Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hiring Ski Equipment: Advantages & Disadvantages

The question of whether to hire your ski equipment will undoubtedly be a question that races around your mind every time you head for the mountains. While beginners would probably be checking out the ski hire facilities (after all, it’s not guaranteed they’ll like the activity, so it would be pointless investing money in the kit just yet!), those who have become accustomed to ski holidays may be considering buying their own.

While having your own gear must be an advantage, with skis customised to suit your personal fit, hiring them will always be the most convenient option – especially if you don’t get the chance to head for the slopes as often as you’d like.

Before deciding whether you’re going to hire or buy for your next trip, check out some of the pros and cons of hiring the ski equipment, to try and help you make your mind up.


You don’t need to worry about having to lug them around airports and coughing up for excess baggage charges.
Maintenance isn’t a problem because the professionals do this for you.
New equipment is usually available, meaning you can try out newer models without having to invest in new kit
You can often interchange between skis and snowboards, giving you the chance to try it all!


Some ski shops will pick up on the fact you’re a beginner and will give you lower quality equipment, because chances are, you won’t know any different.
Long queues can be tiresome, especially during the peak times.
You will have to get used to different equipment every time you travel, which can be a little unsettling if you’re a beginner.

Make your decision to suit your personal preference and you will be able to take to the piste in no time, whether it’s on your own skis or using hired ones, the thrills you will experience will be the same.

If you choose to hire your equipment, keep an eye out for the excellent deals offered by holiday providers, such as Neilson. You can often find BOGOF deals in many of the popular resorts that will save you cash and be kinder to your purse. Take a look at the available offers, today.

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  1. Thank goodness I don't know how to ski nor live in a place where it snows! :) I don't think I will spend much for a skiing lesson nor buy ski equipments, let alone rent them. They have pros for those who love the winter adventure but for myself, I'd stick to just making snow angels. :)

    Ria C

  2. Water ski, yan ang familiar ako but slope ski, yaks hanggang Olympics ko lang napapanood. Nevertheless for those who go for this hobby or sports, your post will come in very handy.

  3. The wisdom in buying or renting ski equipment will depend on the level of commitment a person has in the sport. Casual and infrequent skiing may be satisfied by rented equipment.

  4. Oh, I love to go skiing someday. I wonder how it felt to set your feet on those skis and go down the slopes. Especially now that it's really hot here at home.

  5. I do renting and bringing our own ski gears and it depends were we going. if packing is not an issue we bring ski gears as we limit our luggage to 2 for 3 persons.

  6. I don't think I would be able to enjoy Skiing because I am a cold-natured gal and I can not tolerate cold very long.

  7. i don't really go for skiing, however, I do love cross country skiing only, not on slopes. we usually bring our gears since renting can be very expensive too, and if it goes for several days, it is almost like buying. however, if we are flying, you are very correct, we leave most gears behind since we do not want to pay extra for fare, we just don't fly to ski and snowshoe somewhere since we do have nearby ski resort if that is what we wanted.

  8. the lazy bum in me would rather rent one should i gather the courage to skii. like Rose, i can't tolerate cold environment for too long. i will freeze to death! haha!

  9. it's so nice! we just do not have snow here..but i'll tell my relatives out in the winter wonder land.

  10. i never tried skiing yet but would be nice to try it even once. thanks for sharing these pros and cons of hiring one, these are really helpful tips. :)


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