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Three Fears You Could Conquer at Tangadan Falls

So I finally reached my first waterfall. True or false? (Pun intended) True! Truly it was one amazing experience! Forgive me for my delight, I sort of ceased being adventurous until recently. As the title implies this is all about the fears I conquered at Tangadan Falls.

Want to hear about it? Read on and I hope I get to lure you to visit one of the best places in my province La Union. Proud to have been there and to have ditched the following fears:


me, resting halfway (was it?) through the trek

There is such a fear, believe me!

Haha, we chose the road less traveled by to reach the place. I sort of regret it because I had to walk uphill and downhill, uphill and downhill and repeat. That was because of another fear- riding a motorcycle.

We learned from family members who've been there already that there are two routes we could choose from. One where we could park our vehicle and then walk down stairs and another where we'd trek along the riverbank. The latter would entail walking for a minimum of an hour depending on one's speed so we were told. The hubby decided we try the former so we'd have less difficulty carrying our picnic basket and water jug. Passing by the town of San Gabriel we saw several tour guides and vehicles for rent to the waterfalls. It's easy finding the street leading to the route (barangay Siwsiwan) because there are signs along the road. When we reached the first set of houses several guides warned us of the danger of driving until the end of the road. We were told it might be too uphill for our vehicle. So we took their warning seriously and parked. Apparently there are motorcycles for rent starting from that point.

ze mother in law all smiles for her motorcycle ride with a tour guide

One could opt to go on foot though but believe me it's one challenging walk. So should you dare to do the uphill-downhill drama walk to Tangadan via Siwsiwan make sure to go there early so the sun won't eat you up and all your bodily fluids won't ooze out of you LOL. And yep do eat a breakfast meant for a king. You'll burn all ze calories.

The rest of our companions rode a motorcycle. They were charged 120 PHP for the trip. Halfway through the trek I gave in to a motorcycle ride but eventually begged to alight after barely five minutes because I just couldn't bear the steep downhill ride LOL. So I continued walking.

The mountainous panorama was awesome and the feel of fresh air on one's face is ultimate happiness. The wild flowers enticed me to click my cam. I think it's best to just share minimal photos in this post though and leave the rest to your imagination so you'll get the thrill of it all in person.

 Almost an hour passed. When we finally reached another parking site for vehicles I knew the waterfalls was near! I was barely breathing, Joke! On that note I think I will try the other way next time, the Duplas trek. I heard its more enjoyable though still a long trek since you get to pass by trees and the path is shady.


Just when I thought the downhill drama was over I still had to walk down a long winding set of man-made stairs. It's safe though because there are handrails. We then heard water gushing (or was I merely imagining due to exhaustion LOL) and my heart which was previously fluttering seemed to cease beating with excitement. Finally I saw our companions already relaxing in one of the cottages for rent. We rested a bit then rented life vests. On our way down to the river I wondered why people were mostly barefooted. When I felt the boulders were slippery I clearly understood why.


The first thing I did upon reaching the falls area was to get a photo of me with the falls as background. Believe me I couldn't get enough shots LOL. A proof that I already conquered two fears is a must to keep haha. Was it beautiful? It was grand!


Posing with the "I Love La Union" sign with ze hubby and our swimming ready teen-age boy. 



So there was ze hubby saying "Come on down!" I was planning just to stay seated by the rocks and watch everyone getting soaked in river water yet he was insistent like super insistent! So I slowly submerged my fats into the water, easing my body down into the slippery greenish rocks. Oh boy, was it shallow? Was the water shallow? I felt my feet hanging as my neck got stock in my life vest which was not fastened well unfortunately (first timer eh hehe). So the hubby had me fix it. And he succeeded in wooing me to join him floating. He wanted us to go nearer the falls and I panicked! I clung to him like crazy and he muffled "don't do that, I don't know how to swim!"- that was it I almost cried LOL. I slowly found my way back to my stone throne. But he was determined to get me back to the water! He said in his most convincing tone (believe me he has the ability to mesmerize me) "just let the vest hold your weight and move your arms and feet like this (getting his body afloat). So, I did! And I did it! I was floating and soon enough I was swimming with the aid of the life vest! Oh sure my life depended on it! Literally yeah. The hubby winked at me and said "Let's get under the falls?!" By that time I was too enchanted by the scenery that without saying a word I started maneuvering my body towards the deepest portion of the river. Then lo and behold! I was right under the falls!!! I regret not having brought my phone protector though so I have no evidence of having been under the Tangadan Falls LOL. But I was there, believe me! Some young guys were generous to have held out a twig for me to hold on to to slide my butt towards the slippery rock below the falls. And I watched the rest of the world from there. The sound of the splashing water, the merry-making, the feel of the cool water rummaging my hair was awesome


When I got back to the shallow portions of the river and saw the dragonfly above my heart was singing- I conquered my fear of water weeee!!!!


and that was me ALL HAPPY and free from three fears all thanks to the hubby and Tangadan Falls!!!

Come and visit La Union and be victorious too eh? I'd be thrilled to be your guide! :)

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