Monday, July 20, 2015

Boosting Your Body Confidence: Helpful Tips

We all have body hang-ups, even supermodels have things that they dislike about their bodies. So if you worry about how your body looks, you aren’t alone.

If you could, what would you choose to change about yourself? Do you wish for slimmer, longer legs? Would getting rid of your cellulite make you the happiest person ever? Do you dream of having larger, perkier breasts?

Most of us, have at least one thing that we would jump at the chance, to change. Very few women are 100 percent satisfied with their appearances - there is always something that we want to change.

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Even though there are things that you want to change about your body, you shouldn’t feel bad about your appearance. Your body is the only body you will get, so it’s important that you learn to love it.

To help you boost your body confidence, have a read of our tips and ideas, below:

Identify what you dislike about your body

The first step to learning to love your body is working out what it is that you dislike about it. Stand in front of a mirror and work out what it is that you dislike about yourself. Once you have worked it out, you can then begin to change how you see yourself.

Make changes

One of the main reasons women dislike their bodies is because of simple things like weight gain and stretch marks. These small things can cause us lots of stress and worry because we feel like our bodies should look different to how they do.

If the thing you dislike about your body is something that you can change, then change it. Some people believe that you shouldn’t have to change your body to love it, but it’s personal to you. If making changes makes you feel happier and more confident, then make them.

If you would feel better about yourself if you lost a couple of pounds, then lose a couple of pounds. If you would feel better about yourself if your stretch marks faded, invest in some Trilastin stretch mark cream. If you are thinking, ‘Does Trilastin work?’, research the best stretch mark creams, including Trilastin.

Change how you think

Don’t think negatively about your appearance, be positive. If every day you are thinking things like, ‘I’m overweight’ or ‘my nose is too big’, these thoughts will get stuck in your head.

Swap your negative thinking for positivity. Just because you don’t like a part of your body, that doesn’t mean other people won’t like it. Something you hate about yourself, someone else might love. For instance, you might hate your curves, but someone else might love your figure.  

Realize that your body is amazing

Sure, it might not be perfect, but your body is incredible. Whether you are a size six or a size 14, have large breasts or small breasts, have curly hair or straight hair, your body is amazing.

Boosting your body confidence isn’t always easy, but if you follow the tips in this guide, you will get there. It might take some time to raise your confidence, but slowly, it will happen.

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  1. If I could only bring back the days where i can eat like there is no tomorrow without gaining weight, these days, i have to use my brain to feel the fullness of my stomach so i would stop eating. But yeah, still thinking positively


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