Friday, September 14, 2012

on Ducks and Parenthood

a tiny purple flower

I've heard it many times from my cheerful folks that as long as one is alive there is always hope. 
I am tapping on the keys as my rascal ten year old is twisting a puzzling cube.
My mind races to several years from now
When he will be walking alone on this sometimes breezy sometimes treacherous path called life...

farm pathway

and I am fearful as any mother is for all the times he will fall and hurt and cry
but every man I too believe must learn through the best teacher, experience that is...

dog watching ducks swimming

on one of my walks to work from home, one of our family dogs stopped and stared
at a duck and ducklings lost in their own magical world

ducks swimming int he swamp

and so I watched them swim, from corner to corner of the swamp, 
each little one following the mom

swimming ducks

they'd gather at the center and then move on
clouds above them swirling on
and shadows of grasses gathered in their midst 
in hunt for food or perhaps 
just teaching her kiddos to enjoy each moment 

for life could be a sweet, a sour or a bitter journey
and parents will leave us when we are ready
to take our own flight to flee or to fight
but in the end and through it all loving us near or far...
for in each parent's heart is the face of each child...
thinking of them even in their sleep...praying, wishing for only the best

wet orange flower

with all its twists and turns and smiles painted on one's heart
parenthood is a gift that only heaven could have sent 

kids on a hammock


from my humble world to yours


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  1. There is a time for every season. The good thing is.. whatever season it will be, there is a reason to continue life and there is always SOMEONE who will guide us to this journey. Inspiring read as always, Sis.

  2. Being a parent is not an easy thing but it's rewarding according to my friends and relatives who are parents already. Love the photos!

  3. It is always a very warm post from you.

  4. love the photos Zen, and the thoughts of a mom you expressed so thoughtfully, and relating them to the experience you've had with nature, those ducks and ducklings.

  5. It's really inspiring sis Kulasa. I love your photos.

  6. Wonderful shots... Nothing short of amazing!!!

  7. Awww very touching post, the photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. beautiful story and great series of photographs to match!

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  10. I love it! The photos with its description are great and touching!

  11. Geez! Such heartfelt post! :) Plus the photos... ♥

  12. This is such a touching post from a mom. This post gave me an impression of how reflective you are as a person. :)

  13. Beautiful photos, and wonderful thought on life, and on parenting!

    In the words of St. Pio "pray, hope, and do not worry". They have faith that you've taught them, and that will guide them in the future..

  14. This reminds me of my mom who took courage to let us all go in different part of the world as we ourselves, start to build a family of our own. Now that I am a mother myself, I now understand that part of letting go and let our kids spread their wings. It makes me value and love my parents even more.

  15. soooooo beautiful! love the poetry.. it reminds me of home... =( thanks for sharing your thoughts. it is very beautiful.

  16. i miss looking at those duckies in my hometown province :)

  17. parenting is really a tough job. letting go of our kids is heartbreaking. but as life is a blessing. let us make them experience what lies ahead of them, through our guidance, just like the mother duck in the photos.

  18. Lovely captures sis K. What kind of flower is that on the first photo? Its pretty but I can see a mean look hahaha,..

  19. great post... i love the ducks :-)


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