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Making Our Votes Count! Every Mom's Responsibility...

       Election Day is drawing near. I am perturbed, always has been about the future of this country. Yet here I am, thirty-seven years of age and still residing in the Philippines...hoping, praying that one day this nation will find its way to real progress and doing my part to the best of my ability.

     The right to suffrage is not a thing that I take lightly. While I have to agree sometimes politics in this country could be too frustrating and tiring even to say the least, we can not just turn our backs and not do our part because whether we like it or not the future of our children and our children's children depends on it. 
indelible ink from election 2010
     Browsing the web today and landing on a page in yahoo I stumbled upon an article there written about the Senatorial candidates. I found myself thinking, hey I should delve into this and share the thoughts to the rest of my voting friends and family. So here are my researched notes from across the web about our servants wanna be. The task of typing and copy pasting all these information seems kind of arduous yet I am willing to spend time if only to make the RIGHT CHOICE by making myself informed for the love of country and family. Read on and help me make up my mind and other mommies out there by leaving your comments and insights. I would appreciate them so much. Let us help each other make this country the best place for our children.

Note: The data presented here were lifted from sources as stated and linked to and are not the original idea of The Letters In November. The Letters In November is not endorsing any of the candidates but merely re-posting general knowledge about the candidates as searched via Google.
As you may notice the data is incomplete as there are so many things to note if one wants to fully get to know these candidates and I leave the task of searching for more information to you and would highly appreciate addendum as well as corrections if any...your input in the comment box will be of great help to everyone for the sake of us making the RIGHT CHOICE. 

Take Out Your Note Pads as We Get To Know the Thirty- Three Filipinos Who Want To Become our VOICE in the SENATE...
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~a lawyer and a teacher~
77 y/0, born in Bangued, Abra
He is the national president of the Social Justice Society, a political party accredited by the Commission on Elections, as well as the founding chairman and president of the ABAKADA-GURO partylist, a partylist group representing teachers.
He says NO TO
His say on Death Penalty- "I don't think death penalty will serve the purpose because even those who commit the offense will commit the offense are actually committing the offense so that they will be imposed the death penalty. Gusto na nga niyang mamatay kaya siya gumagawa ng heinous crimes."
for more information, you could click here and here.

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40 y/o, lawyer, congressman
A Filipino legislator and advocate of educational reform. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 2004, representing the Lone District of Aurora, re-elected to a second term in 2007, and a third term in 2010.He is the chairperson of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, making him ex-officio member of the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines.
He says:
YES to RH Law
NO to Divorce
YES to Same Sex Marriage
NO to death penalty.
"I’m not really in favor at the moment. We already have laws which deal with the marriages which have gone sour. We’re talking of provisions of the family code. Maybe we can make it more equitable or more accessible in that sense because under the provisions of the family code kelangan may, to operationalize these provisions kelangan may kunin ka na psychologist, psychiatrist eh magastos yun. That costs, it can cost 50 thousand pataas even to go through whole court process and clearly that’s out of reach from the ordinary person."
for more information, please click here: source


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Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aguirre Aquino IV (Born May 7, 1977) is a Filipino social entrepreneur and public servant. He is a former TV host, and chairman of the National Youth Commission (Philippines). He is currently the President of MicroVentures, Inc., an investment bank for start-up businesses which runs the The Hapinoy Program social enterprise. He is one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons for 2012. He is also a Board Member of Rags2Riches, Venture for Fundraising, and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

