Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walking the Streets of San Fernando

         This post is dedicated to my relatives, friends and acquaintances who have left to work and live abroad  whom I am sure are missing the streets of San Fernando our province's capital city. Above is the giant Christmas tree standing brightly at the town plaza  unveiled on the first day of December. The Christmas Season has officially started and the city is so alive even at night.

          A trade fair featuring the products of adjacent towns and provinces is ongoing and got me inspired to photowalk with one of my BFFs with the thought that friends from far away are missing these scenes and sights. It took me several steps into the booths before I had the courage to bring out my cam and do the drill. Once a camera addict, always a cam addict. I know dear blogging friends that you can so relate.

     There was so much to see! Colors in all forms and texture where everywhere; some were edible; some were not but most everything's on sale I had to keep reminding myself I was there to photowalk and not to shop. It took a lot of self control though not to buy the things I didn't actually need. Walk with me will you and perhaps you could tell me what you would have wanted to buy later.

girly colorful hats
marvelous works of art 
fancy necklaces, the butterfly pendant is for a dear friend named Jhen :)
lovely slippers
charming furniture

locally produced sugarcane wine

humongous ginger

     Saw this larger than life mannequin in a corner near the clothing booths which made me laugh because she impersonates the typical "shopaholic" so thrilled at the great deals around. I wanted to imitate the facial expression and pose beside it but that would have brought all the attention on me and I wasn't ready for such perhaps next time haha.
mini teddies that remind me of childhood and teen-age memories 
Let's move on to the food treats!


high school friends Rosella and Rhodora whom I asked to pose beside the Shawarma stall,
thank you sisters, love yah...mwah!


Vigan Longganisa

Special Bibingka 



     We had to leave the foodie area before my healthy diet get screwed and found ourselves lost in the beauty of flowers and plants...

Completely lost in the beauty of petals and leaves I could have stayed there forever had not my friend pulled me to the other stalls....

wooden cars
sandals and shoes from Liliw Laguna, the hometown of sistah Ruthi of My Refuge Online

massage thingy

this sweet lady could have easily sold me anything had I not been my usual self a...........
an Ilocana....certified frugal :)
a shirt from one of the printing stalls 
shell crafts

wooden kitchen wares

I must admit it was a bit exhausting moving from one booth to another pretending to buy
yet only taking a snap...but it was fun I'll do it again!
We left the trade fair area smiling content at just window shopping and walked on...

After walking in circles we found our way to St. William's Cathedral where we fervently prayed....

for all the sick people in the world
for all the hungry and oppressed and calamity stricken
the leaders of countries all around the world
for families to find peace, faith and love this Christmas Season 
and know by heart and deed the reason for the celebration
Christ was born and died for our sins
that we may gain eternal Salvation

now...from all the items above, what would you like to receive from me on Christmas day? hahahaha....
I might not be able to send you anything but you can be sure to have my love and prayers...
after all the most precious gifts are genuine friendships
smiling familiar faces I had to snap because they remind me,
that the best things in life are indeed free....

thank you so much for reading this horrendously long post...
as always you may use the FB comment box or the default blogger comment box...
mabalin iti ag comment iti Ilocano Apo...agyamanak launay! :)
(comments in any language are highly treasured)

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  1. what a fantastic walk I did with you! I simply love your first picture of this happy+colourful Xmas tree:-)) happy holidays to you+your family!

  2. What a beautiful tree, lovely photo.

    Have a happy day :)

  3. Such a beautiful tree! It is interesting to see what goes on in another part of the world. Many beautiful public trees going up this time of year.

  4. am so getting hungry here, Zen :) love your images, haha, my mind is now so confused which ones to eat first :)

  5. wow ate k, it felt like i was there with you. haha thank you for the tour :) I was laughing when i saw the kuripot pic. haha! I thought too that san fernando is in pampangga then i saw the La Union mark. :) I said Amen when i finished reading your post. haha. Merry Christmas!

  6. such a nyc would feel like walking with you through these btfl pictures ...merry christmas..enjoy :)

  7. I love that manequin, so cheerful! What is tokneneng made of sis? Love the plants variety as well!

  8. how cool! I love to do this kind of adventure.

  9. Such a wonderful post! Loved the colorful tree. And all the colorful and beautiful things in the market. It would be so much fun walking along those shops. And I loved the cathedral and those pretty flowers too! There is so much to adore in this post. Maybe I should go over it again!!
    Have a nice weekend Zen :)

  10. Yes, thanks for the online tour of your great town. Last month, there was a trade expo at Festival Mall, Alabang showcasing some of La Union's crafts. Ang gaganda talaga, specially those well-crafted furniture.

  11. What a lovely tree. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ang gaganda ng mga litratong kuha niyo!! At naman, natakam ako sa tokneneng na yan.. Paborito naming snack yun ng mga classmates ko nung college tapos partner namin malamig na sagu't gulaman.. Nagutom tuloy ako ngayon, promise! Hehehe =D

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  14. Yung Xmas tree Mas malaki ba yun sa Moa? :) Namiss ko yung pagkaing Pinoy. :)

  15. What a gorgeous Christmas tree! Never seen anything like it before!

    Wish you a great weekend!


  16. I collect all kinds of butterfly items that is why, what caught my eye was that fancy necklace. Very Pretty.

  17. love the vibrance of all your photos. The street foods make me miss Philippines more.

  18. That Christmas tree is huge, and very pretty decorated! Oh what fun it would be to walk the street to hear, see, smell and taste what offered! Fantastic photo, Kulasa!

  19. I've been wanting to have a taste of Vigan Longganisa and empanada. It immediately caught my fancy this early in the morning, hahaha! Beautiful captures, Dokie. I laughed out loud at the Certified Kuripot badge. Are Ilokanos really that stingy? LOL!

  20. i thought it's in pampanga... wow i'd really love to visit the place with my family.. baka in the future.

    thanks for sharing your captures.. :))

  21. Hello Kulasa,
    Nice shot. Wonderful all these christmas lights!!
    Great colors!!

    Many greetings,

  22. Great pictures. I especially love the food pics, it made me crave at this hour at night. My best friend comes from that region so I am quite familiar with the pics you posted :)

  23. That's a beautiful and colorful way to start the Christmas season! Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

  24. thanks for sharing, i enjoyed online window shopping too because of you, lahat sila sis gusto ko, hehehe, i was looking this before with my girl and she likes the wooden cars...:) ang sarap nung mga foods at ang ganda nung church nyo dyan! until your next photowalk...

  25. ang ganda nung Christmas tree .. maganda ang pagkakakuha .

    Merry Christmas na nga ... ^^


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