Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sebay Fat's Bar 'N Grille: One of My Favorite Sunset Watching Venue


Dear Friends,

This is a rather late post of one dinner we spent at the beach side restaurant of Sebay Surf Resort at the surfing capital north of the country. It's one of those places where I love watching the sun go down.

Sunset, Surfing Capital of the North, San Juan, La Union

In case you missed my feature on the Surfing Area in San Juan, you may view it here

Now back to our foodie adventure at Sebay Fat's Bar 'N Grille....

It was a friend's treat and we arrived there late. Turns out the table was already all set!

Please bear with the tempting seafood and meat overload....

When the hubby and I took our seats this was what got my attention first!-
A huge platter of mixed grilled seafood, chicken and pork with an assortment of the healthy side of eating! The green mangoes, eggplant and the pretty onion, tomatoes and cucumber arrangement was enough feast for my eyes!

- What crispy deep fried meat! Sinfully good! These are the awesome stuff that led to the need for cholesterol lowering medicines. Hmmm nope I honestly did not indulge! The hubby did though and he enjoyed every bit of it!

Whew! The above was sumptuous egg-wrapped fried rice! Just looking at it makes me feel the slow bursting of flavors and the soft creamy taste of protein mixed with fat and sodium.

Sizzling spicy, thinly sliced meat topped with greens! With juicy lemon squeezed over it this recipe is perfect with wine or a glass of beer- a male friend's opinion. I could probably end up just munching the onion leaves hehehe.

While dining at Sebay Fat's Bar N Grille on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays a band plays soothing music. I love ballad being played on keyboard and being sung live.You could request for your favorite songs and could even take the microphone to entertain your friends with your melodious voice. Something, ahem- I do not have.

Care for dessert which is a natural source of potassium and fiber?

Bananas!- my favorite fruit! I recall almost not having space in our stomachs for these! It was one night of indulgence compensated by working out and sweating the next days. Sometimes, allowing ourselves a bit of gastronomic freedom keeps us from craving and totally giving up on healthy eating.

We left the grille satiated and planning to one time sleep in one of Sebay Surf Resort's nipa hut inspired rooms. For the nth time I promised to try surfing. I live quite near the surfing capital of the North but to this day have not yet rode my fist wave and I feel I am so missing something huge! Since summer on my side of the world is fast approaching- watch out for my Surfing Adventure soon!!!


~Not a sponsored post but another one of those happy customer's honest opinion.~

Sebay Surf Central is located in San Juan, La Union, Philippines
You could get in touch with them through their website-
or the following numbers- 
(072) 888-4075

MOBILE NO: SMART / +63910-739-5698 GLOBE / +63917-640-1118 

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