On Repeal of RH Law-
"My stand is to implement the law. It’s already a law. We have to give it chance and tingnan natin if the government hopefully can truly implement this law properly." source                                                                             He says-
NO to Divorce
YES to Same Sex Marriage
NO to Death Penalty
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Greco Antonious Beda Banta Belgica (born March 27, 1978) is a Filipino businessman, pastor, and politician.
Bélgica serves as a pastor of the Lord's Vineyard Church, and is currently President of the Yeshua Change Agents, a non-government organization involved in anti-drug campaigns and advocating reconstruction of society to its Biblical calling. He previously served as Councilor of the Sixth District of the City of Manila from 2004 to 2007 and Chairman of the Committee on Police, Fire and Public Safety and the Committee on Economic Development. One of Bélgica's campaign promises is a flat tax system for the Philippines; in particular, a simple, one-time, and one kind tax of not more than 10% only on net income on both individual and business profits. He also espouses belief in a limited and decentralised form of government, the free market, and Christian Reconstructionism. Read more here ~source: Wikipedia~
He says:
NO to RH Law,
NO to Divorce,
NO to Same Sex Marriage
YES to Death Penalty
"I am for death penalty. Ang kabayaran ng kasalanan ay kamatayan. Ang death penalty po para magkaroon ng hustisya ang inabuso... at ito po ay para sa mga kriminal. Kung kayo po ay walang ginagawang masama, wala po dapat tayong ikatakot sa death penalty pero kung ikaw ay gumagawa ng masama, dapat kang matakot sa death penalty, dapat kang matakot sa kabayaran ng inyong kasalanan."~Source:
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39 y/0, Personal assistant to politicians
From 2010 she has been functioning as personal assistant to her father, Jejomar Binay who is the current Vice President and head of the Housing department. In this role she liaises between the Office of the Vice President and the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, as well as with other local government offices on matters related to housing.

Where She Stands...
NO to RH Bill
"I am not in favor yung RH Law because I don't think government should spend for contraceptives. Diba nga, I'm pushing for more free immunization for young kids. Di ba yung P3 billion is better spent through other needs dahil ang mga health needs ng ating mga constitutents."
NO to Divorce
NO to Same Sex Marriage
NO to Death Penalty
read more here: source


44y/o, writer and journalist;
In the 15th Congress, Casino became the chairman of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development, where he champions the welfare of our micro, small and medium enterprises. As chairperson of the Committee, Casino also spearheads Buy Pinoy, Build Pinoy! - a grassroots campaign promoting the consumption of Filipino-made products and the development of integrated, world-class Filipino industries. He is also senior vice chairperson of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education, safeguarding the youth's right to affordable and quality education. ~source~

His say on Same Sex Marriage- "If people want to engage in same sex relationships that’s fine with me. I think that making it legal, making it official is a very complex issue. It has to be discussed thoroughly. We have to listen to all stakeholders in this. and if we come up with a consensus, on whether to legalize that or not then well and good. But I think it’s something that has to be discussed But in my case, I will not file a bill for same sex marriage. I think mahaba pa hong proseso bago tayo umabot sa point na yun."
For his views on Divorce, RH Law and Death Penalty, you may read more here.

                    7. CAYETANO, ALAN PETER
                          42 y/o Re-electionist
His advocacy against corruption helped him to win a seat in the Senate in 2007. It was under his chairmanship that the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee looked into the anomalous deals on NBN-ZTE, Fertilizer Funds, and cash giving in Malcanang against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He also chaired the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, which helped pass the University of the Philippines Charter Act of 2008. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, he managed to pass the Freedom of Information bill in the Senate during the 14th Congress. Continuing his commitment on transparency and accountability, Cayetano managed to file at least 14 bills like proposals to amend questionable provisions on the Anti-Cybercrime Act among others.
He says-
NO to Divorce
No Comment on Same Sex Marriage
On Death Penalty he has this to say: "We should concentrate more on rehabilitating and reforming the prisoners. Instead of executing criminals, the government can focus more on rehabilitating them. Educating them and introducing them to livelihood programs serve as a much better alternative than killing them. With such measure, we do not only help the prisoners but also their families."
                 8. COJUANGCO, TINGTING

68 y/o educator, former governor
Tingting Cojuangco is the president of the Philippine Public Safety College, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. She was the Undersecretary for Special Concerns of the Department of the interior and Local Government (March 10-September 24, 2004); She was the Governor of Tarlac province from 1992 to 1998, and the President of the Philippine Public Safety College for eight years. She served as a Presidential Assistant to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2001-2004); full colonel, Reserve Forces of the Philippine Army (1989-present); and columnist of Philippine Star (1999-present). She is known for her humanitarian projects and her work among Muslim communities. She has participated in the peace talks with the Moro National Liberation Front. Tingting Cojuangco has also taken on Gawad Kalinga as her pet philanthropy. Source: Wikipedia
Her Stand...
NO to divorce, same sex marriage, RH Law
YES to death penalty

