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How To Lift Your Mood In 6 Steps

Well, I can't claim to be an always "happy" person. Am not moody though as far as I know. But there are times too, several occasions actually when the usual optimistic ME feels a bit BLUE. It's easy to say JUST SMILE, in REALITY it is difficult to just snap from being sad to glad. We are no robots. Yet here is a LIST of my SPIRIT lifting TRICKS I hope could help you make that SMILE reach your eyes :)

my good friend Dr. Raiza Marie

My friend captioned her shared photo above- ...."can't afford to let anything or anyone steal my happiness"....

So how shall we go about that?

1. Start the day stress-free 

That's difficult to achieve when you've had a sleepless night and a mountain of tasks await you. So learn to PLAN and set your goals. Make it a point to get at least six (6) to eight (8) hours of sleep. Our bodies need to recharge too!

Now what if you woke up really late and there's not even time to take a shower? BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT and gather your senses. Imagine the worst case scenario. I guess it's you dying along the way and of course you would not let that happen! LOL What am trying to point out is JUST RELAX, take that much needed shower which will clear your mind and get you going. Shower your mind too with happy thoughts. It's been said that it's not the situation that matters but your reaction to it. Most of the time we OVERREACT, OVER ANALYZE and make a HUGE problem out of SIMPLE things. Aaaahhhh so JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. Done with the shower, eat your HEALTHY breakfast and then safely RUN! DON'T FORGET TO INJECT A BIT OF LAUGHTER into your system and FORGIVE thy pretty self for BEING LATE.

2. Count Your Blessings

That's easy for me. For one, YOU WOKE UP, YOU ARE ALIVE! What could be more beautiful than SIMPLY BEING ALIVE?

Two, you can see; you can smell; you can walk; you can BREATHE! Add another point if you can breathe with ease. Think about the HOMELESS people around; the HUNGRY; those who have nowhere to SLEEP, the jobless and those seeking for JUSTICE.

You got yourself a JOB, a loving FAMILY and thoughtful FRIENDS- You ARE RICH!

3. Practice The Art of Sharing and Listening

It's when we start realizing how small our predicaments are compared to that of the world that the MAGIC of INSPIRATION begins to filter our negative emotions.

It's when we REACH OUT that we become BLESSINGS. Remember that we can not SOLVE the problems of the world ALONE but we can CHANGE OURSELVES for the BETTER.

Got extra clothes and food? Give them SECRETLY to the needy. Have extra time? Spend it with those who have NO ONE. See, HAPPINESS is something we could multiply by GIVING AWAY.

4. Dress Up And Move

There's no way you could ACHIEVE anything without you moving your butt. So kick out the LAZY version of you and WORK your way to SUCCESS. No one ever reached the TOP just sleeping!

Oh and yes, sometimes "prettifying" yourself does the TRICK of boosting your morale and bringing out your long lost CONFIDENCE.

So go ahead and splash a bit of color into your face and then SMILE! :)

A smile is said to be a woman's best make up.

 5. Forgive, Seventy Times Seven

There are people who would not fit our criteria for GOOD and BEST. Yes, there will always be people blocking our way to wherever we want to go. Understand them, put your feet inside their shoes go as far as FORGIVING them for what they are.

Sometimes NATURE made them that way. It's their genes that make them behave that way. ACCEPT IT. Don't stop there though-MOVE ON!

FORGIVE YOURSELF easily too! Don't PUNISH yourself unnecessarily for THINGS you didn't DO CORRECTLY. Nobody is PERFECT but we can all be CONTENTED.

6. And Most Importantly- Pray :)

Pray. Pray to GIVE THANKS. Pray to ask for guidance; pray for strength to CONTINUE BEING A GOOD PERSON and PRAY FOR OTHERS....

I hope I've SHARED enough tricks for you to embrace the coming week! Have a good day!

(Should numbers 1 to 6 not work and you still unexplainably feel blue, please seek professional help. Our MENTAL HEALTH deserves 100% nurturing.)

*Originally published July26, 2015

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  1. great words of advise Zen, am not moody either, am not at all times happy too since sometimes I go home crying after a tough day at school, but then, the next day I go home happy and there are a lot more days I go home happy, haha, I pray for God to lead me to problem solve the challenge of inspiring kids, haha!! But am emotional that's why I cry sometimes, but at any rate it's easy for me to get back to the happy mood again, haha, I do BIBO in the sea and pray and I feel enlighten :)


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