Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Educational Trip to the North: 1st Stop, Pagudpud Beach

Sometime In November last year our kiddo Roel's class had an educational trip to the Northern part of the country. The hubby and I took a break from work and joined our kiddos. We had a blast sight-seeing and just enjoying each other's company. Join us as we re-discovered the beauty of Northern Philippines. 

Our first stop was PAGUDPUD BEACH....we woke up to this invigorating view of the beach...

pristine white beaches, Philippines

...the light-brown colored sand and the clear water was so inviting for a swim and a boat ride! 

people gathering around the beach

parents, kids and teachers all hurried towards the shore digging their feet into the sand and savoring the breeze and the first rays of sunlight....

children playing in the sand

child walking along the beach
my son Roel who in his haste to touch the water forgot to remove his slippers!

beautiful beach

moon over the beach
the moon was still shining radiantly at a corner of the sky, it made me smile and remember to thank someone Above who made that day a day to cherish....

fishermen waiting along the shore

the daybreak is the exact moment when fishermen's boats came ashore, it would have been fun checking out and taking photos of their day's catch but we had to grab a bite because our stomachs were already we headed for breakfast at the restaurants just around the area...

nipa hut along the beach with coconut trees

Pagudpud restaurants
Roel eagerly waiting to be served breakfast....

ilocos longganisa

we decided to have the region's specialty, "Ilocos Longganisa,"...ground, wrapped fried meat with tasty seasoning and lots of ground pepper and garlic garnished with healthy colorful tomatoes and their 

bangus or milk fish
 crunchy fried "dinaing na Bangus," "milkfish" 

with fruits and rice, hot choco for me and the kids and coffee for the hubby...

sukang iloco
native vinegar, known for its natural sour-spicy flavor, perfect sauce for the fish and ground meat...
 Already energized for another round of exploration we headed back to the beach area

dog prints in the sand

where there were not a few souvenirs for sale...

ilocos souvenirs

 you bet, those crab shaped refrigerator magnetic decors made their way into our home as per Roel's request....

I wanted to take more beach shots but my bosses (aka my three camera shy boyfriends) were already begging me to board the bus otherwise we will be left by the group LOL....

...and so I had to say goodbye to the beach but not without a plan to return for a whole day of swimming and wave catching....

java hotel, ilocos norte
special thanks to my son's great former teachers
ma'am Jesusa and ma'am Jennifer
and the rest of Bacnotan Central School faculty and staff
for graciously accommodating us in the trip....

....see those windmills from afar? that was our next destination....the windmills of Bangui Bay...

~Pagudpud Ilocos Norte is famous for its pristine white sand beaches and virgin forests..
It could be reached by land from Manila in around twelve to fourteen hours. For a shorter route, one could fly for an hour from Manila to Laoag City and then travel by land to Pagudpud in around forty-five minutes~

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  1. Looks like a fun school trip! I used to do this with my kids and missing it now :-)

  2. i love field trips, or doing activity outside, when I was still a student, and now, as a teacher. beautiful shots, Zen.

  3. This is making me nostalgic Doc Zen, it makes me miss my hometown seeing the ocean! Pagudpud Beach looks so beautiful!

  4. ang aga aga ginutom mo ako, hahahaha! thank you for thinking of me when you were there. love, love, love my keychain. that shot with the moon is picture perfect! the windmills and the entire Pagudpud is on my travel wishlist, i beg you to bring me there one sweet day!!!

    hi poging baby R! camera shy talaga sina papa O at kuya Franz ano?. ;)

  5. awwww...breathtaking! The beach is truly inviting...what a great escapade...good place good food!

  6. That's gracious! I appreciate the photos you got in here.

  7. You have inviting photos that made me daydream of being there. I am so missing that milkfish.

  8. What a place to pick for school field trip. Yes, Pagudpud is only a kilometer away from my mom's hometown. Yaks, I miss na those yummy 'tinupig'. Ganda ng mga photos mo.

  9. This was the place I missed when I went to Vigan in 2011, we were supposed to proceed here but there was typhoon. Next time, I wish.

  10. Beautiful pictures...and glad that the family was able to be with him as he explored north, that's really sweet! and those are the kind of breakfast that i miss. :( I wish I can go back to Ilocos Region not working, Pagudpud is one place we missed when we visit it for work during validation back in 2008...:) thanks for sharing, looking forward on your next destination.

  11. The beach looks pristine! And the fact that it is early morning makes it all the more beautiful. Thank you for sharing these beautiful captures. Have a lovely day Zen :)

  12. Ive heard a lot of good things about pagudpud unfortunately ive never been there. Wish i could visit someday. I love those fridge magnet, im a collector :)


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