                              9. DAVID, LITO
51 y/o Legislative staff, college lecturer
After graduation, he has made a career in govenrment service, starting out as an academic in UPLB before becoming a community organizer and later on a planning officer at Environment department. He has since moved to being the staff of legislators, an experience which he says he can use should he be elected a legislator himself.
He is against divorce, same-sex marriage death penalty and RH Bill.
"I am not against homosexuals; I am against homosexuality. You may be a homosexual but you can be chaste. When you start practicing homosexuality, being active in it, that is unnatural. And if you talk about faith, that is a sin."
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                       10. DELOS REYES,JC

42 y/o College lecturer, politician
He was among President Benigno Aquino III's rivals in 2010 and was the youngest presidential bet. Though he lost his presidential bid, De Los Reyes and his party raised awareness on issues including the reproductive health bill as well as the freedom of information bill.
He says:
NO to RH bill
on Death Penalty...
"I am a victim of violence. My 10-year old sister was murdered (in) cold blood yet I have forgiven and that’s a higher calling. Instead of society, demanding blood. That’s easy to kill somebody but what we are calling for is to forgive and to make sure he is punished by serving the sentence."- source:
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43 y/o, born in Manila
son of former president, Joseph Estrada
congressman for the legislative district of San Juan City

 Authored and/or sponsored 161 bills and/or House measures, five of which were approved by the House and passed to the Senate for consideration:
  • HB 4225: Participatory Governance Through CSOs Empowerment Act of 2011
  • HB 4541: Mercury Exposure Information Act of 2011
  • HB 4565: Local Housing Boards Act
  • HB 5870: Cadastral Survey Act of 2012
  • HB 6144: Domestic Workers Act of 2012 or Kasambahay Bill  Source- Wikipedia

read more about him- here  and at his official website here.

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  12. Jack Enrile
54 y/0, businessman, politician
 Representative of the 1st District of Cagayan in the 15th Congress. He is the only son and namesake of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile was the principal author of the Batas Kasambahay, the Credit Access and Protection Reform Bill, the Anti- Monopoly Bill and the Food for Filipino First Bill.

His say...
Voted for the RH Bill
He says he will not support any Divorce Bill in 
Congress and he says NO to death penalty. "I am pro-life.  Records show that the penalty of death did not curb criminality in our society." Source-

for more info on him visit his website-

photo source-

13. Chiz Escudero
43 y/o, lawyer, congressman

Among the laws he authored and sponsored are: RA 9504 (Tax Exemptions for Minimum Wage Earners and Increased Tax Exemptions); RA 9576 (Increased Maximum Deposit Insurance Coverage to P500, 000); RA 9514 (Revised Fire Code of the Philippines); RA 10158 (Decriminalized Vagrancy); RA 10353 (Anti-Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance Act) and RA 9745 (Anti-Torture Act).
He says NO to divorce, has no objection to same sex marriage and NO to death penalty. 

Escudero was one of the pro-impeachment congressmen who were the prime movers for the initiation of impeachment proceedings for the former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. In 2005, he voted against the dropping of impeachment complaints against the president. His explanation summarizes his stand: "It is the truth that she has lost. But the search for the truth does not end today. The president and her allies will always be haunted by questions." Source-

14. Baldomero Falcone
69 y/o businessman, business consultant
Executive Director: Sagip Bansa Filipinas Foundation Inc., an NGO dedicated to helping provide jobs and houses and lots to the poorest of the poor in Philippines. 
 He says NO to divorce and same sex marriage, YES to death penalty...

