Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That Feeling of Christmas at Halo Halo de Iloko

Native Star Philippine Decorations

     It is the time of year when the streets on my side of the world are adorned with hand-made stars of the most attractive of colors!

     Red, green, yellow, blue all of them convey a feeling of cheer and excitement.

     It is almost Christmas and I've been spending precious time with family whenever circumstances allow. Last week my brother, his family and I visited for the very first time what I think is one of the best restaurants in our province. I was wondering from the moment we parked why I haven't been to the place before. Our timing was perfect though as it was twilight and the facade of the resto was all aglow and radiating that Holiday atmosphere. Come join me at Halo Halo de Iloko!

Halo Halo

halo halo de iloko

window with lanterns
     The multi-colored frontage was more than enough to lure me inside. In fact I could have just stayed outside admiring the bright hues like a child and been contented but the thought of that sweet delight the place is famous for was too hard to resists.

     The homey atmosphere inside halo halo de iloko with native ornaments and vintage items makes one so comfortable. Soft music that's delightful to the ear bringing back happy memories adds to the coziness of the place.

chinito boy
my brother enjoying looking at the creatively adorned walls of the restaurant 

halo halo de iloko

     Now here is what we truly came for...their exquisite serving of HALO HALO, a sweet, creamy mixture of native fruits, milk and ice that melts in the mouth with enchanting flavors that stirs the heart. The ice cream topping and leche flan on the side with the fan shaped banana leaf could be made even more wonderful with additional ingredients that could be ordered separately.

yummy halo halo

Yema and Ube on a platter

     We ordered for additional "Ube" and "Yema" served in beautifully shaped platters that simply could not escape my camera.

my brother allowing me to photo shoot his halo halo all the while resisting the urge to grab the tall inviting glass

my sweet sis-in-law and I halfway through our sweet indulgence

ginataang halo halo (a sumptuous sticky rice porridge cooked with coconut  and  mixed with milk and cooked native fruits)....whew this is making me hungry as I type and wanting to head to the place...it is almost midnight here :-)

     Other house specialties I found on the menu are Okoy Tikyosko (shrimp, sprouted monggo, squash, carrots, malunngay, homemade Longganisa bits) and Emparedados (native cheeseburger or sandwich).All foods are especially prepared and cooked upon order to ensure freshness and quality.

     There's this old television model at a corner of the place featuring a slideshow of their other delicacies which I asked my brother to shoot for me as I was a bit shy to get near :-)

old tv set

     And yes even the powder room is replete with works of art that I couldn't help but keep snapping...

nude figurine

vintage mirror and jars

     Most certainly, I had a grand time with family and more than anything else it is the memories with the ones we love the most at great places that matter most. Halo Halo de Iloko is a home away from home that we will keep visiting in the future. 

Halo Halo de iloko is located at corner P. Burgos St. and Zandueta St., City of San Fernando La Union


(072) 7002030

0919 388 3145

This isn't a paid post but just my share of happy thoughts for the week. 

halohalo de iloko

May your homes be filled with the real spirit of Christmas....counting the days with all of you...

beautiful yellow flower

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  1. i love the quaint resto! will surely drop by here when i visit la union soon! :)

  2. hmmm, that ginata-ang halo-halo is new to me, i wanted to try that too :) looks so yummy!! and yes, want to enjoy halo-halo too, haay, just like what it says in the sign, magpakasarap muna tayo :) love love the photos Zen, so engaging

  3. oh am geeeeeeeee! dalhin mo ako dyan ngayon naaaaaaaaaa! hahahahahaha! you tempted me to my wits end! lol! galing galing mo mag-resto & food review! hands down! iba talaga ang professional writer. hehehehe! looooooooooove yew!!!

  4. ps.
    stop posting photos of your papable chinito bro. baka mamaya magselos na si katukayo cherrie amor ko. lol!

  5. kasla nagraman aya ajay halo halo....must try!

