Sunday, March 30, 2014

OOTD Series #10: Pink the Repeat

If you've been following our OOTD Series you'd remember my half body shots wearing the same topper in our FEELING YOUNG IN PINK post.

The only difference is that this time I tied my due for rebonding hair.
 ...and I had two escorts for the day...



I'll let you in on a secret- "He may be one tough guy at work but when it comes to the kiddos his heart easily melts." ...and yep, he is a great cook, laundryman, handyman, and everything else in between....shhhh don't tell him I posted his photo here :D

May your homes be filled with beautiful memories of LOVE and LAUGHTER...


She Was Wearing: 
Pink Soda Blouse
Shoes by Mendrez
Pants by FreshGear
Accessories from HK 
Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors 

He (The Graduate) Was Wearing:
~tailored polo and pants by Taurus

He (The Proud Dad) Was Wearing:
Polo Shirt and Pants by JAG

Photographer: Ace Zabate Pagaduan
Shot Using Canon EOS 1000D

4 yorum:

  1. so pretty in pink at so handsome naman ng mga escorts. :)

  2. Beautiful pics Zen!!
    And yeah I would not tell him that you have posted his pic here :P
    Have a great day dear :)

  3. He looks and sounds like a wonderful man!! My husband is the best as well, very handy and willingly helps with whatever I need!!

    You are a beautiful couple!!

  4. better late than never, I missed this! :) But glad to see the link from your FB page :) So pretty you, and yes, don't worry, won't tell O :)


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