Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reasons Why I Love Kids Email...and Why You Ought To Sign Up Too!

My kids used to ask if they could use my e-mail for their on-line assignment searches as well as game registrations. Recently, they have figured out how to make their own e-mail for mobile applications and other computer thingy they are hyped about. It got me troubled thinking I may no longer be able to monitor the sites they visit from many spam messages that could land on their inbox. It worries me knowing how gullible they are at their age. So when I heard about a Safe Email For Kids, KidsEmail and the many great features it has for parents like me I signed up at once!

my son Roel checking out his cool KidsEmail inbox

What do I love about KidsEmail?

Registering is Easy
~Just log on to to start your free trial. You will then be prompted to enter your needed details and then receive a confirmation e-mail which will take you to the next step which is adding your kids' accounts. You would then discover that KidsEmail will give you PEACE OF MIND when it comes to your kid's online life at the same time not depriving your kids of the JOY OF GETTING IN TOUCH with the rest of the world.

Safety Settings
~We parents could easily customize the settings of their e-mail in such a way that we could monitor our kid's contact list as well as FILTER OUT BAD WORDS and even have a copy of outgoing messages mailed to us.

...see? Now I do not have to worry about my Roel being bullied on-line or visiting links to dangerous sites!

What more? 


~I could get the kiddos to follow their "study time" schedule by grounding them from using their account on certain times of the week. Discipline is one thing we are keen about at home.
~Now that will save me "worrying time" when the kids do not respond to my messages when they are away from home and engrossed in activities with friends.

..and this is what entices Roel the most!

Cool Lay-Out
~My son was gleeful seeing his e-mail platform with a champion design!
for the little ladies here's one exciting theme!

...oh makes me wish I were a little girl still! Am sure your kiddos will be as joyful as my Roel when they log in on KidsEmail!

...check out KidsEmail to learn more and join the fun of a "worry free" mom and a "safe, happy daughter or son"!


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