Wednesday, April 18, 2012

trip to forever

Filipino-Chinese Pagoda, San Fernando City, La Union

The old woman goes there everyday
Waits in vain
Even if she knows that she is waiting in vain
But she patiently sits there on the same spot everyday
Everyday without fail...
She would gaze at the blue sky
And then laugh alone
and shed tears that will always fall on the same spot
on her lower lip
The salty taste would mingle
with the smile that never fails to shine
When she remembers
that the one she waits for has long been gone
And she would every time ask herself
"why the smile?"
and she would answer with the same thing each time
"the end of something, is better than its beginning"
then she would silently retrace her steps and walk towards home
And mumble a name from long ago
her walking stick would guide her through the way
she would trip once in awhile
but she vows to go there again tomorrow
until all the morrows fade away.....

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  1. sands:astig nmn dra..gnda.gnda... writer ka din pla.. hihihi.

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  3. what a lovely poem. you are awesome. keep it up.

  4. thanks for following.

    There is a folk story in the land of my birth.
    It is similar to you poem.
    The woman waits for her husband to return.
    The Gods have pity on her,
    and turns her to a rock.
    Because the man never returns.

  5. oh Zen, so deep in emotions, so deep in thoughts, admirable for her to keep on going back and waiting in vain, it pinches my heart and aches with her.

  6. Soulful and poignant.. beautiful, Zen! :)

  7. so deep like an outpour of emotions, galing mo kulasa!

  8. That's devotion, love, and forever to its truth meaning. Beautiful poem, Zen!

  9. Heartfelt story! It tugs at the depth of my soul to imagine this scene..


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