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My Weight Loss Photo-Journey Part 1

 So, from my most recent post aptly entitled LAZY where I said "I am going to sleep and see you in my dreams" I am now here ready to tell all about my WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY! Wow! the inspiration to write truly comes in mysterious ways huh! Well after clicking publish awhile back I opened my Instagram and found tons of evidence of my LOVE-HATE relationship with sugar as well as with exercise and dieting, aahh the complicated love triangle that is ME, My Ideal Body Weight and FOOD. 

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What I ♥ about summer.

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April 29, 2013

The great thing about social media is we get to store our memories as vividly as possible 🤣 so should you want to reach your goal and be motivated by yours truly bear with the corny illustrations presented in a chronological manner.

So above, was my all-time fave dessert! Don't be fooled by my caption of "What I 💓 about summer" in the photo above- 'cause I love ice cream whole year round! mmm 'er used to by the way (truth be told). 

 May 1, 2013

See the overt love-hate relationship?- on April 29 2013 I posted my beloved ice cream and leche flan (gee, I still get attracted to 'em, in all honesty that it is kinda hard continuing this post without running to the ref) and on May 1 same year I was jogging with my SIL pushing hard to reach my ideal body weight! Yet also on May 1, should you want to check my IG here, I also posted a photo of my then buddy Chips and the widely known cola brand we drank after jogging with a caption that boldly says "me, bad girl"! 😁

May 17, 2015

And two years after the cycle was still goin' on . See my chubby cheeks above? and I was still hooked to my "sweet friends"!

July 4, 2015 

Yet somehow I was making progress...With loving myself, mother nature and fitting into my jogging/physical activity gear. 


Curious about the day's activity above? Read my 12th of July 2015 post here.  I was unusually active cleaned the house, washed clothes, the works 😋. Physical activity burns a lot of calories!

 4 Oct. 2015

I think I must have stuck to the healthy routine that I lost the chubby cheeks noted five months ago!

10 Oct. 2015

And yes, I was still jogging around town baby! so that was 21 days before I hit 40! So roughly you know how young I am at present eh!

28 Nov. 2015

I was an expert in "hiding my unsightly fat" for photo opps HaHa, this was one of those- wear layered clothes and add a scarf to top the effect , pose towards the side and voila! no fat on sight! 😁

23 Dec. 2015

Wow, I sure had a huge appetite for rice still then but I ate mostly veggies with it. 

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#myfirstlove :)

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23 Dec. 2015

But lo and behold, I was still into my sweet first love haha!

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my definition of "yum" :)

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26 Dec. 2015

Yet somehow I was sticking to my measured cup of rice and fish and veggie diet. 


10 Jan 2016  

At the start of the year my fruity friends have hanged out with me more often! Sounded like a substantial change!

23 Jan 2015

Colorful organic food was taking over my first love which is sweets! Though there was still a constant struggle between giving it up and totally embracing a healthy diet. 

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slow drive Sunday :)

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24 Jan 2016

That by the end of the  1st month of 2016 my cheeks were a lot puffier, talk about cheating a lot on my healthy diet. Something changed though by the middle of 2016......

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Friday #OOTD ❤️🍒 chasing #summer

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26 May 2016

I chased that summer wearing smaller sized clothes! yay! from triple XL I was down to medium! plus I no longer hid my body inside the car for photo shoots 😂

and by the time I hit 40 plus 1 I reached my ultimate goal! 

How specifically did I do it? Catch me in the next post here! 💝

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