Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Little Male Version: Mom and Son OOTD

Parenting entails a lot of patience, love and caring. No sweat because those virtues come naturally when you are a mom. I must admit I am not a perfect mom. Sometimes I get frustrated when the boy-man refuses to heed my advise and fail to behave accordingly. Yet through it all my hopes are high that maturity will change his boyish ways eventually. Thing  is, he reminds me so much of how I used to be when I was his age. Photo above was taken before we went on a Sundate weeks ago. Hmmm don't be deceived by the boy-man's smile, I had to beg him to flash it and be still for this shot LOL. Motherhood? It's a lifetime devotion I would gladly trek over and over because every moment is a trip to heaven's door!

On him- Garfield
On her- Redgirl

What To Do When Your Phone Wipes Your Contact List By Mistake

Thanks to the evolution of cell phones, we can’t be as productive in our lives without using our smartphones several times a day. We rely on these gadgets to communicate with others in many different ways.

So it comes as no surprise that losing the contents of your Contacts list on your cell phone can be somewhat catastrophic! In the days before cell phones, many people kept records of people’s phone numbers in an address book or Filofax.

These paper-based products got carried around everywhere, just like with today’s cell phones! In today’s modern world, people seldom write down numbers on paper. Cell phones are a convenient way of storing contact details for our friends, family and work colleagues.

The cell phones of today often store those details on the handsets themselves rather than on the SIM card. The idea behind this is you can store more information than just a phone number.

And when you get a new cell phone, you just transfer those details via your computer or in the cloud. But what happens if you somehow wipe all the details on your Contacts list and don’t have a backup? By now, you are doubtless hoping that the ground below you would swallow you up!

Don’t despair! The good news is there are plenty of ways to find out people’s numbers again, as well as other contact details. Intrigued? Find out how below!

Go onto Facebook

It’s likely that you have a Facebook account and that all your close friends and family members are on there too. When people set up their Facebook accounts, they often add their phone numbers to it.

One thing you can do is check each profile you’re connected with and see if they’ve put their numbers in there. This will be fine if you’ve got less than 50 people connected to your Facebook account. But what if you have more?

What you should be doing instead is asking them all to either give you their numbers or send you a text message with them instead. You can ask them by posting up on your profile, or you could send them each a private message.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Accessorize! -How To Give Color To Your Gloomy Day

I don't always feel great, you know- great like great great! ☺ There are times when the busyness of life wears me off and take away the sunshine from my eyes.

One thing that works to lighten up my mood when I'm down is dressing up.

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Night At Oasis Country Resort Hotel

Last month the hubby and I finally got to avail of the discount card and coupon for a free stay at one of the rooms at Oasis Country Resort Hotel.

We availed of the promo- "free room for ordering food costing a minimum of 1000 Php". I just came from a week long seminar in the metropolitan area and we were supposed to attend our law school acquiantance party. Talk about perfect timing to enjoy such amenities. The room actually had two beds and had the basic comforts of home away from home. 

Feel Confident in Your Personal Style: Tips and Tricks

Feeling confident in our own personal style is very important. It gives us a sense of who we are, and helps us to put together more defined looks when we need to. You don’t necessarily have to have a well known personal style, or a style that can easily be placed into a category. However, you definitely need to feel oodles of confidence! Use these tips and tricks to help you.

Wear Items You Fall in Love With

We all get that feeling of true love every now and again when we lay our eyes on a beautiful item of clothing. Try to limit your wardrobe to items like this. Don’t buy clothes that you feel indifferent about. Vow to only wear clothes that you are head over heels in love with. It’s so easy to buy things for the sake of it, but the more you train yourself not to do this the better you’ll get at it.

Make the Most of Your Outfits with Accessories

I always feel more confident when I accessorise. Add some quirky jewellery to your outfit to make a statement.

Spend More, Buy Less

This tip has multiple benefits. Your wardrobe won’t be exploding with clothes you don’t even wear, for a start. You’ll also be able to afford a higher quality of clothing. High quality clothing will cost you more, but it’ll last a lot longer than so much of the ‘throw away’ fashion about these days. If you shop with stores like Just Fab, you won’t need to spend too much to get a higher quality garment. You’ll definitely feel confident in your personal style if you spend more but buy less!