"No, no. Sodom and Gomorrah (in the bible) were condemned by the Lord and there was a rain of thunder and fire because of same-sex marriage that the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah were practicing."

photo source
67 y/o
lawyer, former Tourism Chief

Launched the national campaign WOW Philippines.
As senator, Gordon is credited for the Automated Elections Act which paved the way for the 2010 automated polls.
Currently serves as the chairman of the Philippine National RedCross and works as a broadcaster.
 Among the laws he authored are the National Tourism Policy Act of 2009 and the Filipino World War II Veterans Pensions and Benefits Act of 2008.


~photo source:
66 y/o businessman, politician
currently the chairman of the League of Cities in the Philippines;
Mayor of Puerto Princessa City, also served as an Assemblyman of the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development (SPCD), a body created during the term of President Corazon C. Aquino which was tasked to oversee the establishment of an autonomous region for Muslims in Mindanao and it included Palawan island.
Source- Wikipedia
to learn more about him, you may visit his website:               
Says: YES to RH law
YES to Divorce
NO to same sex marriage
NO to death penalty

Ay no-no satin kasi talagang predominantly Catholic. We follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. Hindi talaga pwede yang same-sex marriage. It’s not in consonance with our norms ideals, beliefs of the Catholic Church. Ultimately you cannot it will boil down to morality instead of individual rights. ~source~
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64 y/o Army Officer
born in Baguio City
played a key role in the1986 EDSA Revolution that toppled the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos. He led a series of coup attempts against the administration ofCorazon Aquino. President Fidel Ramos granted him amnesty in 1992. He entered politics and became a senator from 1995 to 2004 and again since 2007.
                                       source- Wikipedia

The first independent candidate ever to win a Senate seat in 1995. He was re-elected in 2001 and left the Senate when his term ended in 2004. He again won a Senate seat in 2007. source

His Stand: On RH Law "I will support any move as long as it is legal and constitutional because I voted against the RH Law. Why? I have colleagues in the Senate who are victims of the use of contraceptives. These are fathers and mothers. And I don’t want to legitimize this or even legalize this." 

NO to death penalty. for more you may read here- source

photo source- 
46 y/o
Student activist, broadcast journalist, congresswoman

Having served as a journalist for ten years before venturing into politics, Hontiveros is a recipient of the Kapisanan ng Mga Broadkaster ng PilipinasGolden Dove Award for Best Female Newscaster. Because of her work in the peace talks with the National Democratic Front, she also received the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Peace and Advocacy in 2001, and a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 2005. ~Source: Wikipedia

As a congresswoman, she filed bills on Cheaper Medicines Law and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (CARPER) Law

She also filed legislations against prostitution, gender balance, as well as Students' Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Bill before losing her senatorial bid in the 2010 presidential elections. -source-
NO to repeal of RH law, YES to same sex marriage, YES to divorce, NO to death penalty 

photo source:

52 y/o
Commercial model, journalist, environmentalist

broadcast journalist, environmentalist, and politician of Visayan ancestry, notable as the only female to top two senatorial elections (1998) and 2007). During the 2004 Philippine general election, she ran for the position of Vice-President as an Independent withFernando Poe, Jr. as running mate and again during the 2010 Philippine presidential election, for the same position as a member of the NPC withManny Villar. US embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks include her as one of the five most influential women in the Philippines- source: Wikipedia

On repeal of RH Law 

"Let's give the law a chance. We studied that and debated that and amended it for several months f not years and so let's allow it to take its course and to be serve our women and all of those who are against should actually read the law that we helped craft that there is no abortion at all in any provision in the RH bill."  for more of her stand you could visit this source-

photo source:

37 y/o lawyer, teacher, preacher

Atty. Llasos was a youth leader and community worker. He served as SK Councilor, SK Chairman and ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Barangay of Bgy. Tagas, Daraga, Albay. He was elected as the first President of the Social Service Club of ABS-CBN Foundation] in Legazpi City in 1996.
In 2000, he served as Executive Assistant and Legal Consultant in the Department of Agrarian Reform, appearing as a Resource Person in the House of Representatives Committee on Agrarian Reform.
At present, he serves as Senior Lawyer for Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services, Inc. (IDEALS), a non-government organization (NGO) providing services to farmers and migrant workers, among others. Source: Wikipedia

