One Afternoon at Sagat Crust Food House

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So I finally got to eat at Sagat Crust! I've been reading about the place all over social media for months but never got the chance to indulge! Talk about being crazily busy at work LOL.

I am a fan of anything that has history in it! And indeed at Sagat Crust you'll find many items on display which hold a story. The old house itself is a marvel.

The miniature jeepney steals the show. It was literally after noon and we were there for dessert. Or I guess I was there more for the sight!

Three Fears You Could Conquer at Tangadan Falls

So I finally reached my first waterfall. True or false? (Pun intended) True! Truly it was one amazing experience! Forgive me for my delight, I sort of ceased being adventurous until recently. As the title implies this is all about the fears I conquered at Tangadan Falls.

Want to hear about it? Read on and I hope I get to lure you to visit one of the best places in my province La Union. Proud to have been there and to have ditched the following fears:

Hurt, part II

In a long time, she hasn't felt this much pain. You never heal from a heart break. That she knew. The scar will always be there...

She heard two distinct sounds, that coming from a cellular phone. Quickly she dug into his bag and saw it. Clicking on the messages icon her hands trembled. Her heart skipped a beat as she read those distinct words- "Yipee, my sched on Friday has just been cancelled. I'm free then. What do you think?" She felt her heart ripping off her chest. They were on their way to the airport to see their son off to another land. And here she was at the back of the vehicle reading how unfaithful her husband has been. All the days of her life seemed to collapse on top of her. One "I love you" after another losing its meaning. She wanted to scream. She wanted to ask him right then and there WHY? WHY would she want to see you? How could you break your promises? We have been married for so could marriage lose its meaning?

Blur, Cellphone, Close-Up, Focus, Girl, Hand, Hands

For months after she felt like a living dead. No food seemed palatable enough to eat. The sunrise and sunsets that used to charm her with a streak of light no longer looked enticing. Life lost its meaning. Love, lost its meaning. Marriage lost its beauty.

And the words evaded her. The paper and pen kept dancing in front of her, the camera flickered yet the colors and music have gone. No longer was she the cheerful woman who had so much in mind. All she was was an empty page. An empty brain, an empty heart. Sigh. Something huge died in her and when shall she recover? She perfectly knew that only time will tell.....

click here for Hurt, part I, watch out for Hurt, part III


Summer Feels

Oh just because it was summer, I wore my latest favorite design- off shoulder it is highlighting my only assets LOL....

Anyways, I have lost weight for good hurray!!! My lifestyle change finally paid off and I am presenting to you, the new me!

More OOTD posts to come! No promises! 

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Girl Upset Sad Depressed Hipster Woman Lad

She closed her eyes. The tears fell as she embraced herself with the pouring of the water from the shower. Her shoulders shook. What was it that pained her most? Was it the fact that he did lie to her face or the fact that she believed his lies all along?

How long has it been? How long has it been since she let him into her life? A decade?
Two decades...all her life. She practically gave him all her life. Her every breath, her every sigh, she gave them all to the man she married.

She dried herself up and mustered all her strength. Maybe she could handle this. She was strong, she could take this. Who was she? Who was she who fancied him? Was it fancy or love already? What the heck, she would give it the hardest battle she could. She loved him, the f**k she loved him to the depths! What if she just ran away? What if she just left him altogether? Maybe that would seal the pain. Yet the more she thought about leaving him the sadder she got. Damn this love, damn this miserable love!

He kept whispering he loved her. Yet the "i love yous' seemed empty to her. The words sounded like a huge joke. She could hear her, them laughing from a distance. Reveling at how naive she was, at how stupid she was. She wanted so much to hurt him back! To kill her even! They did not have a right to hurt her this way! How could he be so unfaithful? What was wrong with her?

Yet she chose to stay. In the end she chose to stay. Why? Because she loved him. Loved him dearly with all her being. The more she hated him, the more love poured from her heart. Damn love. How could you love someone who hurt you? Life, isn't fair....



Considerations When Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

Is there anything more lavish than adding a swimming pool to your home? Imagine being able to take a swim whenever you feel like it. Sounds like sheer bliss, right? Well, if you are thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home, you need to plan everything to perfection to ensure your luxury addition does not become a nightmare. With that in mind, read on to discover the various elements you need to consider when thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home.

Shape and size – Firstly, you need to consider the purpose of the swimming pool when thinking about the design of it. For example, if you have children and you are looking to have a family pool in your home, you will probably want to go for one that has a sloped floor so that it is swallow at one side and deeper at the other end. However, if you are looking for a swimming pool to be added to your home for the purpose of incorporating this into your daily exercise routine, you may find that a narrow lap pool is the best option.

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