Monday, October 1, 2012

Cafe Iluminada

          I was looking at my fingers the other day. Like a kid I counted one to ten and backwards. Ten, nine, eight, seven down to one and asked myself "why in the world are you sad Zen?"...I could not exactly figure out why. I rolled my eyes to the direction of the ceiling and saw two lizards playing or so I thought. Their tails got entwined and then they fell off the roof driving me mad as I screamed and manuevered my heavy butt away from them. My previously sullen mood was replaced by joy as I heard the kids laughing at me and my irrational fright. Life is beautiful, that I believe and keep believing. The stress of daily living can take the toll on us and like most of you I take time to go out with friends whenever time and circumstances allow to watch the world go by, count our blessings together and reflect on life and our mission of spreading goodness and peace.

     Last Saturday I finally got to visit Cafe Iluminada with two of my high school buddies who were as eager as I was to meet Eufeliz, the co-owner of the place also a high school batchmate.

     I was captivated the moment I entered the area when I saw this inviting glass window. The colorful glass pane bordered by vines and the cafe door took away the hunger I earlier felt that by the time Eufeliz/Babette handed us the menu I could not make up my mind.
     The Chocolate Pork Stew sounded interesting as well as the Coffee Beef Steak served with rice and drinks but we chose to have a quick snack instead of dinner.

     As you would expect I roamed around the place with my cam while waiting for our orders to be served.

     This is the lovely staircase that leads to the second floor, the bar area where one could listen to soothing music while sipping a glass of wine, a bottle of soda, beer or juice and get to relax watching the gentle play of lights. They also have a garden area where one can enjoy the sight of flowers, leaves and the green lawn which could be a venue for larger gatherings.

     Blue happens to be my all time favorite color and you bet the sight of these chairs painted a smile on my face.

..and so did this piece of wood carving of a happy pig, (oink!) which made me realize I was truly hungry already and headed for the second floor where my friends must have already been wondering where I've gone...

     The banana-split that was helplessly melting in all its goodness when I rejoined my friends...the choco crumble and vanilla flavored ice cream which were sweet and creamy as creamy can be played on my lips and tongue and the supple banana lingered between my teeth as the coldness of the maddening flavors totally engulfed this sweet loving soul.

     Clubhouse Sandwich with fries, and mayo-catsup dip plus the chatter of long-time friends make eating perfect. You bet, we discussed business matters as Babette a Business Administration masters degree holder shared with us the secret to money making. :-) The weird thing was that three of them, were still single! There were partners in the other tables and the love songs playing set a romantic mood for dancing.

 Now for those of you who are loveless, you could visit the place and might just find the perfect person..
for you to share a drink or two and perhaps a dream too...

    My friend Rhodora chose Mango shake, Luwena- buko pandan while I had a glass of strawberry. We all enjoyed them to the last sip!

     Cafe Iluminada's pancit bihon guisado is as tasty as it is colorful on cam. I would love to have one serving all to myself next time haha. Babette said we should try their uniquely flavored pizza and their very own Iluminada fried rice, sizzling "balot", "talong" sisig, "tocino" curry, chocolate "dinuguan" and many more. I am a food lover I just don't tell the world about it much not until today, or so I think hahaha.

Babette of
Cafe Iluminada which is at the heart of San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines at Ancheta Residences, # 169 P. Burgos St. For reservations and inquiries contact them at their facebook page Cafe Iluminada
and oh nope this isn't a sponsored post, it is my treat to her as it is her birthday today!

Happy Birthday Babette dear, expect me to barge into your resto-bar again because nothing beats the combination of great food and great company!

Blessed day to all of you and thank you once again for your precious time. 

from my humble world to yours


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17 yorum:

  1. What a beautiful place and looks very enticing! The dishes are also delicious looking!

  2. The place seems so cozy, I love all the arrangement, hope to dine there i mean how I wish LOL

  3. Such very cozy place Zen. I so love the ambiance and the foods look just as great with the theme too. This is such a beautiful gift to your friend.

  4. such a cozy looking resto...the food looks enticing!

    btw, if you have not joined my giveaway are very welcome to join here:

  5. I like the name Cafe Iluminada :) This place is very cozy..

  6. Thanks for sharing. This reminds me of my barkada's occasional meet ups for coffee and great food. Indeed it is best shared with people who matter.


  7. It's good that you had a good time with friends. Yes, I can agree that sometimes, we just feel sad for no reason at all. Female hormones gone haywire maybe?

    Looking at all those pictures, now I'm craving for banana split.

  8. cozy place! will definitely drop by at this restaurant when we visit La Union :)

  9. ohmygod. i coudnt imagine if those lizards will fall on you while ur sleeping. :-D anyway thats good that it broke off your thoughts. the name cafe iluminada reminds me of the Angels and Demons of Dan Brown. =D. anyway the ambiance of this restaurant looks good and the food looks yummy too. its nice to indulge yourself with that banana float ones in a while. =)

  10. date tayo dyan!!! hehehe! sama mo si blue, sama ko si red. lol! love yah, twinzy!!!

  11. A wonderful place to meet old friends! The ambience of the cafe is just so smoothing. The captures are very well taken and give a perfect feel of the place.
    Wish you a happy week ahead Zen :)

  12. The banana split looks delightful and I love that colorful drinks. It is such a memorable moment to spend time with friends.

  13. i always like laid back restos. something cozy and foods that are classic yet appetizing.

    btw, i have a friend in bacnotan .

  14. Oh the foods are just yummy looking miss those one...I like a comfy restaurant that have lots and yummy foods.

  15. Subukan ko minsan diyan pag dumalaw ulit ako sa Caba. Mukang interesting yung chocolate dinuguan e. Inviting pa yung ambience ng place.

    *Pareng Jay was here

  16. bitter sweet life...thanks sa mga freindship...
    love banana split!

  17. Such an enticing place! I would love to visit there. They feed the eyes with beauty and the tummy too. lol


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