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How To Achieve a Healthy Body Without Spending Much

photos courtesy of Quen Nathassia Molly 
Eating a well balanced meal, exercising and getting enough rest and sleep- oftentimes easier said than done. Being in the medical profession I may know all these facts but when it comes to my own body I must admit I also do have a need to remind myself every now and then the following vital rules to achieve a healthy body without spending much! 


     It has been said that "we are what we eat". In this modern world where most everything including the food we consume has undergone so many complex preparations before they reach our plates it is sometimes too hard to be able to stick to a healthy eating plan and keep our bodies in the best condition.  Too much of sweets, fatty or salty foods could lead to devastating effects to our organs. So before putting anything inside your mouth think "healthy" first. I often tell my patients to avoid extremes of flavors and fatty, processed food but keep stressing that I didn't tell them "not to eat" at all. The best way to eat is to have a balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein, the good fats, vitamins  and minerals. 

      Fresh fruits and aptly prepared vegetables boosts our immune system and keep our skins radiantly beautiful So instead of snacking on chips and oily food, go for an apple or a banana or any fruit in season. Enough amount of water, juices and dairy products taken according to the caloric needs of our body keep us hydrated and feeling fresh all day and night. Our caloric or energy needs vary according to our age and present height and weight so it is a must to consult experts who could lay out our dietary plan for us. It would be more awesome to be able to grow the fruit bearing trees and take care of the vegetables in our yards. We will not only take good care of our bodies but also help save mother Earth plus such could also be an income generating venture for us. 


     Any health buff would know that excercising regularly and keeping track of one's weight helps a lot to keep our blood circulating well and feeding the needed oxygen to our organs. Walking, bicycling, running, jogging, swimming, sports, whatever physical acitivity you are interested to pursue all make one achieve that good feeling of being able to breathe in and breathe out with ease. You don't need to  spend much to achieve a great body, all you need is the determination and passion for a long healthy life with a well scheduled daily routine.


     Sleep at least six to eight hours a day and have time to pamper yourself. Never push yourself to do much more than your body could handle. When you feel ache anywhere in your body it is a signal for you to stop whatever you are doing and listen to what it says. If it is aching on your head, perhaps you need to eat or sleep and rest. So go ahead and take a nap. Not only will it prevent you from having those unsightly eyebags it will also keep your mind and memory working in full swing. 


     Loveless? You have no one beside you to hug or to hold? Never mind, you could always smile at yourself and keep sharing your happiness to the weak and the needy. Who knows one day soon he or she will be knocking at your door. 

      You may have a long way to go as you look at the fats scattered in your arms, thighs, abdomen and butts but you've heard it many times "every long journey starts with one small step," so join me in my journey to a HEALTHY BODY without spending much will you? 

An apple- juicy, delicious, definitely good for you and me
please do remember too, to stay prayerful and to seek ye first, the Kingdom of God  

(for a more detailed advise on eating a well balanced diet you could visit your health care provider or click the contacts page)

 `special thanks to Quen Nathassia Molly Zabate
and Zach Franche Difuntorum


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  1. oh yeah, we are what we eat, and what we do, haaayst, i gained weight, the weight i gained from my philippines trip, i still am not able to lose, and i added more, now my pants are tight, but i do not want to buy new clothes, i also do not want my doctor to nag me, i am seeing him in a matter of weeks, i should lose some pounds so i don't hear him nag me about my weight, huhuhu.

  2. I am sorry to say this, but I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight! You see, I have the opposite problem, but I do watch what I am eating, preferably healthy foods!

    I need however, putting in more effort in exercise!

  3. so true! it is also very important to eat the healthy foods correctly...if you eat an apple or other fruits just after a whole meal you kind of lose the effect; not a lot of people know that fruits are healthy eaten on their own between meals or as breakfast as they need only 20 min to be digested and if mixed with cooked food they start to ferment in the stomach...
    sunny smiles+take care!

  4. This is a wonderful post! I too dont eat too much junk food and try to eat as much fruits as possible. PS - I was on a blogging break and hence could not write comments to you! Have a lovely week ahead Zen :)

  5. You are so right on all counts. When we take unhealthy shortcuts we are shortcutting our health.

  6. we are what we eat, hence i am one junkie hehehehe. trying to beat monday blues and busyness here. labyew!


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