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National Wallace Monument- Kurt-Rhys-Shekeinah's Adventure

It's time for another The Letter's In November's Friends' Travel Tales and
this time, three kids are taking us to Scotland! 

Meet Kurt, Rhys and Shekeinah with their mom- Sheryl Alipio Pascua with whom I worked with before she and husband Ruel left for England. Early this month they took their kids to places where kids' imaginations could soar above the clouds and instill magical and precious memories on their young minds.

One of the places they visited was NATIONAL WALLACE MONUMENT...let's join them in their adventure!

(All photos are owned by Sheryl and Ruel Pascua and information source was Wikipedia)

Little boys like Kurt and Rhys love listening to stories about heroes and at Wallace Monument they got to learn more about Sir William Wallace, a Scottish hero in the 13th century who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England.

  Standing on the summit of Abbey Craig, a hilltop near Stirlingin Scotland, from which Wallace was said to have watched the gathering of the army of King Edward I of England, just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge, visitors are free to see the place but have to climb a 246 step spiral staircase to the viewing gallery.

   Sheryl says she was glad her boys were brave enough to go through such a challenge. She and Ruel I bet coached them well. After all they were there to assist them and teach them bravery. 

      With them during the trip were Clint, Jerry and Suzzette who are also dear friends of mine.
I will share with you their Scotland adventures too in another post :)

At the National Wallace Monument, visitors could avail of minibus shuttle service; listen to audio tour in five languages; use the picnic area, visit the souvenir and gift shop and enjoy Woodland walks and Nature trails. How I love to be able to see the place myself one sweet day! Take me with you guys! for free? hehehe :)

Yet for now I am contented joining my friends virtually allowing them to take us to a landmark commemorating the life of a martyr and a patriot...


Sheryl being the stylish woman she has always been looks so lovely carrying her daughter and holding her son's hand beaming with excitement as they drew nearer the  67-meter (220 ft) sandstone tower. Built in the Victorian Gothic style, the tower was constructed following a fundraising campaign and completed in 1869.

...then there they were reaching the viewing area...

precious smiles that say it was truly worth the climb!

What's there to see? -a number of artifacts believed to have belonged to Sir Wallace.

The magnificent battle sword of Sir William 

...the hall of heroes...

Kurt and Rhys look so fascinated at the display of courage and dignity of someone with a brave heart.
The life of Sir Wallace was depicted in the movie of Mel Gibson in 1995...BRAVEHEART....

....though hanged, drawn and quartered, Sir Wallace refused to beg for mercy and submit to the king...he shouted "Freedom!" moments before being decapitated....In 1314, Bruce then Scotland's king led a Scottish army before a ceremonial line of English troops where he was to formally accept English rule and as he began to ride toward the English, he stopped and invoked Wallace's memory imploring his men to fight with his as they did with Wallace...the battle ended with the Scots gaining their freedom...something that only a truly brave heart could inspire...

The viewing gallery inside the monument's crown provides expansive views of the Ochil Hills and the Forth Valley.

I can't stop saying wow seeing the awesome view...

I can feel the love and happiness depicted in the Pascua family's photos at a place where heroism makes the heart beat fast. 
I bet these two gorgeous  little boys had one great time with their mom and dad and though Shekeinah was too young to store the memories she had an awesome time being pampered by the family. 

Thank you She and Ruel for sharing your wonderful time at The National Wallace Monument.

May every family in the world be blessed with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and every little boy with a BRAVE HEART. 

The National Wallace Monument

Height67 m
AddressAbbey Craig, Hillfoots Rd, Stirling FK9 5LF, United Kingdom
Phone+44 1786 472140
for more information click here- source

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  1. what a beautiful place of history that shows that very strategic place indeed for Wallace to watch for the coming army of Kind Edward I of England.

  2. Ang ganda naman ng family photos nila ate Sheryl! And yes, she is indeed stylish even when carry her son! :)

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  8. I really like old edifices like that sandtower! Even though I don't have plans of extending my travels outside the Philippines, I may be breaking my own rule because of this... There really is so much to see at the different parts of the world... Thanks for the inspiration...

  9. Hubby's been there already. I told my husband that I really want to see Scotland and enjoy it's beauty. In God's perfect timing.

  10. another amazing country, and big thanks for touring us around Scotland through your friends pictures, its all beautiful and looks like they all had a great time! must be really lovely to see Scotland in person, hopefully someday. happy weekend. :)

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