Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One Reason Why Being In A Relationship is Sometimes Better Than Being Alone

We've all been through rough times. Times when rain seems to be pouring forever inside our hearts.
What does one do to ease the pain? Drinking something refreshing from custom coffee mugs  with the sweetest messages imaginable energizes our brains and helps us think things over. Sharing a meal with someone dear to our heart gives us the push to go through the day no matter how heavy our burdens may be. Amazing right?

Amazing how one person could inspire us to move mountains and fight our battles. Waking up to someone's snore with arms wrapped around your waist and hearing mumbles of "iloveyou" with closed eyes and moving limbs is simply bliss! If you've found that ONE PERSON who could erase all your worldly cares with just a SMILE don't you ever waste a minute not showing him or her how much you care. We only live once as proven by science so go AHEAD, LOVE, LOVE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HURT BEFORE AND LOVE 'TIL THE END OF TIME.....



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