Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Juan Surfing Area at Twilight and Purpose-Driven Photo-taking     One of my favorite places in our locality is the San Juan, Surfing Area. This is where I take most of my sunset shots and is the location of my Passing Happiness Around Post. Almost a week ago I met up with cool "Japol"ogy the brother of a dear blogging friend Ruthi of My Refuge Online and A Carpenter's Wife's Tool Box whom I met through Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life and Breathe in Breathe Out and chatted about the happiness of taking photos and everything else in between. Perhaps many of you are wondering where I get the time to blog. It is something that I love akin to some people's love for music, for sports, for gardening, for cooking, craft creation and the like.

When you love something you will find time for it no matter what especially so when you have a purpose. My friends and I at Salitype Society have two scholars whom we support through our page earnings; details on which you could find in the Walking the Dream  article at Salitype Society page. My joy of doing something I love is therefore multiplied a hundredfold with the thought that our friendship is helping kids make their dream a reality. My meeting with Japol is the closest to date I have gotten to my Salitype buddies. I am so looking forward to meeting my twinzy Cher of Sweet Memoirs
and Betchai this year... and one sweet day together with the rest of our TSS sisters...Eng of Poetic Murmurings, Tes of Crafista, MJ my power ranger  pal, little Beth of It's the Little Things; Car of Flip Flops and Backpacks, and Chay who currently lovingly baby sits our TSS home. 
I'd love to introduce them too to fellow bloggers in the area like Jeff of Moonshine and Saltwater Bojo of Simple Thoughts and Jen of The Ripples of Koi.

How I'd love to be watching the sunset with them at San Juan Surfing Area enjoying the breeze, the lights and the gorgeous sky and yes surfing!

san juan surfing area

Thank you so much for your time. You all inspire me to keep shooting and pursuing my first love- "writing"...
and yes, pursue what you LOVE and you will never grow old at heart :-)

farm bench

from my humble world to yours

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  1. I am so happy that you finally met my brother. I hope someday we will finally meet in person too and experience this beautiful paradise we call home. take care.
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  2. Nice to meet you Japol !

    I am so inspired by your blog Doki, your energy is out of this world - running 2 blogs and supporting our TSS blog and your work and your family -- men, you are amazing !


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  4. I so agree with you, Zen, there is always a time for something if we set a time for it :) If I won't set a time for blogging, I know I would never be able to blog too because I can make a thousand of excuses, but because I find it more purposeful (I also have 2 scholars on my own from my TJOSL and BIBO earnings), and I find it giving me deeper joy knowing that my "tambay" online is not so much wasted time :) Plus of course, I am able to save more since most of my lakwatsa expenses and personal whims I get from my happine$$ which helps me save more for the rainy days. love you Zen. Keep sharing happiness around and may the flame of passion to blog, to be joyful, and to make a difference stay always.

  5. "if you love something, you'll find time for it" - that'll be our blogging motto. about to write the same thoughts in my blog (really,no kidding), naunahan mo ako. off for the weekend. will catch up nextweek. happy and blessed weekend with your boyfriends. mwah!

  6. Your photos are amazing, and I like all the sky photos with its fantastic colors.

    Glad you and Japol met up!

  7. Oh God, I wish I could visit this place... this place looks beautiful!!!

  8. Beautiful place to take sunset shots! LOve the sunset photos! It's nice to know you get to help these scholars through blogging.You all have a such a kind heart!

  9. This looks like a family re-union.


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