Monday, May 31, 2021

She's Back!


 Dear Friends,

She is back! Where'd she come from? Well, long story but to cut it short she has finally found herself. Yep, she lost it- herself like four years ago. Today as the thunders kept rolling and the skies broke into happy tears kissing green leaves leaving brown dry ones to yesterday she met her old self. She felt glee! And she smiled, laughed even. She's learned that life will always be tough and negativity will always be lurking yet in the end, we are our own bestfriends. So she is making a promise to be good to Zen, to forgive her as often as she could just as she would others. For what is there not to be happy about? Life is short! These days it has even become shorter! So onwards to writing about the mystery that LOVE is; beauty that CARING is and HUMILITY that makes sense of everything....

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