Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Speaker Stands and Love Songs

     Love songs, wine, roses and sweet nothings are what I would love to experience next Valentine's Day. Apparently we were too early at the resto for the night of singing and dancing. I am already imagining listening to the beat of romantic guitar and piano melodies all played with the best speaker stands  and even that of hubby's soulful voice. He loves singing to me in the car, while walking home, while working together at home and I could feel how good it would be to have him serenading me on a special day. I think we need not wait for next year's Heart's Day because each day spent with the one we love indeed becomes Valentine.

4 yorum:

  1. Hello Kulasa,
    What a beautiful shot!!
    It looks very cozy with the tables on this beautiful place where you can eat or drink something. It must be so romantic with this fantastic view.

    Sweet greetings,

  2. What a beautiful capture, and lovely view!

  3. the place looks perfect for a singing night cap with papa ors. *wink*


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