Says: NO to divorce, NO to death penalty, NO to same sex marriage
On repeal of RH law: Ang Kapatiran Party is on record as having been opposed the RH Bill and now the RH law. Definitely, it is now in our agenda to repeal the RH Law. But for the meantime, if I will be elected in the Senate, I will be using my oversight function as a senator so that the RH Law will be implemented properly. 

photo source:

77 y/o
politician, diplomat

He is currently 77 years old and former Senate member and President;
platforms which Ernesto Maceda supports-
job creation , increase in education facilities and scholarships available as well as assistance to poorer students and support for senior citizens with regards to discounts and costs of living;  increased funds to local government units and providing clean and safe drinking water for every household in the country.

says NO to RH law, NO to divorce, NO to same sex marriage, YES to death penalty

"Because of the tremendous number of neinous crimes that are being committed... You know in the beginning I voted for the death penalty and when there was a proposal in the time of Cory Aquino to abolish it I voted to abolish it but I think the time has come again to restore the death penalty." "Definitely, it will deter crimes especially we have to impose death penalty on druglords and drug pushers, and drug offenders."source
photo source:
photo by: Don Regachuelo
54 y/o
 Philanthropist, former senator

She is formerly the Chairperson of four Senate Committees: Committee on Environment, Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation, and the Committee on Cultural Communities

On divorce
We have annulment here. Al I can say is that the rich again are more privileged because they can get annulment. If annulment is easily attainable by the poor then divorce will be redundant.  No to same-sex marriage
               We are land of the free.  We are very kind country to gays, but I’m not keen on it yet because it maybe abused. But the right to partnership can be recognized as a partnership.


49 y/o, Congresswoman

She has been a representative on the 1st District on Zambales for 3 consecutive terms.
..married to Jesus Vicente Magasaysay II,  son of former Zambales Governor Vicente Magsaysay.
Emeritus Hall of Famer, Most Outstanding Congresswoman for 6 years.
 "I’m not a staunch critic of President Aquino. I'm a staunch critic of policies. It just so happened that it's the administration of President Aquino sitting now, the same as I was also a critic during the time of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,” Magsaysay said. source:

Says NO to divorce, NO to same sex marriage, NO to death penalty
On repeal of RH law:
"Alam mo at this point in time, since is a law, we have no choice but to follow the law. But if we see po na hindi naman talga sumunod ang reproductive law dun sa tunay na premisenya which is to bring down the maternal mortality rates at to bring down ang tinatawag nilang casualties on the ground pagdating sa pagbubuntis at panganganak...
At kung nakita naten it is not effective the way the law should have been passed then we can always repeal the law. So it’s always in our hands. So for me, since its already been passed. Let’s just give time for the law to be implemented and let’s see if it will be implemented..."- source 
photo source-

74 y/o, businessman, former Senator
born in Manila to former President Ramón Magsaysay and Luz Banzon
 congressman- 1965-1969
Senator of the Philippines (1995-2001; 2001-2007)

Says YES to RH Law, NO to divorce, NO to same- sex marriage, 
on death penalty: 
"When you see a lot of massacres like the one of Ampatuan and others that have been happening, I think we should think twice about that. It merits a review."

photo source-

76 y/o, former constabulary chief
a retired Filipino major general who served as Chief of the Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police during the administration of President Corazon Aquino. He is currently running as an independent candidate for the 2013 Philippine Senate elections...
If elected as senator, he plans to create laws that would serve as guidelines to improve the police and military service. He also advocates a review of the Local Government Code as well as the removal of the power of local politicians over the police force. He also plans to work for the rights of retired soldiers and policemen.                 source:
Says YES to RH law, NO to same-sex marriage, NO to death penalty
"I've never been in favor of the death penalty because in the first place the punishment no matter how dreadful but if you cannot catch the offender it's the same. They get away with the crime, it's the same." source-
photo source-
60 y/o businessman
 business executive and social activistpresident and chief executive officer of Ausphil Tollways Corporation, a Manila-based infrastructure development company;
He advocates for an end to political dynasties in the Philippines and believes that family members should be prohibited from running for public office regardless of the place or position.

