Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Best Ways to See More of the USA


The USA is a vast country, which may as well be made up of lots of smaller countries. The fifty states can differ from each other in a number of significant ways. They each have their unique cultures, speech patterns, and histories. There's so much to see, but most people never see a huge chunk of it. Whether they live in the States or come in from outside, most people tend to develop favorite spots. So every year they might return to Florida or California. But there's a lot more to explore, and there are fantastic ways to do it. Here's how you can take in more of the country on your travels.

Road Trip

Is there any better way to take in the USA than with a great American road trip? Whether you go driving for a day, a couple of weeks or even months, it's a great way of traveling. You can choose what you want to drive, how far you go, and how often you stop. Some people do it on a motorbike, while others would rather have a luxury RV. You can find campsites to stay at, or you could book into 5-star hotels. There are some famous road trips you can try, like Route 66. But the joy of a road trip is that you can go wherever you want. You could explore a single state, or take a cross-country adventure.

Take a Cruise

If you're all about coastal locations, a cruise can be an amazing way to see more. Instead of visiting the same beachside town every year, why not see how many you can visit in a week? You can choose a fantastic cruise in one state, such as Alaska, which is a popular choice for cruises. Or you could find one that takes you down a length of the coast, such as part of the Pacific coast. Another option is river cruises, which can bring you through the middle of states instead. You could sail down the Mississippi or explore the rivers of Florida.


Book onto a Group Tour

Solo travelers and couples often find themselves longing for company. If you want to find some travel companions, you could book onto a tour. A group tour gets you an incredible journey, plus people to share it with. You can do them in almost any destination you want to, and for any length of time. It could be a couple of weeks exploring California, or a month going from the East to West coast. You'll usually be sharing a bus.

Trains and Buses

If you don't want to spend your travels with strangers but don't want to drive, you can still cover long distances. Apart from flying, your other two options are buses and trains. Although you can't use them to get everywhere, they can get you far. If you enjoy the act of getting from A to B, you might find you love seeing the US by bus or train. Spend your time looking out the window and watching the country go past.

There's no need to keep returning to your favorite vacation spots if you want to see more. Be a little adventurous and try out somewhere new.

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