Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glorious Saturday

It has been said time and again that LIFE is a journey...
each morning is a gift and each person in our lives is a blessing...
Huge fluffy clouds, green leaves, blue skies, sunset and rainbow
...those are simply what makes this heart glad...
Traveling on land never bores me because it is a chance to watch the world
...sharing with you shots through our car windshield on one glorious Saturday...

joy ride

Sudipen, La Union


Amburayan Bridge


rosary and sunset
May your lives be blessed with LOVE, PEACE and TIME to enjoy the simple pleasures of being on planet earth...
one great thing I treasure in this life of course, is the gift of family and friends like you who never fail to inspire me...
Thank you for watching the world go by with me and for simply being who you are...
 LIFE will never be a wondrous journey without all of you around...I may not always have the time to say thank you for your time but I keep the gratitude inside this humble heart...

farm bench

14 yorum:

  1. haha, the first picture is so fun Zen. like you, traveling on land never bores me too, so much to see, enjoy and be thankful with God's blessings to us. beautiful pictures Zen, glorious Saturday indeed.

  2. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  3. this made me miss travelling to and fro Manila-Isabela and vice versa by land. so much to see worth photographing. love, love, love all the photos!

  4. Like Cher, this post made me miss traveling by land, in my case, to and from Manila-Daet. I love all your photos and your words. Life is indeed beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photos, Kulasa! Yes, there is so much to see, to feel, and to ponder all around us.

  6. gorgeous pictures kulasa, all of them. it's wonderful how much you appreciate the little things for one day you will relize, those were the big things!!

  7. wonderful on-the-road shots! lucky you to have found a rainbow!
    we love going on road rips, too (sometimes even if it's not that far - like just a few minutes ride, lol), together with hubby, the kids, and the ever present camera (though lately the dslr gets left at home; the phonecam's more convenient and the pics are more easily shared online). :)

  8. I love traveling by land. Seeing the world goes by through the moving car is always rewarding and entertaining. :)

  9. I love travelling too! And these are wonderful words accompanied by amazing along-the-way pics.
    Have a lovely week ahead Kulasa:)

  10. Lots to see and awesome view !

  11. They may be having fun but doesn't look very safe....


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