says YES to divorce
"I think so. I haven’t met a single Filipino who has no knowledge of a couple who are suffering. We have provisions like annulment and legal separation but it does not really address specifically couples with children, the treatment of assets. At least in divorce, if we study it carefully it’s always a two-way street. There’s always financial settlement of both parties. There’s always child support and child custody agreement. I think it is a better arrangement.
Because in annulment, its as if the marriage didn’t happen and why would allow my child grow up using somebody else’s last name?"
NO to same-sex marriage
NO to death penalty

photo source:
49 y/o, lawyer
 son of the former senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.
topped the Philippine Bar Examinations in 1990
established the Kontra Pandaraya Movement to ensure that every Filipino will be protected from all forms of cheating and corruption
advocated strongly for local autonomy, environment, Overseas Filipino Workers, youth and justice in his 1 year and 5 months of sitting as senator
you may read more at his website: 

photo source-
44 y/o Teacher, product manager, censors chief
adopted by Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ), the King of Philippine Movies, and his wifeSusan Roces, who raised her in Manila as their only daughter. Educated in the Philippines and the United States, where she was a graduate ofBoston College, Poe spent much her adult life in the United States before returning to the Philippines in 2004, when her father died months after running in a controversial presidential election against then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
Following her return to the Philippines, Poe received national attention as she was campaigning against electoral fraud, both in the election where her father ran, as well as in subsequent elections. She was later appointed in 2010 by President Benigno Aquino III to serve as chair of the MTRCB, promoting a culture of "intelligent viewing" while at the same time encouraging the further development of the Philippines' film and television industries. Two years later, in 2012, Poe resigned from the MTRCB after deciding to run in the 2013 senatorial election as an independent candidate under the administration Team PNoy coalition.
Says NO to divorce, NO to same-sex marriage an NO to death penalty
"I am not for same sex marriage at this point but I believe in domestic partnership. I believe that they should be protected in the law especially in show business where I know  there are a lot of very responsible gay couples who've been living together." 

photo source:
36 y/o politician
non-governmental organization worker who served as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, representing the BUHAY Partylist from 2003 to 2007

He graduated from what is now San Beda College-Alabang in 1985 before his family moved to Abu Dhabi where he studied. From 1990 to 1994, Señeres studied in South Lakes High School in Virginia where he received several recognitions, including the President's Award for Educational Excellence from President Bill Clinton.

In 1998, Señeres graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and became a member of the International Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

Returning to the Philippines, he studied in the University of the Philippines Diliman, taking courses on the life and works of José Rizal, Philippine history, and nationalism.

He then organized the Nationalist Leadership Council, composed of student leaders from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University and San Beda College-Manila.

Señeres went back to the US and pursued his Juris Doctor degree from the Northwestern School of Law, majoring in United States Constitutional Law.

He represented BUHAY Party-list for two terms. As the youngest congressman in the 12th and 13th Congress, Señeres prioritized legislation and projects aimed toward the youth.

He also received the Blessed Pedro Calungsod Pro-Vita Medal from Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal of Cebu as well as a Plaque of Appreciation from Human Life International for his strong pro-life and pro-family positions and his "fidelity to the public trust and the demands of Christian citizenship."
Says NO to divorce and NO to death penalty

source: Wikipedia
41 y/o Navy Officer
He was known for leading the 2003 Oakwood Mutiny when he and some 300 junior officers and enlisted men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines took over the Oakwood towers in Makati City as protest for alleged rampant corruption in the Philippine government - in the Armed Forces of the Philippines in particular - and the prevalence of social injustice all over the country.He was detained for almost seven and a half years after protesting against corruption.
He filed a total of 729 bills and resolutions, 29 of which have been passed into law like the Archipelagic Baselines Law, and the new Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Act among others.

