Friday, July 24, 2015

How Do You Know You Are With The Right Person?

Let's face it, when we love, we get hurt. We get hurt not because we do not love enough but because there's that innate feeling of wanting to be "all that our beloved wants" and to be with the person every second of the day. In reality that can not happen. 

There are sacrifices we must make for our own growth and for our families.  There are times we get jealous for no reason at all for fear he or she might leave us suddenly for another. Our partners and us are not perfect and arguments are unavoidable. At times we sin and give in to temptation. At times we fail to be the best mate in the world but LOVE allows us to be humble to accept our faults and our partners to FORGIVE us and vice versa. Indeed what makes relationships work is compromise. Learn to accept him or her for all that he or she is. Encourage personal improvement but not to the point of changing the entirety of the person. Be open in your communication. When there is something bothering you or clouding your judgment or anything at all that needs his or her opinion blurt it out and deal with the problem together. 

And yes, pray unceasingly for a bond that is built on FAITH endures forever.

At the end of the day when you both close your eyes to go to dreamland and embrace each other you get that "this is it" moment- some people search a lifetime for. Even when you are miles away from each other you feel a strong connection.

     How then do you know you are with the right person? There is I think no words enough to describe that. You just FEEL it, the absence of doubt, the presence of peace in your heart that this is the person you want to grow old with, to love and to cherish until death do you part. 

Otherwise if it is mere remorse and hatred you feel when you barely look at him or her think twice. I'm not saying break up with the person or file for an annulment at once but consider evaluating your happiness meter. Staying with the wrong person will make you unproductive and a very dull person. Who wants a life full of misery? 

Cheers to all who are inlove or have known love and lost. I think there is no losing love because once it's TRUE LOVE it never ever leaves go ahead and love, love love!

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  1. Love, love, love! True love conquers all, even the most inflexible husbands. Lol.

  2. love is a commitment as they say, the right person now may be wrong tomorrow if we don't know how to stay to our commitment and we don't know how to love ourselves as well


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