Thursday, April 11, 2013

Talking to the Moon

Each night, before I go to bed I look for the moon in the sky. Like a kid I would sit for awhile and stare at it wondering if I could touch it. How it would feel to be there. At times I would toy with the idea that someone is sitting up there too, looking down at me. Then I would smile and sigh and think of happy memories. The memories will always include your smiles. The world is huge but I know somehow, we all are connected, we could all always look up the moon wherever we are and believe that life on Earth will never cease....for as long as love stays in our hearts...All my previous attempts to capture the night sky were futile until this year's Easter when someone must have been watching me play with my cam and smiled for me...

....The clear evening sky, the moon lighting up the mountains and making the clouds shine made me think of one thing..."miracles," "miracles" do happen when we pray hard enough and believe.....
 with special thoughts for sweet ma'am Melchie Pulido one of my soul mates
who I later learned was also looking at the same moon

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  1. "miracles do happen when we pray hard enough and believe....."


  2. Mas magaling ka mag capture Doc Zen.... Alam mo ba doki na ang papa dear ko (went with the Lord last 2011) palagi nyang sinasagot sa akin kung tinatanong ko sya kung Miss na Miss ba nya ako? Sabi nya " Oo, Bibing ( nickname ko sa kanya) lalo na kung nag papakita ang full moon....."
    Bakit? kasi yung mukha ko parang moon..... FOL (Fart out Loud)

    You Made me live again, Doki Zen

    Miss you Papa Max
    Inang Melchie

  3. Beautiful moon scapes Zen, i havent stared at the moon these days, cold to be out at night :( and yes, muracles do happen


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