says NO to divorce, NO to same-sex marriage, NO to death penalty

on same-sex marriage: "I'm not in favor of same-sex marriage because it may have several complications later on. Even socially liberal countries are very cautious in approaching this new development so I think it's more prudent for us to wait and review whether such social movements would be beneficial to our society.
Besides, I think what is more important is to discourage gender discrimination. One you get that out of the way, we will be more accepting in the society. But it should be something short of marriage." 

photo source:
66 y/o, professor, businessman, religious leader
founder of the Jesus Is Lord Church

In 2004, he was a presidential candidate in the Philippine election but lost to incumbentGloria Macapagal-Arroyo and placed last in a field of five candidates, with 6.2% of the vote - although many Filipinos believed that the 2004 election in general was analleged large-scale election fraud, particularly due to the Aragoncillo Project.
He is the owner and chairman of ZOE Broadcasting Network, a commercial TV station currently operated by GMA Network through Quality TeleVision (QTV) now GMA News TV. He is also the owner and president of Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation Inc.(JILCF), a Christian school in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Villanueva is against homosexuality; he said in an interview "Sabi ng Good Book, huwag gayahin 'yung nangyari sa Sodom and Gomorrah dahil darating ang paggunaw sa isang bansa 'pag 'yun ay ginawa" (According to the Good Book, don't imitate what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah because judgement will befall on the country if it's done.)



photo source:
62 y/o
Businesswoman, former congresswoman
member of the House of Representatives for the Lone District of Las Piñas City. She is the sister of Las Piñas mayor Vergel Aguilar[1] and the wife of Senator Manny Villar. She was first elected to Congress in 2001 and served three consecutive terms...
In her term as congresswoman, she led the passage of 28 bills including University of the Philippines Charter of 2008 and Philippine Normal University Modernization Act of 2009.
If elected in the Senate, she vows to create a separate department for Filipino migrant workers, which centralize all the services and functions of related government agencies or bureaus, for OFWs.

Says NO to divorce, NO to same sex marriage, NO to death penalty

In a senatorial forum on GMA News TV on February 23, 2013, economist Solita Monsod asked Villar to explain why, as chairman of the House committee on high education, she opposed the move to close nursing schools that the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said did not meet minimum requirements to continue operations.
Villar explained that she favored the students who wanted to continue their schooling. CHED, she said, wanted to close the nursing schools because they didn't have the required tertiary hospitals where the nurses would eventually be trained before they graduate and get their BS Nursing degrees.
This part of Villar's response became controversial: "Actually, hindi naman kailangan ng nurse na matapos ang BSN (BS Nursing). Kasi itong mga nurses, gusto lang nilang maging room nurse, o sa Amerika o sa other countries, ay mag-aalaga lang sila. Hindi naman kailangan na ganoon sila kagaling. (Nurses don't actually need to finish BS Nursing. These nurses only want to become a room nurse or caregivers in America or in other countries. They don't need to be that good.),” Villar said in response.
Cynthia Villar apologized on March 4, 2013 to Filipino nurses who were hurt by her recent statement on the nursing profession.
Taos-puso po akong humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng mga nurse at kani-kanilang pamilya na labis na nasaktan sa aking kasagutan sa tanong na ibinato sa akin sa isang programa sa TV (I sincerely apologize to all the nurses and their families who were hurt by my response to the question I was asked on TV),” she posted on her Twitter account @cynthia_villar. Source-


photo source:
44 y/o, politician
served as a representative representing the third district of Bukidnon for three consecutive terms, and was the Senate of the Philippines Majority Leader, replacing Senator Francis Pangilinan on November 17, 2008.
Zubiri announced his resignation on August 3, 2011 following allegations of poll fraud during the Senate elections in 2007.He is the first senator to do so, since all historical resignations from the senate prior to his resignation involved senators leaving to assume other positions in government. source
says NO to divorce, NO to same sex marriage, NO to death penalty

"Initially, I was in favor of the death penalty, but since my renewed faith as a Marian devotee, I would like take the power of the death of a person from the hands of man and leave their faith on the hands of God and the rule of law.
What we need to do is for a maximum deterrence of criminality, I propose... a brand new, redesigned jail system similar to the national penitentiaries of the United States where the heinous criminals are separated individually. It's a maximum sexurity jail and in pure isolation."


