Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creating Mobile Websites

     First love never dies. I somehow believe that. In my case, I guess I will always be head over heels in love with writing. I know most of you could relate to this passion for expressing one's thoughts through written words and captured images. Anywhere I go I have this constant itch to scribble my thoughts and to photograph things that interest me. My reliable phone comes in handy on such moments when the longing to take photos becomes too irresistible but shyness to use my digital cam overcomes me. A simple click of the gadget would produce not so clear images but good enough to satisfy this "blogaholic" woman called me who wishes to learn more about how to create a mobile website because these days most readers are using their phones and tablets to browse the net and it would be awesome to be able to customize my website into one that is more appealing and user friendly for mobile and tablet browsers as well as publish an entry quickly using my blackberry.

leche flan, fruit salad and pineapple juice
leche flan shot with my phone on one of my lunch out with friends

cellphone photo of my son browsing the net with their android phone

     Technology has brought together kids and kids' at heart. My kids whose photos I share online most of the time are so eager too to browse the net for information on their homework and projects as well as game applications.
and a photo of him taking his own photograph using cellphone
      I am sure he will be ecstatic to read this post with his photos in it as I am ecstatic about learning on MobStac which enables bloggers and or publishers like us to make our websites look awesome on internet enabled gadgets as well as make sophisticated mobile websites HTML-5 enabled and manage our websites using an integrated MobStac dashboard. The thought of being able to customize my mobile website with theme colors and templates is making me gleeful as a child here. I am constantly amazed at how we could reach out to the rest of the world with one click of a button. Sharing with you more of my cellphone images and knowing in my heart that most of you feel what I feel when it comes to blogging without me saying a word. In the company of fellow bloggers I have found a home away from home. Thank you for your warm friendship that keeps inspiring this woman from the farm.

Our cat, Vehea

snap shot of Stargazers I just had to take while pretending to be interested in buying :-)

pasta snack while attending a symposium on Diabetes

froggy my car buddy on a stormy afternoon

clubhouse sandwich
clubhouse sandwich on a date with myself

"Please do remember what many of us has been taught...that man does not live by bread alone."
     Now before I bore you with more of my ramblings I'll say
 thank you again for visiting, the humble world of 


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  1. It's not a bore but it is waaaaay above my head! Regardless, I wish you well and do enjoy your blog and photos...well done!

  2. Haha, I have to laugh at "taking picture while pretending to be interested in buying", since I do that all the times..

    Seriously though, your photos are just gorgeous! Blessed Sunday to you and your family, beloved Zen!

  3. I am drooling to the leche flan and the fruit salad. ^_^


  4. beautiful photos Zen, and i am always an admirer of your thoughts expressed in your words.

    yes, i even sometimes leave comment using my cell phone, when you were with disqus before, i could not leave comment with a cell phone, so I am happy this is back since now, i can access comment page in your blog whether it be in computer or just cell phone. for me, mobile compatibility is very important since i actually use mobile phone more than laptop :)

  5. ps.... you make me dream here of halo-halo :) keep on shooting, Zen :)

  6. My lap top took a nap for most of the week end and I was wishing I was more knowledgeable about using my Android. I have made one post with it, and it takes pics as well as the point in shoot camera I own. Perhaps I will one day be comfortable with it. Your post is very lovely and I am sure your son will love it. My grands love when I include them in mine.

  7. ayay, I'm not sure about the first love never dies...hehehe! You truly have a reliable mobile camera...great captions! Oh, how I miss halo-halo...yum!

  8. Hello Kulasa,
    It think this time my comment comes well, YEAH!!!
    Very nice shots of all these delicious food. Hmmm...!!
    Lovely the ice with fruit. Funny to see the boy playing with his phone. They forget the whole world when they are playing with computers or phones.

    Many greetings,

  9. Kulasa, your done a fantastic job on your blog and I enjoy your writing. One of these days I will break done and buy one of the fancier phones or ipad that does everything. The photos are great. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  10. Greetings!

    That leche flan suddenly made my mouth water. Am still using a non-smart phone. One of these days I'll have to upgrade, I guess. Lovely shots!

    You might be interested to my post today:

  11. you made me crave so bad with leche flan and halohalo now!!! keep you passion burning! fellow blogaholic here, got another media invite tonight. ;)

  12. echoing Che, Zen! Can I have leche flan and halo halo again? gee, Che, when can I have media invite? wish to enjoy this kind of perks too :)

  13. I could relate with you, I love taking photos and your halo-halo photos makes me hungry.

  14. To be a honest, I am too far behind when it comes to this new gadgets, Ni cellphone nga wala ako. Kulasa, you always come out with nice photos complimenting good info. If ever I would own a camera, magsasawa ako sa kaka-picture ng mga flowers. That is my weekness, beautiful blooms.

  15. i love taking photos too like you but sometimes I feel too lazy to share them on my blogs.

  16. I like the photo of a beautiful flower :)

  17. I love your work sis Kulasa. I also love to take pictures. Everywhere I go, I bring along my camera with me. You inspired me so much with this post of yours. Thank you so much.

  18. Holly molly, looking at your yummy goodies makes me hungry lol. Love the leche flan pic!

  19. i love to write and i LOVE to eat!!

    gorgeous lily!!

  20. Wow naman! Even with just camera phones, you do take pictures that tell a thousand words and more :) I wish I have that talent in photography. Keep 'em coming, Kulasa :)

  21. yes! writing and photography goes together. I love to photograph too specially my kids. and share it in my blog. camera phones is making it easy to capture every moment. and there is always those applications that makes your blurry photos like professional ones. =)

  22. Beautiful shots!! And I dont use mobile for blogging, so not very well versed with all this!!
    Have a fabulous day Kulasa :)

  23. Hirap magsulat via mobile pag maliit screen. Kawawa naman kaming mga naka-blackberry. Sana may mobile app nadin ang blogger for other platforms. Nice one pala maam zen.

  24. I love all your impromptu photos. Isn't technology great? Now we can take photos anytime and show it to the world. I still like your dessert photo the best! Yum!

  25. I had a blackberry before and I had a hard time making it work where I can make a quick post. I guess I'm too techy enough to make it work. It's nice to know that you were able to make that quick post with your blackberry.

  26. mobstac is kind of new to me, might as well check it out... thanks for sharing :)

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