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This was one of the places the kids and I had a chance to explore when we joined my son's school field trip to the Northern part of the country last school year. 
the text above states ...
JUAN LUNA y NOVICIO-Patriot and foremost Filipino painter.Born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte 24 October 1857; son of JOAQUIN LUNA de SAN PEDRO and LAUREANA NOVICIO.Studied in the Ateneo Municipal, Escuala de Bellas Artes and Escuela Nautica in Manila; became a licensed pilot at 17.Pupil of Lorenzo Guerrero, noted Filipino painter. Went to Spain, 1877, studied in the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid. Painted in Rome his first famous work, "THE DEATH OF CLEOPATRA" . Won gold medal for his SPOLARIUM at the international painting exposition 1884, in Madrid.Won other medals and honors in Europe. Among his other notable paintings were "THE BATTLE OF LEPANTO,""BLOOD COMPACT," "PEOPLE AND KINGS,"Co-worker of RIZAL, LOPEZ JAINA, DEL PILAR  and other Filipino reformers in Europe; was in the diplomatic service of the first Philippine Republic.Died in Hongkong, 7 December 1899.

. The Luna House, birthplace of Juan Luna I learned was restored to its originality by the first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, direct descendant of the Luna brothers, her grandmother Anciana Luna y Trinidad being the daughter of Dr. Luna. Built in observance of the 60th birth anniversary of President Ferdinand E. Marcos on September 11, 1977 with the assistance of secretary of Public Highways Baltazar Aquino. 

Come Join The Letters In November Explore JUAN LUNA SHRINE

My son's grade 5 adviser Ma'am Jesusa Bucago Lana engrossed at viewing the portraits on display...

Parisian Life
Reproduction, 1892.
Oil on canvas, dimensions unknown.
Government Service Insurance System Museum.

The Parisian Life, also known as Interior d'un Cafe (Inside a Cafe), emphasizes the woman in the
height of fashion as the topic of discussion of three men on the background.
Feeling uneasy and uncomfortably sitting, the woman is a symbol of Philippines
in distress under Spanish colonization.

Reproduction (Copied by Gaston O' Farrell)
Lopez memorial Museum

Some of the verve of the master is capured in this copy of his self-portrait done by his
pupil, Gaston O'Farell. A Frenchman who had made Manila his home, O'Farrell was a leading membe of the artists' association which kept alive interest in Philippine painting between the demise of the old art school and its resurrection as a branch of the University of the Philippines (found 1908). O'Farrell studied under Luna after the latter's return to the Philippines in 1894.

 Ma'am Jennifer Damasco-Madayag, my son's 2nd grade adviser...

The kids and I had a grand time learning about the past and was so inspired by the creativity of the older generation. The bricks, the earthen wares, the wooden furniture, the architecture of the house and the friendly atmosphere at Juan Luna Shrine is truly worth the hours of travel.

Juan Luna Shrine is located at:
Badoc, Ilocos Norte
Open Tuesday to Sunday
8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


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  1. it sure is worth the travel, i too wish to see some of Juan Luna's original works and learn also from his childhood, love your photos Zen, especially of you :)

  2. What an educational and interesting field trip for you and your son both!

  3. worth visiting indeed! whenever you post something "local", you make me miss "home" so much.


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