Sunday, July 26, 2020

My Weight Loss Journey Part II

So this is Part II of my weight loss journey...
You can read part I here
I promised to share with you how I became medium from extra large so here goes:

1. My diet

Goodbye Rice, goodbye

Seriously I bought a plate with partitions so I could start limiting my rice intake. I used to devour rice like a monster! Like life could not go on without rice 😂. My blood sugar level started to rise because of this and my blood pressure likewise skyrocketed since aside from sweets I was also a salt lover! Too much of the extreme tastes plus I have genes for both hypertension and diabetes. What motivated me to finally cut on the rice? I had scary dizzy spells! Whew, like I was too afraid already to move! So off went white breads and all the dessert I used to binge on. 

I did not give up my rice without a fight though! After cutting out on my serving, I also tried mixing it with greens. I'd make my white rice laden with green toppings and boy were they crunchy! It gave me the feeling of safety to at least be taking in more veggies than sugar. 

Then came another health scare where I was able to finally say bye-bye to rice....
Now I don't eat rice anymore! Instead I eat more veggies, fish and just a match box serving of meat. 

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I love green leafy vegetables with fish! No need for rice when I can have unlimited bean leaves and bitter melon! Has my blood sugar level normalized? Yes I am proud to have normal glycosylated Hemoglobin level meaning my blood sugar is under control. 

 Snacking Healthy

Instead of my usual ice cream, cake and dessert unlimited I embraced one serving of fruit in between meals.  

Nuts for Nuts!
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And I settled for simple snack like nuts and root crops without adding anything sugary  💓

I eat small frequent feedings; drink eight to ten glasses of water per day and absolutely no soda, just my milk, like a newborn baby 😝

Prior to giving up rice totally I also fell in love helplessly with oats, rolled oats. Lately as I have outgrown the usual recipe, I make oats pancakes with my fruits for breakfast. 

2. My Activity

 Run, Baby Run!

I continued brisk walking and jogging whenever I could. Now I have shifted to doing more household chores than I used to (translated, I wake up early on weekends, thanks to the hubby's extreme motivation). I would clean the house regularly, place things in proper order, wash clothes, water the plants and would treat myself to my netflix faves not just lying down but while exercising or washing. 

Nature Trips

Of course, the best calorie burner are nature trips! Climbing mountains, discovering falls, inhaling fresh air and spending quality time with family. Always best to seize the day!

3. Managing Stress 

The Essential One!

Most importantly, you have to keep yourself sane otherwise, you will eat away all your mental stress finding yourself back to square one. So, smile often, love like there is no tomorrow, forgive and forget.

Hmmmmmmm that is all for now. More next time!

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