Thursday, September 28, 2023

Midway Grill on the Hubby's 49th


Someone turned forty-nine this month and off we went to Midway Grill  for a simple lunch. We ordered our favorite Midway Salad for its nutritional benefits. Nothing like greens, oranges, purples and yellows to spice up the mood! 

A symbol for LONG LIFE, I had my SPAGHETTI IN MEAT SAUCE with toast on the side. I love most its sweet-sour tomatoes blended with cheese and the always generous amount of sauce!

Hmmm, you bet the rest of the dishes were the hubby's choice! The pork lover that he is he never misses out on the BINAGOONGAN BABOY and SIZZLING POLPOG. 


and what is a celebration without LECHON KAWALI!

For the seafood lover that he is, you bet, JAMBALAYA never fails to entice!

The beef broccoli with its healthy fix to add to the  meaty feast!

And, you're not in LA UNION without PINAKBET on the menu! Whew! I can smell the fresh veggies mixed with BAGOONG!

The birthday guy all smiles with FOOD-HAPPINESS :)

just another happy customer's honest opinion
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