea that always adds a fun touch to any room.

Make Things Yourself

By making things yourself, you create things that nobody else owns. This will definitely add personality to your home. If you like to be creative, there are a bunch of tutorials online that will give you great ideas to decorate your home with your own works of art. What better way to show off your personality than with things you’ve made yourself?

Teen-Age OOTD

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I'll never be able to post a whole body shot of my sixteen year old, sigh. I respect his right to privacy because I love him to the ends of the universe of course :) But here goes his usual OOTD...

6 Magical Gift Ideas For Your Mom

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When your mom has a birthday, you want to make sure it’s a special as humanly possible. She’s always getting you perfect, thoughtful, gifts and it’s time you paid her back. So have a look at  some of these gift ideas to get your mom for her birthday:

Beauty Products

You can’t go wrong with a few beauty products for your mom’s birthday. There’re so many products to choose from; you’re truly spoilt for choice! You could get a luxury shampoo and conditioner for her to enjoy. Buy a pair that smells nice, but is also good for her hair. Or you can go down the route of getting her a nice new perfume. This is a great gift because it lasts for a long time, and the bottles are usually really cute too.

Massage Therapy

No doubt your mom has had a stressful life - if she’s spent it raising you! So all the built up stress can wreak havoc on her back and joints. Book her a few weeks worth of massages so she can get some much-needed relaxation. Massage therapy is incredibly thoughtful and ideal for special occasions like a big birthday. If she’s lucky enough to be turning 30, then it’s just one of many great 30th birthday gift ideas for her to enjoy.

Cooking Accessories

If your mom is anything like mine, she’s spent lots of time in the kitchen slaving over your dinner. Buy her some new, fresh, gear to kit out her kitchen. Blenders and juicers are hot property these days and make a killer birthday gift. Not only are they extremely useful, but they could inspire healthy eating and a change in lifestyle. So in five years time when your moms on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she’ll have your blender to thank!

Forever: The Blue OOTD

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Okay, so BLUE is my favorite color. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am Forever Blue though...

Blue stands for tranquility. It is also said that people who love blue are trustworthy, cool and dependable. So, do you love Blue too?

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Accessories from Hongkong

Try These Awesome Ideas To Free Up Time For Your Loved Ones

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Being a Mother is a full-time job. The list of chores never seems to end, and the kids have an incredible knack of adding to it on an hourly basis! When you are busy cleaning, tidying and cooking, it can be very difficult to find time to spend with the family. Are you finding that you’re not getting a chance to get down on the floor and play with your kids? We have some great ideas to help you have more opportunities for quality family time:

Make a schedule - Sometimes we don’t even have time to get properly organised. If you’ve lost touch with your routine lately, then now is the perfect time to get back to it. It will probably need a little tweaking to help you fit everything in. Don’t be afraid to detail even the smallest of tasks so you can get a handle on everything that is taking your valuable time.

Everything in batches - Whether it’s cooking, laundry or shopping, try to get everything done in one go. Batch cook and freeze for quick, reheatable meals. Do a big shop, so you don’t have to head out again in the week. Each shopping expedition, especially groceries, can take a couple of hours. Fit as much as you can into that time. As for laundry, keep the washer and dryer going all day. Then you can have a single ironing evening, instead of having to keep putting the ironing board up in the week.

Oh Marco: A Night at Marco Polo Ortigas

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This is another long overdue post. Sometime last year, the hubby and I spent a relaxing night at Marco Polo Hotel. 

We were treated to a modern hotel experience at the country's first sky hotel. Well, I must say everything was as I expected it to be- grand and tranquil. 

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