Sunday, July 26, 2020


Okay so you can count me in now as one of the laziest on planet Earth 😚
See my feline friend above? That is my mood now. I just wanna watch plants, look at the sky and go back to sleep.

Ha-ha-ha I've been seriously browsing my previous posts, jumping from one followed blog to another looking for inspiration to write but zilch, nada, I'm still uninspired. But see, I am here tapping on the keys and even managed to embed an IG post. That is progress right? No matter how small, one second of effort given means everything to change our present status. Now, that's a huge leap huh! From moribund I am now seemingly jumping with ecstacy! Huh, it is amazing how one can trick the brain! I used to do this thingy of saying "I'm okay, everything is okay," when I am stressed at work. Believe me, I have bad days and worst ones at work but I always start the day with reading my Bible diary. I think I should also end it re-reading the verse instead of merely dashing out to drive home. I don't want to talk about the pandemic...ooopppsss I just did. Not pursuing it though, not a chance 🤣. For today I want to focus on the positive, the happy, the uplifting! So, maybe I will go back to sleep, see you in my dreams! 💗

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