Saturday, February 8, 2020

Of Anniversaries and My Beloved Elyu!

Okay, so this a long overdue post. Our anniversary was on the 31st of October. It was our 18th! So the hubby who is as of late hooked to bookings searched for the best hotel for us to spend the day in the province. He chose The Little Surfmaid Resort in San Juan La Union because the price was right 😆 and the reviews we read online were all great!

We checked-in just a little before sunset. So after peaking into the room I immediately greeted Mr. Sunshine by the hotel porch and took endless selfies 😅!

The hotel's view-deck showed blue skies and feather like clouds. I earlier urged the hubby to book a room with a terrace but it was a bit more pricey so we settled for one with none. 

Having had my fill of self portraits I grabbed the hubby by the hand so we could watch the sun going down together!

One of the things I love most about being married is having a permanent travel buddy/ laughter partner 😇.

 😋 Please excuse the mandatory cheesy photos. 

The mesmerizing  La Union Sunset! My heart was singing! Can you hear it now? 😍

Then we set out for dinner. Walking along the beach watching the waves, children laughing and other couples and  friends enjoying the breeze. 

Proudly born and raised in La Union, I am one with the provincial government in promoting tourism in ELYU. I have yet to learn how to surf though. Hmmmm that is something you should look forward to in my future posts 😉.

I requested we dine at Sebay Surf Central since I wanted some fish to eat and it is a beachfront resto where we could continue looking at the sky. Plus I have written a quite lengthy review of the place previously. You can check it out here

I ordered "grilled tilapia" and "buko juice" while he had some beer and "chicharon bulaklak" (pork ruffle fat). Hmmm talk about me being health conscious and him being well, just conscious 😂. 

We then moved to Beach Bum Food Park L.U. because the hubby wanted to eat some "Laksa soup".

Laksa/ Singaporean Curry Noodle Soup

I'll let you judge how he rated the soup by looking at his pictures 😋.

Got what I meant? 😲

We then proceeded back to the hotel and dropped by a newly opened building's soft opening. I learned just this morning it's name is "Tavern by the Sea".

The hubby bought coffee then we called it a night.

The Little Surfmaid Resort Lamp 

The next day was my natal day! So I wore my favorite color which is obviously blue! I was thrilled to have a photo by the hotel's blue backdrop in the parking area. Oh I have to add that an additional criteria for us choosing The Little Surfmaid Resort was that it offered a spacious parking area. 

After breakfast was definitely the time to explore the beach in broad daylight!
Believe it or not it started to drizzle when I raised my arms like that 😯! Anyway it was time for us to go back to reality because my special day falls on All Saint's Day and we had to head to the memorial grounds to visit dearly departed ones.

We quickly ran back to our room to pack....

I loved the sweet smelling sheets and soft pillows.

The waste segregation scheme looked unique and neat and the comfort room offered the basics.

We checked out before lunch. It was a happy, restful stay-cation and we thank God for another year of blissful togetherness.

So shall we stay at The Little Surfmaid once more? Of course, and not just because it is in our home sweet home, La Union!

This is not a sponsored post, just another happy customer's honest opinion.

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