Sunday, June 24, 2012


tilts her head
to welcome the drops of water
they run down her neck, to her breasts, arms and legs

with closed eyes she thinks of all the times
in her life she chose to be with you
  she has changed
a lot has changed

when was the last time she heard you sing to her?
sing for her and sing of her?
sigh, she lets out a sigh, and hugs herself
the water goes drip drop, drip drop on the tiles
mingling with her tears,
does the water make the tears less salty?
of course it does…of course it does 

she opens her eyes…and do not see you anywhere…
where are you? where have you gone?
all these years of being together, giving all of her…
what has it done? to her? she seems to have lost herself…lost…
she does not want to grab the towel and dry herself…
she wants to just stay there, under the artificial rain…
to make the tears taste less salty…
to drown the anguish with flowing water…
to wash away the misery…
oh misery is it?
or simply boredom?

for where has the lust gone?
has it been blown with the aging of the sun?
more than the lust…she is looking for the love…
where has all the enchantment gone?
the billowing of the years, has it taken away the fire?
  she rests her shoulders on the wall

she looks at herself in the mirror
has it been the same face?
yes it was, it still is the same,
the same eyes, the same lips that made you hers
then…now? she does not know the answer…
but she knows that somehow, she left you
somewhere, she left you…and she laughs…
  she bathes in revelry because

  she has learned
to love 



- lifted from my extinct friendster blog- august in november-

farm bench
from my humble world to yours


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8 yorum:

  1. "True love is inexhaustible - the more you give, the more you have." Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    Give then till you can give no more...

  2. oh, so powerful words Zen, i can feel the emotions in your lines. i am glad you've learned to love yourself, you are such a wonderful gift!

  3. as always my friend, you write from the is pulsating, it is alive!

    in sweetbitter that is sometimes known as love, you'll find refreshed knowing you give it a try!

  4. oh and girl! i am loving the fresh outlook of your new house! didn't i mention green is my other fav color!..ha!ha!ha! kase green minded ako e,certified di ba!

  5. a very good one!
    here's one for you.

  6. psssst, didn't get to read this in 2009 and i'm glad you reposted it in time for blues clues, or should i say blues blues. haha! btw, about the email. errr, can i do it later, much later? haha! tinamaan ng katam! love yah!

  7. That is beautiful, Zen..and "she learns to love herself" is at its finest.

    Did you just change the look of your blog? It is so pretty!

  8. Very moving words, beautifully written.


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