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One Afternoon at Sagat Crust Food House

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So I finally got to eat at Sagat Crust! I've been reading about the place all over social media for months but never got the chance to indulge! Talk about being crazily busy at work LOL.

I am a fan of anything that has history in it! And indeed at Sagat Crust you'll find many items on display which hold a story. The old house itself is a marvel.

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The miniature jeepney steals the show. It was literally after noon and we were there for dessert. Or I guess I was there more for the sight!

In the blink of an eye I was upstairs doing the "Manang Biday" pose LOL. The architecture of the house was preserved well. You could feel it shaking though when another person joins you up there.

Ze ancient things you can find in there makes one smile and reminisce childhood memories. I sure had a lot to remember. The charcoal iron, the box television, all of 'em got me excited. I'm an old soul, at least deep inside I am LOL.

So what was waiting for us to eat?

As always I took photos of the entire menu for your perusal...

We had a taste of the Yummy Crust Empanadas courtesy of our work friends weeks ago! Thank you RDH!

What we were there for was "The Special Halo-Halo"! I dared not order the Carabao's milk Halo-Halo though because I was sure it wasn't friendly to my choosy gut. But it's a must try!

While waiting, I sat and posed everywhere I could with gusto! LOL

Special thanks to our ever willing photographer Linus!

It pays to take a short break from work, believe those smiles, seriously!

Then, came dessert! Mmmmm ohhh lala. Honestly I have ditched anything sweet but this was something I could not resist! I specifically asked the crew not to add sugar and I was delighted to learn they do not actually put sugar on it and one had the liberty to make it sweet or plain milky to the taste. And yes it was delicious! Just perfect to quench one's thirst on a humid afternoon.

It wasn't long before rain started to fall! And I haven't had my photo on the "instagram worthy" entrance signage yet LOL. That is something I'll have to return for and the other food on their menu.


With their friendly and accommodating staff you will too! Sagat Crust Food House is easy to find when travelling to La Union because it's located in the first town of La Union when coming from the South. They're at 036 National Highway, Amlang, Rosario, La Union.

Do support their Adopt a Sagat Tree Advocacy when you get there!
Find them online at

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