Monday, February 29, 2016

OOOTD~"Office Outfit Of The Day

Okay, so once upon a time two of my blogging "besties" told me to "doll up" more often. I guess it's great I heeded their advice before I got into "official business"/ the slightly serious professional side of work.

So here goes my not officially first entry to triple "O"-TD :)

Red Tops is by SILVER BIRD of California

Bag is by Multi-Sac, strapped sandals by MarikinaShoe
Nail art by my friend Gigi
~pardon my ugly feet

Pants by SaltWorks New York City

Photos taken by my aged Samsung Galaxy Note II
Edited using Google+ 

Okey docs...time to work! :)
~Happy Sun-peeping day folks!:)

Our locality recently suffered from a tragedy yet as always optimism, love and diligence and tons of prayer- SAVES. 

2 yorum:

  1. oh, my favorite is the top photo, you look so elegant Zen, praying for the wellness your town to be able to move past the recent tragedy and for the strength and safety of everyone

  2. Hmm, I love how you joyfully captured this OOTD. I haven't' done one. I think doing one is a sign of much positivity and sheer joy! Hope all is well with you. =>


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