✿⊱About ✿⊱

someday, we will leave
this earthly form
but words from the heart
can exist


for as long as one
knows how to LOVE
and has the capacity
to express it...
ONE LIVES a life that's full....

you are most welcome
to join me in my simple
the world of letters and life in photos...
Let's join hands in
making this world a better place...
IS insanely beautiful!

Welcome to the letters in November...the humble world of Kulasa....
I was born on the 1st day of November...I love and owe everything to my mom...without her I wouldn't have become a
 healer by profession and a law student...passionate about anything that breathes, moves and multiplies and everything else in between..loves simplicity,blue skies, sunset..a friend for life...writing to express not to impress.....with all humility....extremely grateful and honored to be your friend...by the way...my real name is Zenserly...have a great day....

Once in a lifetime one gets to discover what he or she fervently desires to become...

there is that one moment in time when one sees clearly for once what it is that makes him or her tremble in anticipation and stirs feelings of ecstasy, euphoria...to some it is hitting one's fingers on the keyboard or the strings of a guitar or splashing colors on a canvas...to others it is speaking in front of a thousand or more people or moving and jumping to the tune of cymbals and drums...to me that erratic beating of the heart that sends tons of happiness to my brain has always been writing down my thoughts and sharing them...I realized that a long time ago when i met a soul mate at the age of twelve who inspired me to write...for sometime I forgot that passion for writing until I met the person again...
Not too long ago I met these cool, angelic friends who further quenched my thirst for self expression and lighted that spark for photography in me...my salitype society friends...I will forever be indebted for your opening my eyes to the joy of image capturing and sharing....you changed my life in a moment...
for any inquiries you could e-mail me at ylresnezpagaduan@yahoo.com

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  1. oh, sorry have not wandered here before, thanks to Ruthi for sharing this in her page. so nice meeting you kulasa, you'll be a treasured friend, always.

  2. hello and so nice to read more about you...lovely tag! happy blogging and talk to you soon:-)

  3. miss you Zen, but I know you were gone temporarily for a very good purpose and I wish you the best, thanks a bunch for all the remembering. and yehey, you have PR 2 now, saw in your widget here, congrats to you.

  4. stopping by here Zen to let you know you have been missed. hope all is well and you are enjoying your wifi in between hectic schedule.

  5. you have a very unique name and a rather equally unique pseudonym :D Which would you prefer being called? :) Well, the online world is full of surprises...who knew what next it would bring? Enjoy!!!

  6. It is nice to know more about you. Your poem is so sweet.

  7. It's nice to know that you're a physician and yet you still have the time to write and shoot! You must be one superwoman! :-) Nice to meet you and you have a unique name too!

  8. You are so gifted and blessed sis! Yung pananim na palay reminds me of my childhood. I used to plant rice growing up, it was a lot of fun memories.

  9. hello again Zen :) am so glad for time in Friendster brought this very precious friendship as gift to me as well, a gift I surely treasure. keep on inspiring and sharing your gift to us.

  10. Great to know you, Kulasa! And yes, your real name is unique! I think it's the first time I've heard of such name. Great photos, by the way!

  11. Now, I know why this become letters on November as you born on that month. I agree with all you said,We're so thankful with our parents.

  12. Nice poem of yours. My recently made poem was not a beautiful expression, reading yours made me realized to make something worth reading like this. And oh you got beautiful flowers and a gorgeous photo.

  13. Hi Zen, nice knowing more about you. You always speaks with your heart and with passion too!

  14. It's so nice of you ate to recognize everything your mother has given you..

  15. unique name you got. your mom surely is truly proud of you.

    btw, your photos are postcard perfect. i wished i could have the talent in photography.

  16. I love and like your photographs! Literally each photo has emotion and statement- postcard worthy!

  17. Nice to let us know about Kulasa, your mother will be so proud of you. i love the scenery photography you have too.

  18. One blog that I really admire. Puno ng words of wisdom coming from a god-fearing woman who just like me simply loves Nature. That sunset photo really made my day. Sucker kasi ako sa sunrise and sunset images and yes flowers as well.

  19. It is so nice to read stuff about you po! I love your real name! It sounds Sincerely! :) I also love your photos! Beautiful captures! :) November is such a special month for meas well for many reasons and special events in our family...

  20. Your photos always have something to say sis, good job!

  21. The gift of words and the gift of wonderful sight through your photography, deadly combination. :) i'm so glad to have met a writing doctor here in the blogosphere. Thanks for your humbleness and for being an inspiration to all. :)

  22. You do write from the heart, Dokie and I am always captivated by each and every words coz it's all so sincere and pure with emotions. Apart from that, you do capture breathtaking photographs. All stunning!

    Thank you for sharing more of yourself to us. You are blessed because you take the time to share this beautiful gift to the people around you. Your humility and your passion for your craft is very inspiring!

    Remain blessed always!

  23. beautiful pictures and really great to know a lovely person like you, i hope to meet you po Doc, sometime someday somehow. :) love your name, and how you stayed humble as person inspite of who you are. i always love to hear your inspiring stories...and see your life through your pictures, i can see happiness always. :) keep sharing and inspiring. God bless you always. xx

  24. miss you too, Zen, hayst, my mojo has not been back yet and am guilty of posting sponsored posts without publishing new regular posts, i just use old posts for filler :) love yah!


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