Monday, February 10, 2014

OOTD Series #6: Feeling Young In Pink

 They say that to stay young we must keep a happy disposition in life. "Pink"- a happy color splashes my day with glee! Inspired by a friend I call wonderwoman-Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life the other week I took out a blouse by PINK SODA from my closet, a buttoned one which unfortunately no longer fits me. So instead of discarding it I used it as a blazer for a black unlabeled flower printed spaghetti strapped topper. I used my dangling earrings bought from a trade fair with pink tinges and beaded necklace and bangles to match 'em. Sorry got no whole body picture again because the hubby won't cooperate LOL. The above photos were selfie shots using my ever reliable Samsung GT -N700 while waiting for him inside the car. The last photo is a shameful duck face attempt LOL. Have a great day one and all! Remember always to make yourself smile :)

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  1. i remember wearing Pink Soda in college. kolehiyala lang ang peg, love it! i am sure our pink loving friend will love it too. :)

    ganda mo talaga Asunta, pa-autograph po. ;)

  2. oh, super duper lovely and beautiful :) love love it Zen, hmmm, i haven't added another ootd post, hirap kasi nang walang tagakuha nang pics, and I look like aswang in selfie, hahahaha! love you!! Che, super ganda mo talaga, pa-autograph din ako, miss you Zen

  3. You are ageless, Dokie! Forever young ang peg, hihi! Pink Soda is a must have for me too when I was in College. Nakapila nako sa magpapa-autograph. Hihihi! keep those OOTD and selfie posts coming! I am loving it! Ratsada sa selfie for 2014. Hahaha!

  4. You look lovely Sis and and I have to agree with Lainy, you are ageless! At least nagawan ng paraan ang iyong blouse and it perfectly match with your accessories. Sayang lang at walang whole body photo. I am having the same problem with hubby kaya wala akong OOTD post. Hahaha. I guess I have to wait for Bella to grow up pa. ;)

  5. I love pink nowadays. Used to not like it but it definitely has it's place.


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