Identify Things You Don’t Wear and Why

Go through your wardrobe and have a clear out. Identify the items of clothing that you never wear, and work out why you don’t wear them. This will stop you from making mistakes with outfits when you go shopping in the future. You can keep items like this out of your wardrobe and know that you’ll always look fabulous.

Be Adventurous

Thinking of wearing something but worried about what people will think? Who cares! Be adventurous and wear it anyway. You might make some mistakes, but that’s what finding your own personal style is all about. Wear a bold pattern or colour you’ve never worn before. Wear a shape you’re unsure of. Contrast your colours and patterns to make a statement.

Identify When You Feel Confident and Why

Identify the clothes you feel most confident wearing and why. What do you like about these outfits? Why do you feel confident in them? Include more things like this in your wardrobe.


There’s no need to feel anything less than confident when you go out. Wearing clothes and putting outfits together should be a joy not a chore, so use these tips and feel confident with your own style. All of the best fashionistas know their own personal style like the back of their hand!

A Year Short of Forty: Birth-OOTD

So here I am, 39 and excited to turn forty next year! They say it's when LIFE begins so am bracing myself for that joyful ride. I guess you must have realized why this blog is called THE LETTERS IN NOVEMBER by now. Yep, yours truly was born on an ALL SAINT'S DAY, the 1st of November. Thank you for staying with me through the years, never tiring to read my thoughts. For all the wonderful birthday greetings I thank thee from the bottom of my heart. You are certainly all a part of the reason why I smile...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gorgeous Hairstyles for the Festive Season

The festive season will soon be here. There will be parties and meals and everything in between, so it helps to have a variety of hairstyles to choose from for these occasions. Having the same hairstyle time after time is boring, so try one of these unique styles to switch things up a bit:

The Bow

You can incorporate a bow into your hairstyle in lots of different ways. The key is to twist your own hair so that it looks like a big, neat ribbon - no hair accessories required! You can either put your hair up in a bow, do a half up half down style, or make up your own innovative style. It’s perfect for Christmas day when everybody is opening their presents!

Fishtail Plait

The fishtail plait looks more interesting than a regular plait, but it’s so easy to do. All you do is practice using 4 sections instead of 3. You can then twist this up to create a bun, or pull out hair and loosen it to make a messy yet chic style.

Messy Plaited Up Do

This might take some practice to get right, but it’s great if you like to have your hair off your face. You could have ‘heidi’ plaits or ‘milkmaid braids’, which are basically regular plaits either side of your head pinned over the top of your head. You could put in some French plaits in different directions, or you could plait one side of your hair, just behind your ear. There’s no limit to the amount of things you can do with plaits.

Side Bun

A side bun looks chic and sophisticated, but it takes no time at all to do. If you want your side bun to look sleek and sophisticated, make sure you use smoothing and shine products. If you want a messy bun, use a comb to backcomb bits of your hair for volume and to pull out strands. You’ll need a lot of pins, but that’s it! You just need to practice getting it the shape you think suits you best.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Breakfast, Healthy Choice

In keeping with my healthy living project I chose more of veggies and fruits while still enjoying breakfast buffet at a hotel.
Always can't get enough of watermelon and papayas!

Orange juice plus refreshing water is always a great way to start the day!

The Ultimate Guide to Spending Christmas in London

Christmas is a magical time of year, but no more so than in London. London seems to celebrate Christmas with style and aplomb. There is a smattering of tasteful Bavarian markets throughout the city. The Oxford Street Christmas lights are sure to please everyone. They have become something of an institution in the UK. In short, Christmas-time in London is truly magical.

Every year, Christmas seems to get bigger within the Capital. So, if you are keen to head to London this December, there is a wealth of things that you can do.

Let’s find out more.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park transforms itself into a winter wonderland during the festive season. From mid-November, there is ice skating, festive cheer and sculptures to enjoy. Traditional Bavarian food is on offer in the form of bratwurst and crepes. There is also ice skating within the confines of the park too. You can head to Santa’s Grotto with the kids and make their Christmas one to remember.