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Heat Stroke: How To Protect Ourselves and the Ones We Love

(Bing and Shawy Sarmiento with their two lovely daughters)

A happy healthy family is wealth beyond compare.
      Summertime! What I love about it is the endless bonding moments with the kiddos; the family gatherings and school reunions not to mention all the yummy fruits in season and all the time in the world to visit beaches and resorts. There's one thing I can't get myself to love about it though- the heat! Exerting on a hot, humid day predisposes one to heat stroke- medically defined as a body temperature higher than 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) due to exposure to environmental heat which may result in brain damage and dysfunction of other vital organs. 

How do you know you or a loved one could be experiencing Heat stroke:

When exposed to extremely warm environment one should be wary of dizziness or a terrible headache  associated with nausea or vomiting and cramping feeling on one's muscles which could later progress to being confused and inability to comprehend others; a racing heart and gasping for air as one's body tries to compensate. As one's body temperature rises, one could note flushing on the skin with absence of sweating due to dehydration. When no immediate intervention is done one could lose consciousness and severe organ damage could ensue. 

What should we do:

Someone must call for help and arrange for the person to be transported to a medical facility as soon as possible at the same time moving the person to a cooler place and initiating cooling measures hastily like removing excessive clothing and wrapping the person in cold, wet linen or clothing, using ice or immersing the patient in water, a bathtub or lake or pool if accessible. Ice packs should be applied on the groins, axilla, head and neck. An electric fan blowing on the patient could help a lot until help arrives and the patient is taken to a hospital facility where advanced cooling measures could be initiated. Presence of mind and a calm aura is always an asset during medical emergencies such as heat stroke. 

How do we keep ourselves free from Heat Stroke?

Summer clothes were invented for a reason, those sleeveless, loose, light colored clothings are a must wear to keep our bodies cool! Drinking lots of fluids and eating hydrating fruits like melons and apples help a lot as well as scheduling our strenuous activities during not so warm times of the day which are early in the morning and just before evening sets in. Those with long standing diseases like hypertension or metabolic diseases such as hyperthyroidism should take their meds regularly and not risk themselves being exposed to extreme heat. Always keep your cool mentally too and take those much needed breaks in between work. And yes- do schedule a time for recreation with family and friends like swimming in the pool!

     The other week my family and I together with our kiddo's friends spent a relaxing time at a resort swimming in the pool and  just watching the world go by....Funny thing was it rained later in the afternoon! Where has summer gone we all exclaimed! The water turned a lot cooler after a while such the need for rheem pool heaters huge towels, hot drinks and human hugs after our pool indulgence. Extremes of temperature are a must to be avoided to keep our bodies healthy. Moments spent with loved ones are always the best moments whatever the weather is, that I can attest to! Sharing with you our summer smiles and laughter. 

 pool photos taken at La Playa Ursula,
#435 Sitio Paratong, Poblacion, Bacnotan, La Union
for allowing me to post their beautiful family photo

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  1. Great post sistah! Just in time for the season.
    Love the smile in that photo of yours. :)

  2. Coming from a doctor like you, I better listen!

    On a different note, your blog feed got stuck on Pho Saigon post! Are you playing with it? :-)

  3. the last photo is a picture of bliss! kamukha ni baby R mga pinsan niya at brother mo. mga chinito at chinita. ;)
    enjoy the rest of the summer and kudos for sharing useful medical info about heatstroke.

  4. Awesome family photos you got here sis, thanks also for the heat stroke info, di nalang ako lumalabas ng bahay kasi mas

    Best of life this summer!

  5. I love summer , you can do a lot of things on a nice weather. I love your family pics by the way. I miss mine :(

  6. My husband is very prone to heat stroke so we have to constantly buy sun protection spray whenever we go out in summer time. I agree, fun and enjoyment during summer is endless but we have to make sure that we are protected from the heat of the sun.

  7. I am very wary of heat stroke because my husband is hypertensive while I usually suffer through migraines when the weather is hot. These are good tips you have here.

  8. I agree with you. I love summer and time to do a lot things with the family. Though summer here is peak season to go in beaches we try to avoid it and go at the end of August or May to enjoy the ocean.

  9. If only I have read this post and shared it with my brod. hindi pa sana siya pumanaw. Sad events did we experienced last month. Yung mother ko rin suffered a mild stroke because of mainit na panahon.

  10. Our temperature here gets that high since we live in Texas dessert. It's just Spring right now but the temp already goes up to as high as 95 degrees. Hubby to do yardwork but always give him cold water while he is working. There's been cases of heatstroke here and that would be an aweful thing to happen.

  11. it's really very hot these days.we must stay hydrated all the time to prevent any illness.

  12. thanks for sharing this post to us, its really helpful and timely post. its so hot here in Bkk, even hotter than Manila...and i agree with what you've said about being free from it. love those pictures, everyone seems happy and having fun! :) anyway, enjoy the rest of summer...ingat lang po palagi. :)

  13. I hate the sun especially when it gets too scorching hot. It is also no good for my HBP so this post is just too valuable for me, Doc. Zen. Thanks for sharing. Mwah!


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