Friday, April 7, 2023

Six Ways to Honor the Mother of Your Children

1.Act Your Age!

I meant the opposite- go act the way you used to when you met a long time ago. Tease each other, be each other's best critic at the same time be generous with praise. Don't overdo the latter though because for sure you can read each other's sincerity very well. 

2. Be Each Other's Best Buddy

Always have time to listen to your spouse no matter how busy you may be in your careers. It's when you stop sharing personal and professional goals with each other that miscommunication could set in. Be wary of chances when there could be someone your partner could get too close to just because you were too engrossed in your own world. 

3. Help Each Other In Every Endeavor

May it be a work project or housekeeping chore, do it together. It's when you both sweat it out that the happiness comes pouring. Never be too lazy to clean up a mess in your room or to tidy up the kitchen. 

4. Forgive and Forget Each Other's Faults Completely

Bringing out the pains of the past won't do any good in a relationship. Once you've seen remorse and felt honesty in your heart go ahead and say "you are forgiven," pray and keep your faith in God to show each of you the way to a blessed family life. Never go to sleep holding a grudge towards each other. Make peace easily. When you truly love each other, there's no turning back to "you and I".

5. Never Stop Dating

Schedule your moments exclusively with each other at least once a week. Hugs and kisses and hearty meals nurture your marital vows. Go explore nature, dine out or take long walks by the park. You'll find that each day is indeed Valentine when you're with the One. You'll be surprised when people tell you you are looking younger. I think the secret is in those priceless bonding.

6. Give Her flowers. Give him undivided attention.

Make each day special by constantly being sweet. Long before you know it you'd be wishing for more time on Earth with your sweetheart. So why waste a moment not letting your spouse know how much you love him or her. Say it and say it out loud for all the world to know.

  • “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” – Socrates

~Originally published 18th of November 2018 😀

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