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Dinabel's Weekend-Getaway: Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

I would love you all to meet a friend of mine who inspires me to keep loving life and to keep working hard. Dinabel/ Dinsky Rn who used to be my workmate in a Nursing School now based in New London, Wisconsin. She makes makes me realize that indeed, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single 

Dinabel and I- Vigan City, 2011
Keeping in touch is easy with technology and I was so happy to learn of her recent fishing trip to Horseshoe Bend Arkansas. Sharing with you her photos of re-visiting Arkansas which she graciously allowed me to post here. Thank you so much Dinabel! 

~all photos are owned by Dinsky Rn~

Dinsky in Arkansas

     I learned from Wikipedia that Horseshoe Bend is a city in FultonIzard, and Sharp counties in the U.S. state of Arkansas and from the city's official website that "It is a special place of southern simplicity, yet has a magical charm!"....Nestled in the Ozark mountains, on the Strawberry River, Horseshoe Bend is easily accessible to Arkansas' most scenic highways.

Dinabel immensely enjoyed riding up and down the hills and looking at the green scenery. 

 The City of Horseshoe Bend is a great place to go fishing, boating and swimming. I would love to ride a canoe too!
A view of Crown Lake, Arkansas by Dinabel

Around 2.2 miles from Horseshoe Bend, Crown Lake is a reservoir where one could enjoy catching fish of different variety like Bluegill, catfish and Crappie. Did Dinabel catch any? Let's see! 

A peep into the full moon as she waited with friends for early morning, the best time to fish!

keeping themselves warm 

fish just wanting the bait...

Dinabel was patient until...

whoa, looks like a catch!


catfish there you are!!

Dinabel with her freshly caught catfish!

"Hi there fishy!" Looks like my friend had  a blast!

Dinabel saying- "Thanks Karen for an awesome weekend get-a-way — with Karen's Kitchen inHorseshoe Bend, AR."

Those smiles certainly show what an awesome time one would have in Horseshoe Bend! Can't wait to one sweet day visit the place too....

     Headin' back...
Passing thru Licking..... so green 

     Dinabel says they surely had an awesome time in Arkansas but on the way home they passed through a thunderstorm. 

Her friend Jo to whom she is grateful for having invited her to the trip says she is glad they made it home in 

one piece driving 25 miles an hour with 60 mile an hour winds...indeed that was a great adventure! 

Dinabel says her friend Jo is a great driver to which I so agree. 

Passing thru severe thunderstorm — in Springfield, IL.

Then they were back to Wisconsin, back to Reality — in Madison, WI.

and speaking of HEALTHY LIFE as printed on the truck they saw along the way..

...back in Wisconsin Dinabel got the chance to eat the yummy fish she caught!
She caught four fishes and a friendly neighbor helped her turn it into a sumptuous fillet! I would love to have had a taste of it!...and to have gone fishing at Horseshoe Bend too! 

Dinabel with friend Joann
Their happy gorgeous faces makes me want to see Arkansas soon! 
Thanks for the awesome virtual tour Dinabel and Jojo! 

(lifted from Dinabel's FB timeline)

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

from my humble world to yours
(since I do not get to travel a lot but have that love to see the world, 
in the meantime I am sharing my friends' adventures across the globe 
to fill that longing to explore, 
travel with us!)
my endless thanks to Dinabel for gracing the pages of my life...until your next trip!


✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

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  1. you just scratched my itchy feet! haha!

    what a fun adventure, glad they made it back in one piece and they had loads of fun fishing. hi there Dinabel and Joann! great to see your happy faces at TLIN. :)

  2. this is one beautiful feature Zen, of the travel of your friend, I could imagine their joy of catching a fish, it's like the prize for being out

  3. That was a great bonding experience and adventure with a friend indeed. :) I'd love to try and experience catching a fish, looks really fun!

  4. lovely! such picturesque photos!! i would love to try fishing too! We have a river near our farm back in australia but haven't tried this fishing yet

  5. Beautiful pictures! So rich in nature! So your friend lives in London, WI? We always pass by that place every time we drive to Appleton. I live in Stevens Point, WI.

  6. You really are a sweet friend to have Doc Zen. Dinabel seems to be a very fun and sweet friend as well.

  7. Beautiful place with a beautiful friends equal impressive. I like the fire place, its really cool.

  8. here again, kulasa, :) i love your narration, it sems like you are right there with Dinabel, sharing the joys of catching a fish

  9. Great photos and I agree with Betchai, Ang galing ng narration mo as if kasama ka talaga.

  10. The picture with the very dark clouds that it almost touches the earth really amazed me.

  11. Great photos you have here! I bet that was a superb bonding moment.

  12. lovely pictures, really nice view around...must be really lovely to be there specially having your friends or family around. i would love to try fishing...:) have a great week.

  13. So amazing to hear how awesome your friendship with each other.


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