Monday, July 20, 2015

"OOO"TD #2

Office Outfit Of The Day #2 is nature inspired. If you are a regular follower of TLIN you'd know that the pink topper is a favorite :) You could check it out here and here.

I currently do not have PINK earrings to match the outfit but the multi-colored beaded necklace above saved the day. I found a Forever 21 bangle to go with the light blue ear ornament.

When I bought the PINK SODA blouse it came with a matching belt. I used to fit inside the blouse but now I use it as a topper LOL.

The white undergarment is by d.e..i LADIES. It's also overused LOL. Remind me to shop will yah?

Anyway what matters is for one to have a good heart which will radiate into angelic ways.

In case you are curious, click here for OOOTD #1 :)

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