To listen to the views and opinions of the Senatorial Candidates you may view this video

You may also click on the sources of the information here to learn more and may visit
for updates on Phil 2013 elections...


the Filipino children are counting on you...

the myriad problems beseeching our country and its people....
I am in tears thinking of them out there....

we can solve them all one day...only if we work hand in hand....
yes I am a dreamer...


 ~this has been the lengthiest and most exhaustive post I have ever made in this blog
though all I did was dig for data and post the references I must admit it was truly tiring yet
I feel fulfilled being able to share the profile of these men and women who are vying for a position in the be our voice and our chance at a better life for our children...
as moms and dads and daughters and sons, we have the power to make a difference...
please leave me your thoughts and share the post to others who may also leave valuable information not
presented here for all of us to
make up our minds and finally list
12 righteous, service-oriented, honest individuals....
it is a tough decision to make, let us help each other 

..with all of you in prayer for this nation's future...


making me, the person that I am today..
mama...I owe you everything

Information Sources:,_Jr.

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  2. wow, thank you for this ate kulasa :) Ive watched Kampanya serye with Ted Failon and most of what they said here quoted comes from that show. And I have come to a conclusion. haha. I dont know if this is right or wrong but i think the only way for our country to change is to elect new officials. Like in the senate, most of the new candidates want to do some changes- they have goals and ideals that id like to see realized. The old ones who have been serving our country for a long time have had their chance yet nothing happened(slow progress). So my take is in with the new, out with the old.

    Id like to see the continuation of this post and also your comment on who to vote for. :)

  3. oh am geeeeeee! napakasipag mo, hands down!
    ipagdasal natin na magkaroon ng pagbabago sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

  4. Wow, this is hardwork Zen, I salute you for trying your best to get to know all candidates so you can choose at your best judgment. May we put the right servants into office.

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  7. The senatoriables put under scrutiny for better judgment...hope the right and the righteous people may be put into office.

  8. how i wish that all the senators will be independent in their decision-making and not dictated upon by the party in power...they might coalesce with other parties, but their stand on issues should remain the same...information like this should reach the majority of our people...thank you for your concern and with this you have done your part for the sake of our country...

    1. amado extends his thank for you anakis for this very important info...i can have now my intelligent choices to lead our counry...carry on....

  9. Thanks for sharing this Doc Zen, I only know few of them such as G. Honasan. Kudos to you for putting this all together.

  10. You have provided very helpful information here for Filipino voters. Let us all hope and pray that the right candidates get elected.

  11. here again Zen, I know how much hard work you put into this, may this help voters decide for the right persons, I'll pray that we will have true servants serving our country.

  12. Point to consider: There are missing bills that were not mentioned, bills co-authored by Legarda and Trillanes, masterminded by Drillon and Recto. Bills reducing pensions of the AFP, PNP, BJNP BFP and a bill eliminating teachers' salary during vacation period.

  13. Thank so much for this information. There's a lot of it you gathered here. I don't even know some, now at least I am introduced to these people who will be responsible for the country.

  14. Wow! This post is certainly a must-read. As voters, we must be responsible enough by choosing who and who not to vote :)

  15. Ang lupet ng research mo. Thanks for this valued information. Yung, yes to same sex marriage, patay ka sa akin. And the one na personal assistant lang ng tatay nya. sus,sana nagBaranggay captain ka muna. But the silly thing ang taas nya sa Survey.

  16. Hi sis, did my post went through? Please let me if it doesn't ha para makapag comment ako ulit.Thankies! HUgs!

  17. What a lengthy yet very informative post! A must-read especially that the coming election is drawing near. Thank you for sharing this, Zen. This will be very will helpful to voters like us! Yes to a better Philippines! Goodluck to all Filipinos!

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