Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On Parenthood and Nipa Resto Grill

      The food lover in me found another good place  to dine in. The hubby and I have been so curious about this new resto along the Diversion Road to San Fernando City from its construction to its opening.

nipa resto grill

The restaurant's structure is mostly made of bamboo with Nipa (a palm with long feathery leaves) for its roof. 
Its huge windows reminiscent of the classic "bahay kubo" an icon of Philippine culture make the cool breeze enter and provide a wonderful view of the farmlands around it. Too bad it was late when we got there I couldn't capture that scenery. The wooden chairs "bangko" in front of the resto caught my attention and brought back many beautiful childhood memories at my grandma's home. 

The simplicity of the place makes it look elegant to me. 

 The indoor and outdoor lighting is provided by shell adorned bulbs. Taking a peep before entering, the place didn't look that busy last night and we were glad because our youngest was claiming he was famished from necessary shopping for his school Christmas party thingies at the mall. As much as we can we try to inculcate the value of saving and using hard earned money wisely to the kids. I guess it is working because while we were choosing for new pants for the big boy he was pointing at the seemingly high price and was jokingly asking me when I was on queue to pay whether my purse hurt. Love love love the kiddos and would do everything good I can to raise them well except to spoil them. Oh yes, now join me enter the resto-grill :)

 The entrance with its wide door and bamboo railing was inviting as I smelled the aroma of food from inside. 

 Entering, I was surprised to see comfy sofas matched with the dining tables which I found just perfect because the softness of those chairs with the throw pillows were a treat for my aching butt and feet from a day of great deals searching. 

The fascinating contrast between old architecture and modern furnishing at Nipa Resto Grill. 

The rug rats with their aunt Gaze seriously choosing from the menu from which one could opt to have either...

....chicken, beef, vegetables, pork or seafood dishes..
their specialty seems to be the seafoods to name a few...
~buttered garlic crab~
~chili crab~
~seafood kare-kare~
~pinaputok na Bangus~
~buttered shrimp~

some of the native Filipino dishes offered are
~Enseladang Mannga~

The decision making could be tough when you are hungry so I left the ordering to the hubby while I roamed around the place. 

A vivid reminder on one of the walls of the place that we do not live by bread alone and that
as we feast on delicious meals we must not forget to
PRAY, SHARE and be grateful for all the blessings we have been receiving...

the place has such a homey, cool atmosphere

the tattered bamboo flooring...I wanted to remove my sandals and slide my feet on it. That feels so good as I recall from childhood. 

the crew and the owners were so friendly and accommodating 

come on let's EAT!!

Rice was served in cute casseroles 

the yummy buttered shrimp that disappeared in a flash 

"Bakareta" beef with tomato sauce and other spices

"Crispy Pata"- deep fried pork aaahhh sinful sinful...I didn't eat this promise! haha, but the kids and the hubby claimed it was superb
well, in moderation fats and protein are needed by the body...oh the hubby failed to  order for a vegetable dish, maybe next time we'll try their "Ginataang gulay"- vegetables with coconut milk, sounds healthy and yum!

what was left of the "pastillas" (native sweets made of fruits in season) for dessert 

It was a sumptuous meal downed with cold, refreshing water. Can you see the little boy's huge contented smile? I asked for Buko/coconut juice but they unfortunately ran out of it. 

"You've tried the rest, now taste the best says their catering services ad"
One can get in contact with Nipa Resto Grill and Paolo Rimando Catering Services at tel no. +639153942925
oh this is not a sponsored post, although we received a discount coupon  from the friendly proprietors
I forgot to add earlier that they do have reasonable price, thanks to FBF friend Ria for asking :)
We will most certainly dine there again.
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 It is almost Christmas! Wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed season. 
May everyone be blessed with generous, forgiving and caring hearts. 

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love the bamboo wall, floor, and serving plates. Beautiful theme throughout, and the food looks so scrumptious!

  2. this post opened the floodgates of my happy childhood. our ancestral house used to have that tattered bamboo flooring.

    another place for me to look forward to for a chibugan and chikahan session with you. :D

  3. Lovely pics ... seems like a great place to be in !!!

  4. Ang ganda namn ng restaurant na yan! Very homey ang dating. Kung di ka kumain nung crispy pata ako naman yun ang uunahin kong kainin. haha!

  5. This a perfect place to dine para sa akin. Nipa Hut and siguro pwede magkamay dyan. If ever magawi ako sa Norte, hahanapin ko yan.

  6. cools sobra kasi sa lbas di mo akalain na napakaganda ng ambiance sa loob

  7. The bamboo floor reminds me of my childhood!

  8. I love how the resto is being conceptualized with its close to nature and homey Nipa structure to the modern furniture found inside.

    The food looks really delicious too. What I am excited to see Sis is the photo of your kiddos :)

    By the way, I would like to suggest that you use Name/URL option when leaving comments in other blogs for you to leave your links and not to defeat the purpose of our Comment Exchange activity in FBF :)

    Advance Merry Christmas na din and I would like to thank you for your comments in my blogs. I really appreciate it :)

  9. The ambiance is nice. Wala na bang aircondition? Kasi I am sure malamig na coz it's made of bamboo and nipa. My Mom would sure love the Pinoy sumptuous foodies. Wala kasi syang ibang food na na-aapreciate, lutong Pinoy lang, hehehe!

  10. wow, the place look's very cozy and inviting...kakagutom!

  11. the picture of the "kaldero" makes me miss home :) haha, i want to see a glimpse of that rice casseroles again, haha. yummy dishes Zen, I am like Lainy's mom, I may be exposed to a variety of world's cuisines, but my taste buds can only give me smile of happiness if I am in Filipino and other Asians. I don't really enjoy others much :)

  12. I love the place and makes me miss Philippines nah..Wish to go home this year but it is hard since I already promise to my in-laws we will celebrate Christmas here,

  13. You are right when you say that this place brings back beautiful childhood memories. I like going to places that provide a sense of history.

  14. Good food and great ambiance are perfect way to unwind and relax from the busy city life. Love the place, the food and your blog!

  15. I would love to visit a place like this with beautiful surrounding and yummy food dishes!

  16. Hello Kulasa,
    Very nice shots of this grill restaurant.
    The food looks very delicious. Oohh, you make me so hungry with these all,..hhmmmm...!!

    Many greetings,

  17. Can I have some Crispy-pata please.....

  18. This place reminds me of my friend's Kamayan restaurant! Same concept lang kasi..

  19. Love the greenish bamboo entrance! And the overall ambience also looks pleasing with those bulbs and comfortable sofas. But as I am a pure vegetarian I would never eat there!!
    Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!
    Have a lovely weekend Zen :)

  20. ohhh...that is one nice resto, would love to dine-in that nice and makes it the food even looks great

  21. the resto reminds me of our old house, the roof, the bamboo wall and the bamboo flooring, ganyan na ganyan ang bahay namin dati. :)

  22. very rustic ng reminds me of the resto we visit in Baguio..specially the "kaldero"


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