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Bacnotan My Hometown: The Fun at River Farm Restaurant and Baroro Bridge

     Travelling North of the Philippines this summer season? Be sure to visit the only floating river resto in La Union. It is only a few minutes ride from San Juan, La Union, the surfing capital in the North. You most certainly won't miss the signage just before Baroro bridge, Bacnotan, La Union.


     For photo enthusiasts and health buffs like me it is enjoyable to just walk along the driveway to the resto on a windy not too warm afternoon and capture petals, skies and leaves or just about anything :).

white, fluffy clouds against the blue sky and swaying branches

pink and white kissed Bougainvillea 

   welcome to cozy, homey River Farm Resto...

  One could opt to dine at the function room of the resto above or....

     dine by the river at the inviting  cabaƱas  listening to the relaxing splash of water and having a view of pristine blue mountains...

     The cool breeze is enticing for an afternoon of tummy filling and sky watching. Let's check out their menu...

     The "must-eats" of course are seafoods which are most certainly fresh! and their version of "pinakbet," a meat-vegetable (eggplants, tomatoes, okra, squash, string beans, chili pepper and others) stew in fish or shrimp sauce. Their seafood soup and grilled seafood, meat and vegetable menu specialties are RiverFarm hotpot and RiverFarm medley respectively.

     For refreshment I recommend sipping on coconuts! Just the thought of the mild sweetness of coconut juice is making me dreamy.

me, enjoying the breeze at RiverFarm summer of 2011, from then on I kept coming back

I usually visit not really to eat but to snap! the awesome view never fails to mesmerize and relax me...

on special days, one could go boating too!

     During my last visit to the place we just had a quick "pancit bihon" snack before heading for the other side of Baroro bridge for sunset watching. One could go photowalking by the bridge first before eating! For the adventure lovers traversing the bridge on foot is no challenge. 

Julian /JC Barbadillo: Kalyegrapiya crossing Baroro bridge, he is one of those awesome photographers I look up to...
you might want to check out his site here..

     but for someone like me who only realized the art of walking when I became a photo enthusiast I must admit the first few times I crossed the bridge I was so afraid of falling or getting ran over by a vehicle. The rule is to always be alert and careful...

       Baroro bridge Eastern scenery 

The view in all directions from the bridge is enough to completely erase my fear.

on some afternoons you could spot families just wading on the waters and I wish I could one sweet day ride those bamboo rafts towards the sunset...

"May your families be blessed with all the love in the world."

The next time you pass by La Union, I hope to meet you by the river...I just hope I won't be at work at the district hospital :)

River Farm is located at Km 282 National Highway, Baroro, Bacnotan La Union
For reservations call:
09089987132/    09214339131/   09328675328/   
072-7191202 (Digitel); 072-6031858 (PLDT)
or e-mail them at

 special  thanks to my walking buddies Junaz of Escaping Reality
and Julian of JC Barbadillo: Kalyegrapiya
my FBF and TSS family ...
and the color "blue"....

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  1. What a beautiful place sis. The sight of the pancit with kalamansi makes me drool lol.

  2. This place is remarkable, Zen. I wish I can also have a summer get away for a while. Been very busy lately. Love your pictures too! And that pancit looks yummy.

  3. This is a must-visit! Sana naman may at least "same concept place" dito sa lugar namin so I can also have a feel of the river farm. There's no way I can go to this place soon. Hehe

  4. looks like the floating restaurant in bohol. i love all the captures, very pretty place. drooling over your bihon pic, lol!

  5. Beautiful place! Wow! That is indeed worth a tour! There used to be a floating river resto too in my hometown CDO but when Typhoon Sendong hit the city, accordingly, it got damaged. I am not sure if it rebuilt.

  6. Looking at it through your pictures, this floating restaurant is very inviting and a must-visit place.

  7. Looks like your hometown has got a lot of beautiful things to offer, Dokie. I only had the chance to try a floating restaurant in Bohol. It was one wonderful experience for me.

    You look great in that photo, Doc. Thanks for the online tour.

  8. Beautiful home town you have Sis :-) I like that floating restaurant :-) The flowers are so pretty, the water looks refreshing and the foods are delish as well. My fave part is the bridge :-) It makes me miss my home town and cannot wait to visit it this summer :-)

  9. I miss eating like these kind of food,sis.You have a beautiful hometown and thanks for sharing with us.

  10. This reminds of the a floating restaurant in Cagayan de Oro.

  11. oh my gosh, you are pretty lucky to live in a beautiful hometown....:) That floating restaurant reminds me of my hometown.

  12. psssst, will meet you there with blue. hehehehe! my kind of place. *wink*

  13. Nice photos specially the twilight shot. Seems a great place to visit in La Union. Mapuntahan nga.

  14. Wow, Zen, these are outstanding shots of every corner of this place. Your food must be so delicious with all the gorgeous view around you!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  15. i so love your framing of the bougainville against the sky Zen, and of course, all the rest are as beautiful too, my favorite would have to be your smiles :) joining Che in meeting you there :)

  16. I won't be in the Phillipines any time soon but I would love to eat at that restaurant on the water.

  17. My husband's mother is from Bacnotan! :) Too bad you didn't write about this last year, though, when we went on our northern road trip.

    Thanks for visiting My Manila! :)

  18. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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