  6. Missing all those foods. Bakit ganun ang layo ng Pinas waaahhh.
    Don't stop snapping, somehow parang nandiyan na din kami sa photos mo.

  7. I miss seeing that type of parol! The halo halo is making me drool right now lol. Lovely photos as always sis.

  8. Such a delightful, colorful and fun post/photos for the day, Kulasa!! I love the parrot! Hope your week is going well!! Thank you, as always, for your visits to my blog and for your kind comments!! They are SO appreciated!!

  9. I miss Pasko sa Pinas! ;( Anyhow, that halo-halo as well made me drool like Ate Rose..Hehe.. Hope we could celebrate one holiday with my family back home.. At nang makalamon naman ng mga namiss kong Pinoy foods.. LoL!!

  10. YAy!!! i love HAlo-halo and the place is so dainty, it must be a romantic place out there :)

  11. P.S.

    ang papable nga naman ni kuya.. hi hi hi !

  12. interesting decorations! hubby is a halo-halo fan! as for me, i know i'd love that delectable ginataang halo-halo! :)

    ps. i got the ebook free over at amazon.com, sis! i wasn't really expecting much (i just glanced at the reviews), but it turned out to be a wonderful surprise (surprise kasi magugustuhan ko pala, lol). thanks for the visit! :)

  13. I hope i can taste their version of the Halo-halo, and of course I hope to visit your place!


  14. Christmas is in the air and those parols made the spirit of Christmas more visible :) That is such a quaint and lovely resto with interesting decors and I am so wanting that halo2x :)

  15. coming back fr FBF comex. can't get enough of the place and food here. le sigh!

  16. namit! I've never had this version of halo-halo before...:) pogi ni brother...hehehehe!

  17. Your brother sure was obliging to shoot those photos for you, and he took them very well. :-)

  18. The star lights look beautiful, so colourful and bright. A lovely reminder of the season too.

  19. This post made me want to go out and find some halo- halo and indulge ;-)

    That is one cool, creative place to have a lovely gastronomical treat for the holidays. I am a fan of halo- halo too, Dokie. I believe most of the Pinoys are :-)

  20. All beautiful photos, some are scrumptious, and some are very festive!

    (Sweet Kulasa, I am having a hard time loading your site on both Firefox and Chrome. The link to read more, and comment keep flickering, and I have to play "catch me if you can" kind of game. I wonder if it is just on my end!)

  21. That is perfect when the weather is muggy and hot. I miss halo halo nowadays but if I ate it in the Mall geez ill be freezing because of the aircon. i also like the vintage tv out there, it reminds me of our tv years and years and years ago

  22. The place ambiance is so inviting. Halo-halo, sus, fave ko yan lalo na kung maraming beans.

  23. Yummy naman! Ano yung nakapalibot sa ginataang halo halo?

  24. very interesting place, sarap naman ng halo-halo, the ambiance of the place is very inviting

  25. ang sarap ng halo-halo. :) Paskong-Pasko na ang lugar, love all the colors...mamimiss ko ang Pasko sa Pinas this year. :(

  26. This place is amazing! Halo-halo this December? Hmmm good idea <3

  27. I'm so consumed by this post especially the part where you described the Halo-halo as a "sweet, creamy mixture of native fruits, milk and ice that melts in the mouth with enchanting flavors that stirs the heart".

    It indeed, stirred my heart that it made me want to jump in the nearest Halo-halo store in the city.

    You all look like you really had fun. The work or art and art pieces added attraction to the place.

  28. Aww, lost my comment! :( Anyway, I was just saying that I was there (San Fernando) 3rd weekend of Nov and was supposed to try halo halo from halo halo de iloko. unfortunately, the trike driver brought us to muchos gracias, the former location of halo halo de iloko, instead of its current location. We're in a hurry then, so we tried muchos gracias halo halo instead. And I'm glad we did, their halo halo is deliciously creamy, maybe because they use pastillas as sweetener, it makes the halo halo creamier...yum!! Will try halo halo de iloko next time, maybe next year again. hehe...


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