Sunday, February 5, 2017

Don't Stress To Impress

If you want want to make an impression on someone, whether that is a new group of friends because you are travelling or have moved somewhere new, new employees, or you simply want to go out and look good, it can be a difficult task. A lot of people tend to when trying to make a good impression, because they might be meeting a person for the first time, are socially awkward in new situations, or simply because they feel as if they aren’t being themselves.

Do not use dishonesty to make an impression. For example, acting as if you’re rich by offering to buy expensive drinks constantly will give the wrong impression. You might get attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons, and sooner or later you will be found out.


Do not try to be funny just because you think your new friends will appreciate it. Be comfortable with how you are first, and then get to know the atmosphere. Test out for common grounds and elaborate on them so that you have something meaningful to talk about. Laughter can come naturally.

Dress to impress, but match your wardrobe with the occasion and venue. It will be very awkward to be in a sophisticated dress when you are in a location like an amusement park. If you’ve gone on a New Year health kick and feel confident about the way you look, then feel free to show off your body, but don’t overdo it as that could give completely the wrong impression.

Avoid complaining. You might feel too relaxed with the people you are with because they seem like good listener. However, negative topics can deplete the energy of the listener. It will not take long before they may get fed up and become bored.

When the meeting, or evening, is over, let them know whether or not you enjoyed yourself, and be honest about it. There is no point pretending you enjoyed something about your time if you actually didn’t. This will help you come across as determined and honest – two very good personality traits.


It’s discourteous for the people you’re with to sit and wait because you are on your phone and not engaging in conversation. You might think that this will impress them because you have a good job, but nobody will have patience for these bad manners. Ensure your phone is on silent mode and only check it when you leave for the restrooms.

Don’t ask too many questions.. Give yourself ample time to get to know them properly and listen to what they say. They may think that you are overly inquisitive if you are too eager in wanting to know about their personal life by asking lots of questions.

There are lots of way you can impress new friends or colleagues, but remember not to try to hard and force conversation. Not everyone will get on immediately, and you can guarantee that others will be feeling nervous about meeting you, too.

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