First drops of Rain

The first drops of rain have made a lot of winged friends happy with every leaf turning luscious green...
watching one with earthen hue was enough to make me can never give me that  kind of happiness....
...after all HAPPINESS is never for sale but is freely wandering in the air...

farm bench

from my humble world to yours


  1. Really beautiful post, cute pics!! Lovely butterfly, and I also love the smell of mud during first rains...
    Have a wonderful sunday kulasa:)

  2. I really enjoyed the photos. they are lovely!

  3. the butterfly didn't care that you were next to it !

    pretty shots, like the rest of your photos !!!


  4. Pretty cute hoppers, if I'm not mistaken they fly so swift, don't they? But whatever it is, you did a great job photographing this tiny creature.

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. saw the same critter at rainfield's journey. beautiful!
    psssst, miss yew!

  6. That's a beautiful butterfly, Zen!

    I'm also surprise that it stayed when you're so near like that. Around here they take off before they even see you coming.

  7. Vero, la felicità non si comra!! buona giornata....ciao


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