Friday, April 7, 2023

How to Get Over Failure


So How does one recover from failure?  

Surely there is no easy way but trying has been proven to work!  

  1. 1. Don’t refer to it as FAILURE for it is just a set-back. 

It has been said that God's delays are not God's denials. So sit back and relax, breathe in breathe out until you are able to spring back! 

  1. 2. Stop blaming yourself 


What is done is done. Your best friend is yourself. Be kind to your soul. Don't let it be broken all the more. You did your best! And even if in your heart you know you lacked in some aspects cease the persecution. The ship has sailed. It is too late for regrets and the time to plan your next fight is now! 


  1. 3. Accept external help 

At first it may be exasperating to listen to others. Your family and friends will always be there though. They are the ones who love you NO MATTER WHAT. So, go ahead, cry in their arms, allow them to cradle your feelings and feed you with all the LOVE IN THE WORLD. Believe in the magic of companionship. 

  1. 4. Focus on your health 


Food may be the least appealing in the next few days and sleep a stranger. But remember that REST IS A WEAPON. You need all the energy to go back and win your battles! A well balanced diet, enough rest and sleep will do the trick! 


  1. 5. Never Give Up and Pray Unceasingly! 


No matter how many times you may fall just keep dreaming! If you stumble and fall once more just keep repeating numbers 1 to 4 and embrace number 5! 
For it has been said time and again that... 




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